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State-Of-The-Art Juvenile Detention Centre For Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia will house a unique juvenile detention center that Equity, Justice, and Social Empowerment Minister Joachim Henry expects to become the best in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Henry visited the former George Charles Secondary School building in Castries on Wednesday.

The government plans to transform the site into a juvenile detention center.

“This site will become the best, the most novel, responsive juvenile centre in the OECS region,” Henry stated.

He explained that the institution would address current problems, including wards absconding.

The centre will become the new home of the Massade, Gros Islet-based Boys Training Centre (BTC).

The BTC, established to provide care, protection, and rehabilitation of vulnerable young boys in Saint Lucia, has been plagued by management, staff, and security issues, including wards absconding.

However, Henry said the planned new juvenile centre would not repeat the problems at the BTC.

The Minister drew attention to site clearing at the location of the former George Charles Secondary School.

He asserted that there was space to accommodate boys and girls instead of having five or six persons at the Upton Gardens Girls Centre and a few females at the Transit Home for Girls.

The Minister said having all those institutions cost a lot of money.

“We also have sleeping quarters for the staff if they have a double shift. We have space to accommodate those who are in conflict with the law if the committee decides that we have to maintain them because the law doesn’t allow them to go to Bordelais (Correctional Facility),” Henry said.

He explained that the youngsters would be secure, protected, and served well.

“We have space to have the best counseling room. We have space for recreation,” the Castries South East MP declared.

Henry said technical work regarding the new institution, including its architectural design, was ongoing.


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  1. Does this boastful fool understand that having a “state-of-the-art” juvenile detention centre means that St. Lucia has taken purposeful pride in creating state-of-the-art juvenile delinquents?

    Instead, wouldn’t St. Lucia be better served by promptly developing & delivering state-of-the-art programs & services for the PREVENTION of juvenile delinquency?

  2. What about ”state of the art” TRAINED MANAGEMENT & STAFF? A building alone does not provide this very important service.

  3. Then don’t call it a detention centre. Why not refer to it as a transitioning school or boarding centre for youths.

  4. My idea of this State of the Art nonsense is a good and solid WHIP ASS on the first day at the Centre; that will serve any potential client, boy or girl, we’re not here to pamper or beg you to be good; be good and nice first or face the music in here or we’ll cut your axx on first in.

  5. Why UWPs against everything that will uplift the youth in this island? Chastanet complaining about the repairs of Mindoo Philip Park and the Stadium in Gros Islet. He never disclose the number of passports he sold during his term in office. He never disclose the costing of the Gros Islet road. Uwps please talk about these things first.

  6. Re Article,I think this minister is boasting of the Mini prison for the future hardcore criminals and he is way out of wack.I surgest that the politians should focus on raising the pay scale of the parents of children that they are opening the state of the art prison system..
    The parents of those delinquent youths salaries must be addressed before their children are put into Jails..

  7. Joachim while you at it, employe social workers in all communities to make sure every child at school age should be in school, except for sickness, parents who are neglecting their responsibilities should be penalize, those who cannot afford should be given assistance. Programs should be set up in secondary school s for students who are about to leave, those who are technically inclined should be place on an apprentice program with training school, private and public sector. Those who are academically inclined should be given grants to further their education. Also a vibrant school sports program. There should be no school drops outs

  8. Ok then…but what about state of the art universities, state of the art museums, state of the art theatre so people can indulge in meaningful pursuits…?

  9. I hate to say this ..but this is all generational issues/neglect of the family structure…take a good look at the parents of these juveniles and their behavior ..smoking weed, drugging, stealing, lying, allergic to education etc etc. can not help with homework ..can not add 2 plus 2.

    At the same time no book bags or school books for their kids and the joker loser fathers can’t help. However, these same individuals are first in line for carnival and the bum bum wall…want to attend every show for jazz with different then do you go back in time to fix this dysfunction and negligence. In the meantime, they are asking family members who are working hard in snow and rain to top up and send them 💰💰💰 learn to help yourself…enough is enough.
    children learn where they live and that’s reality ..God have mercy ,,,,Godspeed


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