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Pierre: ‘Our Aim Is To Have Zero Crime!’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, also responsible for National Security, has set a high bar for Saint Lucia regarding crime.

“Our aim is to have zero crime, that is our objective,” Pierre told reporters at Monday’s regular pre-cabinet press briefing.

He asserted that his administration has zero tolerance toward crime.

In this regard, Pierre declared that Saint Lucians will hear of the government’s investments in battling crime in the expenditure estimates.

He recalled the recent appointment of Micoud North MP Jeremiah Norbert as Minister for Crime Prevention.

The Prime Minister and other local officials met last week with Mr. Gérald Darmanin, Minister for the Interior and Overseas Territories of the Republic of France, and his delegation.

The meeting discussed bilateral cooperation on crime.

Pierre explained that Saint Lucia accepts any help once there’s fairness and equity, and the help does not infringe on citizens rights.

He told reporters that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) would remain in control of its operations despite collaborating with the French on cross-border crime, the movement of drugs and firearms, and illegal immigrants.

In addition, Pierre disclosed that the French government would fund and train a dog as the local police rebuild their canine unit.

“We are going to get a dog from the French,” the Prime Minister revealed, adding that the animal already has a Kweyol name.

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  1. I like his intentions, but he should remember what happened when the British Cop’s was brought to St Lucia and devided the St Lucian police between A.Regis and H.Francis .. We should never forget that episode.. Fighting for promotion and now we don’t have a solid Force..

  2. Objective is unreachable. Anyone with half a brain knows where this is going. This is the quality of performance one gets, when an employee doesn’t know the job. More of the same from Walter Mitty.

  3. Mr Pierre. The individual breaking into people’s home didn’t get up one day and decide to do so. That individual likely started with stealing small items at home before graduating to that level. You morons keep chasing shadows. All criminals start small and then get more empowered. Stop them before they get so bold. No leniency.

  4. Some people are just wilfully stupid. Who doesn’t aim for zero crime? The answer is the majority who make up society. So, it is not absurd for the PM to have that as a goal. That is the bar to reach.

  5. What a joke. Thought you Mr. Pierre accused and criticized Chas for making a statement that you are now making. Please tell us how you are going to zero crime. Philip Joker Pierre, you cannot continue to fool the people of St. Lucia

  6. Mr.Pierre is like a lost sheep crying meeerrr!meeerrr!….not to long ago Chastenet was in Trinidad giving his thoughts on how to battle crime in region and you Mr Pierre encourage Rowley to runway Chas now you crying cree and saying you welcome any outside help.
    You really not getting the idea,for you battling crime is to go beg for money to inject into resources that over and over hasn’t de-escalate the crime situation,why can’t you get it through your thick skull that it’s LAWS you need to re-enact such as having no bail for unlicensed firearms,stiffer penalties and so forth…..rumours have it that y’all don’t want to go down that way because toomany of y’all ghetto comrades are indulge in such.

  7. Come on, Hon. PM. This is an unrealistic goal. As a leader, you need to set achievable and realistic goals. Attacking crime is a complex undertaking with multiple variables. I just want you to aim at reducing crime by a certain percentage of what it is at the moment.

  8. Pierre does not believe in the relationship of speech with reality.
    He is comfortable with sprouting nonsense about zero crime knowing he is lying, that he does not have the leadership capacity or his clueless team the management skillsets to deal with anything but filling their pockets.
    He will never solve the police corruption problem or corruption in his cabinet. His agenda is about keeping power and not solving St Lucians problems.
    In a nutshell: he utters words on the spur of the moment knowing full well his incapacity to solve anything.
    The SLP’S three years in power have proven this reality and high inflation, increasing crime, proven corruption, poor job availiability are all the result.

  9. Lie detector tests for all ministers, top cops and top customs officers. Simple question. “Have you been or are still involved in serious criminal activity?” Then get rid of the bad gall bwapehs that are the root cause of death and destruction in Helen.

  10. What about Installing Cameras along the Main Roads and at Strategic locations Island wide .This will assist the Police Tremendously. Stop Depending on Eye Witnesses to Come Foward

  11. The PM has been a hater of the canine unit since when he was minister for tourism. He was the one who ordered the canine team out of the airport. He didn’t like the idea of the dogs sniffing the TOURIST. Just ask the police and you will understand. I was in the force when it happened.

  12. 🤣🤣🤣 We are going to get a dog from the French…🤣🤣🤣.. I can well imagine seeing the (PM) Pee on Em rubbing his hands while uttering those words which syntactically sounds like a first year pre – schooler. This PM never seems to understand that we need to start doing things for ourselves. Stop depending on foreigners for you development and take responsibility for your future. You mean to tell me, Saint Lucia can not fund it’s own K9 Unit and more to deal with the security challenges we now face? There is always a price to pay when you take free-ness from foreigners. You may not pay it now, but the time will come when debts have to be paid either monetarily, politically or in ways that may put your sovereignty into question. Now this pillock of a leader says that he welcomes any help but the help that was offered by the leader of the opposition which in some sense would have been free, was clearly rejected by this incompetent. But now he will accept any help. This shows you how these politicians treat the people…with no respect….this man has blatantly given up his responsibility of leadership by not accepting the oppositions offer to work together on crime…. but now with his grinning set of beautifully packed teeth and rubbing his hand with glee he utters the cringe worthy sound bite that we a going to get a dog from the French….is it a French poodle or a French bulldog?…I tell you, as quick as boiled asparagus, this man has single handedly brought disgrace to the SLP and consequently our Nation due to his style of leadership.

  13. When will we realize that Politicians say anything to get or stay in power. How many of you feel that you have been tricked? When we were told “we would use drones to fight crime”. Where are the drones? Where are the jobs? Who is buying what the youth entrepreneurs are producing? Open your eyes Lucians!!

  14. Zero crime with one French doggy? Brilliant and a sure plan Ha ha ha… Feel sorry for the doggo though – it will never rest! How about those drones? Good Street lighting and CCTV just for starters?? Seek financial aid for them if there’s not enough in our own coffers, instead of for tourism and other secondary projects. No one wants to travel to a crime-infested place as we are now becoming. Get our backyard in order first with effective crime-prevention measures!

  15. I am borrowing this quote from the Investigation Discovery’s Program SEE NO EVIL, “Living in a surveillance society means everyday actions are caught on camera, mostly of honest citizens going about their routines. Video, however, doesn’t discriminate; criminals also end up on film.”
    We can achieve a lot these days in a society with surveillanve cameras stratigically installed. The footage is an excellent witness, who cannot be threatened, given witness protection. Think about it. Cameras can be a deterent to crime.


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