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Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry Resigns


Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned amid an ongoing security and humanitarian crisis in his country.

Henry is stranded in Puerto Rico after armed gangs in Haiti prevented him from returning home.

His resignation came as Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders met international stakeholders in an emergency session to discuss the Haitian situation.

CARICOM Chairman, Guyana President Dr. Irfaan Ali, announced a commitment to a transitional governance arrangement, paving the way for a peaceful power transition and free and fair elections.

Ali told a news conference that the transition arrangement seeks to ensure that the rule of law governs Haiti.

“This commitment reflects hard compromises among a diverse coalition of actors who have put their country above all differences,” the CARICOM Chairman told the news conference.

Ali announced an agreement on a presidential council comprising seven voting members and two non-voting observers.

“The council will exercise specified presidential authority during the transition, operating by majority voted,” the CARICOM Chairman stated.

The council would exclude individuals, including anyone currently facing a charge, indictment, or conviction in any jurisdiction, and anyone under United Nations sanctions or intending to run in the next Haiti elections.

“The transitional presidential council will swiftly select and appoint an interim prime minister,” Ali explained.

He also said the council and the interim prime minister would appoint an ‘inclusive council of ministers.’

In addition, Ali told reporters that the council would hold the ‘relevant and possible powers of the Haitian presidency’ during the transition period until the election of a government.

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  1. I hate to say this but it appears that the Haitians oppose all forms of leadership. The gangs are running amok and the citizens are held hostage. Sad sad sad state of affairs – notwithstanding that a large majority of Haitian citizens are heavily involved in the voodoo, occult etc. etc. etc.

    How could you call yourself wanting good for your country ?????? when you break open the prisons and release thousands of hardened criminals – murderers, rapist, etc. etc. —- how does this help your cause. In my opinion Haitians are destroying Haiti.

  2. Well a so it go, the biggest news story trending today. Now what’s next. I just hope wicked France and the United States for once just leave these people alone to govern their destiny for once my God. Hundreds of years now they are chocking these people all because they took their independence by force the same way the US and France did and not follow Masa like the rest of other Black Countries in the world, you have never seen a brown skin man running Haiti. Everyone thinks they are curse because they practice their ancestors religion no they rather to see them running behind those men in robes when God is Black. The deliberate everlasting in:tensional sufferation of a people France must pay. France can’t survive without the wealth from black countries they colonized, I am so happy to see Africa waking up and kicking them to the curb. Haiti good luck, may peace finally come to you.

  3. What a joke this is! An interim prime minister is forced to resign, so that another interim prime minister can be selected? Of course, this process will drag on for as long as the US requires.

    What about that democracy that the US brags about? Why can’t Haitians just be left alone to ELECT the government of their choice?

    Answer: Anyone elected in free & fair elections by Haitians will immediately eject US agents & corporations; an outcome the US will object to.

  4. The US empire (mainland US & its western vassal states) have been looting, murdering and terrorizing the rest of the world for more than a century; so, their treatment of Haiti and its people is not at all surprising!

    What is most shameful are these so-called CARICOM leaders who have sold out Haiti, for a “few pieces of silver!”
    (@The Honorable Lucian Highgrade: I see you here desperately covering up for them!)

    Also shameful is the ignorance and callousness on display from CARICOM citizens, who have easily swallowed the lies from the media mouthpieces of the US empire regarding the situation in Haiti & other hotspots around the globe; to the point where they blame Haitians for the terrorism that has occurred since Haiti was first invaded by the US in 1914! (@Anonymous: I see you!)

    ESSAY: United States Oppresses Haitian Masses, Hermina Dumont, 1930

    Don’t miss the related stories at the end of the article!

    And here is another discussion of US terrorism:

  5. The US did not give rise to Barbecue and his thug gangs who are killing their own people, looting, taking etc. they released hard core criminals by the thousands……a thug is making demands really ????

  6. @Anonymous: Please share with us the source of the BS (Bovine Sewage) you spew in this forum!

  7. Looks like we’re not going to hear from @Anonymous regarding his sources of US propaganda!

    But, never fret, I found a list of US/CIA “activity” counteracting democracy, wherever it dared to blossom after World War II. Note that the 2 invasions of Haiti before World War II is not listed (naturally):



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