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Irate Customer Smashes Glass At Infrastructure Department


Police are investigating a glass-smashing incident at the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport (DIPT) on Wednesday.

An angry customer smashed his fist through a glass window.

As a result, the Transport Division will reduce its service on March 21 and 22, 2024.

DIPT Permanent Secretary Lenita Joseph said the irate man caused ‘significant damage.’

Joseph disclosed that the customer arrived to transact a vehicle change of ownership.

However, she said the information on the documents did not match that in the DIPT’s licensing and registration database.

“The customer became insistent that the licencing clerk effect the change according to the documents presented, eventually becoming violent,” the Permanent Secretary related.

She said he smashed his fist through the glass window, traumatising staff.

Joseph reminded the public that the DIPT could only lawfully complete transactions if people present correct documents.

She declared, “The use of force to change the particulars of any entry in the database is not beneficial to anyone.”

In addition, Joseph encouraged everyone to use the online platform to minimise inconvenience.

PHOTO: Cardboard (left) covers area where the angry customer smashed a glass window at the Department of Infrastructure.

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  1. The Process at Transport Board is too Slow when Renewing Drivers Licence and. Registration .Change of Ownership is worst

  2. You guys are very lucky thats all that has occurred at that place, for that matter it will get worse if you guys dont do anything soon. How is it that on any given day, ONE person is handling documents for vehicle registration, ONE person is handling licensing clerk works, ONE cashier to handle the flow of maybe 60 people per day. The turn around to get those things done is on average 1 hour. Any person having a chaotic albeit, terrible day can tip over, especially with the attitudes of civil workers. they dont make eye contact with you, they dont speak up. Their information can be so misguided.

    I am not saying that he is in his right for the damages, but the behaviour can sometimes be warranted.

  3. On behalf of the law abiding citizens of this nation, please institutionalize this sociopath with immediate effect for evaluation and analysis! We have enough reckless, rage induced and ignorant drivers on the road right now. If you can’t manage your temper and take accountability for your own mistake, you should not be driving!

  4. Gov’t keep frustrating people yet y’all expect people to sit quietly. There is a lot of pent up rage towards the government and it is only a matter of time before it explodes. Getting there slowly but surely. Inland Revenue better look out.

  5. Not one to condone violence but it’s extremely frustrating to conduct business there. Slow beyond anything known to man.

  6. What the man did is not right but it’s understandable. Public Servants in St Lucia are the worst In the Caribbean & would be sacked in the UK or Canada. Some know their job & are helpful but not too many. Mostly they are rude, arrogant, lazy, & not fully informed about their duties. A lot of the younger women are sullen & ignorant. Expect more of these outbursts until you learn to do your jobs efficiently and pleasantly. it’s what you get paid for as a public servant. Not saying this particular worker was in the wrong but when every Govt Dept in SL has a majority of loafers on staff, people just become frustrated. Their Managers should take them to task and enforce the disicplinary standards expected of them by the Public.

  7. I stopped using Union facility merely because of the service provided. You sometimes have to be on a long line and you have to go to work . They could at least look to open half day on Saturdays for persons unable to come at weekdays.
    Most of the workers particularly the younger ones don’t do eye contact, do not have any customer service skills only interested to get to 22nd or 23 of each month for salary.
    The gentleman should not hit the mica glass but some persons can be under stress in the climate we now live.

  8. Can’t say I’m surprised. Not condoning the violence, but this department is frustrating. The level of ignorance and incompetence in that department is unbelievable. You have to take a while day to get anything done there as staff are slow and rude. When one staff member goes on break/lunch, why isn’t there someone to replace them so as not to inconvenience people already in a queue? The system is like something from the 1800’s, why a dedicated cashier, when clerk could do the whole transaction. It’s a joke!

  9. Only god know what ppl go through there on a daily basis. Imagine coming to pay road tax and you have number 48, after waiting there from morning the agent leave for lunch and nobody comes to replace. This is not how ppl should be working, so many young ppl out there sending applications yet those employed play around with their jobs. I am hoping nothing like this happens again but they really need to step up the game in that place.

  10. Again surprisingly that is all that happened every day it’s the same issue fix this imagine everyday you getting that treatment in sure it will change I give this man right for his behavior people who doesn’t know would say differ fix this transport board it’s about time

  11. I do not condone the behavior of the customer but the quality of service that the transacting public gets at these government agencies is far from adequate.

    As for the online platform, it is thwarted with issues and most frustrating. The Department needs to be better at providing quality service to the public.

    In my view it is simply a case of the more things change is the more it remains the same.

  12. Did the nice shabin on the 2nd floor get hurt? No…then it’s all good! De man had and was having a messed up day! That place self..I bought vehicle once and the seller left island shortly after..these people had me going to a lawyer to pay endless money to prove to them that I did not have false documents…as if lawyers are God’s. One time after returning to slu after living overseas for 11 years…they made me pay for my license for all those 11 years. Is after I find out that they are not supposed to charge for those years once I could prove I had a license during that time in another country. I went back there to get my money back and was treated as if I was a criminal. Awah.

  13. The individual was wrong to display this type of anger and destruction to property, and should be made t pay for it’s restoration. HOWEVER, most Lucians are seriously lacking in CUSTOMER SERIVCE and MANNERS. I am a St. Lucian who have witnessed NASTY BEHAVIOR AND LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE in St. Lucia. Godspeed

  14. More will happen one day thats jus the tip of the iceberg please stop taking people for granted,OKEU watch out.

  15. People eating to much KFC clouding up there brains with sugary sodas and juices and Alchole, poisoning their bodies so they are so out of wack and alignment the ph is completely off all acid based minds….. people eat better, control you’re emotions and actions! Smph

  16. The guy is a loser wth low impulse control. He should have been arrested on the spot. I hope he is hunted down and made to Fae justice.

    I won’t put the blame on the institution but on the country as a whole. Doing any transaction with st.lucians is difficult. Not even their own people can tolerate them. No one likes interacting with government workers here. No way he didnt mess up his hand. What a loser.

  17. Use clear polycarbonate sheets, which are stronger than glass, instead of fragile glass panels for safety and protection. Polycarbonate sheets are impact resistant. The incident provides an opportunity for improvement.

  18. Everyone thus far has excused the guy’s action, citing frustration, and lack of effective procedures at the department.
    Did anyone take the time to read what transpired? His documents did not correspond with what was on file at the department. That translates to a possible fraudulent transaction between him and the seller of the motor vehicle.
    How can you blame the department?
    People, please read to understand not just to comment.

  19. I do not condone the actions of this individual, but I can relate to his Frustration.
    A few weeks ago I went there to remove a my partners name on a vehicle registration, I was third in line. After waiting in line for 1hr 20 mins the older lady (clerk) spent 15mins reviewing my documents, she kept asking me information which was on the completed form that I handed to her and was in her possession. I informed her that all the information she was requesting is on the form which she has. “she responded she just want to know for herself” (whatever that means) I provided her with a photocopy of our licenses, she insisted on seeing the physical license.
    After all this back and forth (15mins later) she told me she cannot process the change because the insurance document reflected both parties name. At this point I was frustrated to the point I questioned her as to why it took her 15 mins to inform me of this. She responded I cannot process it and slid the documents under the glass. (dismissively)
    I immediately went to get the insurance document rectified (remove partners name) and returned a few hours later . I again waited in line for another hour plus, went to the other clerk (young man) and passed on the information. He reviewed the documents and within 2 mins indicated that he cannot process the change if im keeping the registration number. I was seeing RED at this point. I informed him I was just there and the other clerk (older lady) who didn’t mention that. He informed me that if I wanted to keep the reg # I should get an authorization from my partner, I asked him wether they will accept a message via WhatsApp. He responded YES.
    I immediately contacted my partner who sent the authorization via WhatsApp, I handed over the telephone to the young man (Clerk) and asked if this would surfice before I emailed it to them. He looked me dead in the eye and said I cannot accept that because its not signed and I told you the authorization must be signed.
    Thankfully there was a customer standing right next to me, who overheard the entire exchange. He noticed my frustration and called to the young man and told him that he did not tell me to get the signed authorization. The customer went on to tell the clerk that he only said that he would accept the WhatsApp message, there was no conversation about signature with me.
    The young man (clerk) insisted he told me so, slid the document under the glass window again and basically dismissed me.

    The following day my partner went to get the change done, she returned home with similar experience. The older lady (clerk) wanted her to go get my physical license in order to process the change. Thankfully a supervisor stepped in and had it done.

    This is my horror story at DIPT a few weeks ago.
    My advice to the staff of DIPT is if you don’t want to work QUIT instead of giving paying customers bad customer experiences.


  20. Did anyone take the time to read the article? He was not upset because of the tardiness of the department. He was upset they would not proceed to register his vehicle because his documents and that of the department were not corresponding.
    It simply shows that there are (fraudulent) issues with the transaction he conducted to purchase his vehicle.
    People, please, read to understand and not just to comment.

  21. People, people, people it’s imperative for everyone to grasp the importance of adhering to established business procedures. Having accurate supporting documentation is pivotal in ensuring transparency and accountability. In the scenario outlined, it’s evident that the customer was in the wrong, and if the employee had complied with their demands without proper documentation or justification, it could have serious repercussions, potentially leading to legal action against the Ministry. It underscores the significance of following protocols and exercising diligence in all business dealings to mitigate risks and uphold integrity.

    In light of this, some of citizens concerns are warranted, i have observed that customer service is horrible and the wait time to conduct buisness is rediculouly time consuming. I urge the PS and technocrates to go back to the drawing board to fix issues so that the Ministry can provide customers with a more efficient service.

  22. …Let’s start with, I do not condone violence… of any type unless absolutely necessary.

    I will lead with this… The TAX PAYING Citizens of The Fair HELEN of the West are and I quote “FRUSTRATED”. The total lack of care, empathy, integrity and the list goes on, that majority, not all, of Civi Servants display is ATROCIOUS!

    The information is always misconstrued, the sheer sheer energy being emitted by the Clerks is just… distasteful. No eye contact, if they smile it might probably rain, they seem to take FOREVER to tally or calculate the SIMPLEST of mathematical discrepancies… Then the lines grow, get fat, stagnant and frustrated.

    To the Mysterious Patriotic Boxer who blasted that glass, my brother I salute your effort, but not your methods. Never endanger others in an effort to prove a point, BUT, I hope that those in Authority can now UNDERSTAND AND FEEL THE FRUSTRATION…. Of my fellow St. Lucians.

    Some of you VERY SAME Civil Servants, enter Private establishments, and display disgusting manners. It truly shows how and why your level of service has MUCH to be questioned. Your level of Emotional Intelligence LACKS, tremendously.. You do realize that we are not ONLY paying your SALARIES with your taxes, we are still PAYING for the service you so WONDERFULLY provide.. So let’s do the Social Math?

    At this point in time, we have TOO MANY Scholars sitting at home, who could be improving the quality of service, that our Ministries can provide… Yet here we are again…

    And PLEASE DO NOT POLITICIZE THIS… Red or Yellow, Black or White they all have been responsible AND FAILED US…. So with that said. WE the PEOPLE of St. Lucia DO NOT condone violence, BUT we EXPECT a better quality of service being provided to us being FUELED, by OUR OWN money.

    Stay Blessed…

  23. From my experience at that department, there has been lots of discrepancies in documentation. Vehicles get registered in the name of the person filing the documentation on behalf of a company, wrong spelling on driver’s licenses and the long delays are frustrating. Worse if you are renewing a temporary driver’s license. Am not agreeing that the customer had to cause damage to the property but his frustration will surely send out a message.

  24. Incorrect documents has nothing to do with the clerk doning they job .The customer was wrong…. why all this violence.

  25. There are 2 sides to every story. Have we heard from the irate individual? I don’t condone violence or violent behavior but I would like to hear from the customer before passing judgment.

  26. Violence is never acceptable but it appears that not only at the DIPT but across the entire society of Saint Lucia, the service of customers must be improved..I have had poor service myself and it’s appalling when people who serve the public make it appear as if it’s a favour they are granting the public.. this needs to change…what is even more Ironic is how it is said Saint Lucians are a welcoming society …but I hasten to say that this perception is coming from foreigners who come for just a few days…..and of course the usual treating of foreigners better than nationals….this situation has highlighted a glaring issue that needs to be addressed by government and society… treating people with care, respect and with efficiency makes for a better society… however, violence is never a response to the lack of fairness…

  27. Lucians y’all deserve everything you get..Everyone is voting for handouts and food.

    Non of yall voting to rise the standard service provided by government agencies.

    Government agencies should not be closed for lunch in 2024

    Agency policies rules and regulations should be clearly posted within the waiting area

    So we keep voting for politicians for trivial nonsense that issue will never fix

  28. Transport Board will try the patience of a saint. I am a very calm person, but have had some dark thoughts when I was forced to get on these lines for license renewal.

    Thank goodness for Digi Gov now, which limits my interaction there.

    Generally, customer service across public and private institutions in St. Lucia sucks. You really have to say a prayer or two when dealing with most of these individuals.

  29. Really have to say a prayer before entering most of these public places some of these employees treats you like you begging them for a favor making you feel like a nobody and that’s not right no one knows on who’s head the crown will be tomorrow with these words I rest my case

  30. This is so true — Government agencies and NGOs should not be closed for lunch. You can close for lunch if you have ONE employee in a business – however, there is something called rotation of shift which some Lucians do not understand. I do not want to have anything to do with any government/NGOs establishments in St. Lucia. In fact – not even bor laplaasee – you folk really need to do better when dealing with the public for real.

    The truth is the truth – Most LUCIANS are lacking in proper manners and CUSTOMER SERVICE and that is the reality – case close.

    Regarding the post – concerning a WhatsAPP message @ DMV – no one in their right mind would accept this as a method of communication. In my opinion, there must be written documentation/agreement between concerned parties for transactions – and I think you guys call them JPs – they should verify the document are legal and legit. Godspeed

  31. This incident highlights the continuous inefficiencies in the public sector concerning customer service. However, there are more civilized methods of showcasing our displeasures with services received. At the same token, the service provided must be adequate and irrefutable. To improve service, the department should have the methods and procedures clearly laid out in bold print on the department walls which they can easily refer customers to when there is a shortfall.

  32. Those type of behavior does’t accomplish what you want and the will of God !!
    Learn to wait patiently (obey)!

  33. I do not condone violence, however reading this piece of news made my skin crawl. Just last year I left that place in tears, shaking from utter RAGE after being blatantly disrespected by the cashier on duty that afternoon. After waiting on a line for an hour long lunch break to end and being only 3rd in line. I finally got to the counter over 2 hours later and because I was vocal about the line not moving. The attendant ignores me and calls the person after me, he tried that crap twice….I leave the rest to the persons who witnessed what happened next. These employees need to learn that they are dealing with human beings and not animals in that place. I totally understand what the gentleman went through. I myself have never experienced that level of anger where someone had to offer me water to reduce my pressure…FIX IT PLEASE!!!


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