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East Coast Road Rehabilitation Project Update


by Miguel Fevrier (Department of Infrastructure)

The East Coast Road Rehabilitation Project aims to address the myriad factors contributing to deterioration of the roadway over the years. The three-phased project formally commenced in November 2023, and is being executed by Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd. (CIE).

Civil Engineer in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Haydon Henry, said the first phase is well advanced.

“The phase one road work was initialized from the La Caye junction to the Bosquet d’Or Bridge. The work so far is 25 mm of asphalt regulating surface. We have not put in the final 55 mm wearing course of asphalt. As you can see, the current layer of asphalt is not the final layer. It was placed like this so that we could allow for some trafficking of the surface and for consolidation to take place, so that we could observe any failures in the pavement surface so as to ensure the integrity of the construction.”

The second phase of the East Coast Road Rehabilitation Project spans from La Ressource to the Bosquet d’Or Bridge. The contractor commenced mobilization on the reduction of verges in those areas, on Feb. 27.

“The full scope of the works involves a third phase from the La Caye junction to the base of the Fond d’Or Hill. This section of road will also be rehabilitated during the project duration. We would like to encourage the public to be vigilant while traversing and pay attention to road signs to ensure safety during the construction and execution of works.”

The scope of works at the East Coast Road Rehabilitation Project, apart from paving of the roadway also includes drainage works, and clearing of the verges.

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  1. “People do not eat roads,” echoed the PJP campaign in 2021. Regardless of the phrase at the time, the current administration found creative ways to maintain the road networks across the country. The citizens were fooled in believing we do not eat roads. As a result a new administration was elected. Upon assuming office, they halted all projects which were in progress by the former administration. This includes the rehabilitation and maintenance of the road networks across the country. The poor decision of the government is obvious on the road. Almost everyone owns a car today and their chant is loud and clear. Some have chosen to remain silence and that is even louder than ever. The SLP administration has failed the citizens in more ways than one. We infrastructure, health, cost of living, employment etc. Can we get a new Chant ?

  2. Hahahahahahaha! To the naysayers (UWP) The Crow says “suck it up” and go cry a river.

    😂 😂 😂

  3. Why took so long,when the projets are affordable, putting peoples life in danger ?

  4. To all the naysayers, go cry a river. Roads are being taken care of and by the end of the year y’all will toufé because y’all will have one more thing to NOT talk about. 😂😂😂

  5. Mr Fevrier has had his potholes filled in, so let’s see if the dangerous roads in the south get the same treatment Mmmmm interesting

  6. The Roads Island wide are in Deplorable Conditions When they Patch the Pot Holes the Roads Automatically becomes so Bumpy as the Atlantic Ocean perfect example by Windham Hotel Rough as the Atlantic Ocean and this Happens Island wide .

  7. Well well well, these works have been on from last year but we are only being told about it now. Why? Well it is clear to see that Rayneau is the one doing the works again with a skeleton staff and I’m positive without tendering. So he is currently on the third phase and it is only being revealed now. I’m pleased to hear that there will be another layer because the foolscap size layer that’s already having potholes and defects will surely show us St Lucians that they are putting us first,

  8. Like seriously. I just drove from Micoud and this work looks like a death trap driving night time. I couldn’t tell where the road edges were. Myself and another vehicle actually drove straight down the center while vehicels were going in opposite directions on the side of us. We formed 3 lanes on that stretch down from Fond D’ Or. Btw was this project tendered? Is there a signed contract document? If so can we know the full scope and cost and duration base on the signed contract?

  9. If they did use a heavy roller they won’t have to worry about any failure of the road but if they used a light roller yes the road will not last because of these rigs pulling all the heavy containers.if you don’t have a solid foundation how you expect any thing you build on it to stand strong? Good luck to the people of St.Lucia.


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