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Chain Snatcher Arrested In Castries


A man who allegedly snatched a chain from a cruise ship passenger in Castries on Thursday shortly before noon is currently in police custody.

The victim is from the United Kingdom.

According to initial reports, the suspect snatched the chain and fled, but police and public-spirited citizens gave chase.

A crowd gathered as the police subdued the suspect and placed handcuffs on him a short distance from the Vendors Arcade.

“Break his (expletive) arm,” someone urges.

“They ain’t break dat man arm yet?” Another inquires.

One man, shopping bag in hand, reaches between the feet of individuals in the crowd to hit the suspect with his fist.

“The white man chain that deh,” another member of the crowd declares, while yet another individual stated that the suspect had the victim’s chain in his hand as he sought to escape after snatching the item.

The suspect protested as officers escorted him to the City Police headquarters to receive formal charges.

“I don’t have the man chain,” he declared.

The police recovered the item.


(Story updated to indicate that police recovered the chain)


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  1. Bunch of miscreant turds …do nothing but be a nuisance to society and bring shame to your country…a televised public flogging would do just nicely… Apparently in the middle east there is no crime there due to the harsh penalties if you get caught…..a friend of mine informed me that he left his mobile phone on the metro and he got it in the same spot where he left it after the authorities tracked down the train 2 hours later…no one steals over there…. Homes are left opened, when occupants leave the house to go about their business, car doors are left unlocked in car parks….no one dear steal from another……perhaps we should have some Draconian Law for these misfits…

  2. @ C-wiz you are correct – these folk bring shame in the worst way. In countries where there is poverty folk still have integrity…and do not steal.

  3. @Mad Max. You comment under different usernames. Fortunately, you can be spotted a mile away. One can bet on your signature crap.

    Taking by force, what does not belong the crook is generally frowned upon by St. Lucians. You don’t take into account that many of these guys have no interest in working. It’s easier to pull a heist. Working is hard stuff so many of them prefer break-ins into homes where people went to work. Get the connection? They are parasites.

    My message to you, most people start at the bottom. That’s where I started. We live in a economically poor country.

  4. It’s better to work for 3 to 5 EC an hour than to be sitting around wasting time and stealing from people who are working hard. Idle hands!!!

  5. @Sunshine29 totally agree with you.

    As for the the destinations at level 1, here are the safest countries in the Caribbean and tropical Atlantic, according to the U.S. State Department:
    • Curaçao.
    • Dominica.
    • French West Indies: Guadeloupe, Martinique, French St. …
    • Grenada.
    • Montserrat.
    • St. Lucia.
    • St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
    • Sint Maarten.

    i don’t think anyone in their right mind in saint Lucia would want us taken off that list.

  6. Some people have misplaced priorities. He should have listened to the Song, Life Is No Easy Game. You have to work hard for what you want in life, things don’t come easy.

  7. It clearly shows that the system has failed the people mad max is right how can you have people graduating from secondary school and the only job that they can get is working for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour where is the minimum wage that the current administration promise the people on independence day . In my opinion educated or not educated even if you lack skills , no one should be working for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour in 2026 as this is a crime against humanity…

  8. So happy to see the people of st.lucia helping the police in capturing that thief….the public can be a great help in solving lots of crimes in the St.Lucia, thanks for those that playing a part to save our beautiful island .

  9. That is so typical in This island. A foreigner gets mugged and people who have nothing better to do with their time chases after the mugger instead of allowing the police to do their work. Why do people get involved in what that does not concern them? If anyone gets robbed it is the job of the police to apprehend the suspect/s. It is not for a ‘good for nothing crowd’ to intervene unless there isn’t police present.

    For too long people in this country have been taking the law into their own hands. One man in the crowd was about to punch the suspect with his fists. These idiots go on like they have never done anything wrong in their boring lives. They are only doing this because the victim is white. I bet they would not bother had the victim been ‘John Local ‘ from Castries or Canaries. They want to be seen helping the Briton as it will look good on their vigilante crime bursting resume. That’s all it is.
    Where are these same people when local people are being beaten up on the streets of Castries?

    There are loads on incidents happening in Castries that needs their help but they are nowhere to be seen when needed. All of a sudden a White geezer gets done and they come of of the woodwork and whichever hole or sewer they are in to pounce and attack the poor bloke. A lot of that behaviour stemmed from our brutal colonial past where our people had to prove themselves to the European colonial masters by lashing out at their own island folks just to earn their badge of honour from the master who did not give two hoots about them in the first place. They were ready to do untold damage to the suspect had the police not been present – What kind of world are we living in with this kind of vigilante justice?

    The police are the only ones charged with apprehending and arresting people who have committed crimes and they are the only ones who should do so. They police by consent and not the baying public. They have no right to intervene with the course of justice and should rightly allow the police to do their work. A lot of those pillocks may have done so much in their pathetic lives and what better way to redeem themselves other than getting involved in such needless shenanigans. Vigilante and mob rule is not the answer and NEVER will be. It is about time the Police in St Lucia bring vigilantes to justice by taking them to court for unwarranted, unlawful activity and unreasonable behaviour. Make examples of these idiots.

  10. Some Lucians continue to make excuses for the criminals in St. Lucia in reference to hourly wage. Please conduct your own research in relation to other parts of the world – were some folk annual salary is $250 and these folk continue to have good morals and integrity without robbing, stealing and killing others.

    Some Lucians all they do is make excuses for bad criminal behavior – as the saying goes (excuses are tools of incompetence which build bridges to nowhere and nothing). I have seen documentaries where children travel 2 hours to school and 2 hours back – guess what they still go to school. Some of you Lucians complain, complain, complain – “things hard in St. Lucia” — where is the world is things EASY ???? – some of you are allergic to education, good behavior and integrity and thrive in ignorance – give me a break.

    I remember having a Bachelors degree and working for chump change – normal folk start from the bottom.

  11. In the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia, Chapter 3.01 of 2014, section 30 subsection one, any national can make a citizen’s arrest if they witness a crime.

  12. Who in their right mind, leaving their home for a vacation with Jewelry? let that be a lesson to many. Of all places, why St. Lucia? haven’t we had enough bad publicity?

  13. depitoss Jones I didn’t want to comment but your stupidity made me laugh. I really wish you could read your comment over and ask yourself whether you are well informed. Before you make such comments do some research on the laws of St Lucia and after ask how many times people have come to the aid of locals who have been mugged before in the city,


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