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Pierre On Crime: ‘I’ve Told The Police What I Know!’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, who told the parliament last week that he knows what’s happening behind the scenes regarding crime, disclosed to reporters on Monday that he had passed information to the police.

“All that pretense about crime and who is pushing crime, I know what’s happening behind the scene,” the National Security Minister had told the House.

At Monday’s regular press briefing, Pierre told reporters: “I’ve told the police what I know.”

“I don’t get involved in operational matters. What I know I have told them,” the Prime Minister stated.

“And the people who did what they did, know what they did,” he explained, without elaborating.

Pierre asserted that he never says things ‘without knowledge’.

“And anytime the opposition jumps to something, there’s truth to it,” Pierre told reporters.

Opposition leader Allen Chastanet, responding to the Prime Minister’s assertion in parliament about knowledge regarding the behind-the-scenes situation with crime, welcomed the remarks.

“I am glad he knows because maybe we are going to see some reprieve,” Chastanet told the radio call-in programme Newsspin the day after Pierre’s statement to the House.

However, he said he had no idea what the National Security Minister was talking about.

“All of a sudden, you think you know? What is it you know? All of us know,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader told Newsspin Host Timothy Poleon.

In addition, the former Prime Minister wondered whether Pierre was referring to the IMPACS report, having read it.

“Is it that persons that are getting contracts that all of a sudden they have now become his friends and they are telling him things he didn’t know before?” Chastanet asked.

The opposition leader hoped Pierre would now do something to stop the crime.

So far, in 2024, Saint Lucia has recorded 22 homicides.

The majority of the homicides involved shootings.

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  1. A A my Pal you can tell us maybe we can help, hardly a secret cause de police know nothing. Who told you kenny? he too know nothing, or so it is thought, so tell us.

  2. Only in SLU we have three ministers for Security. We have National Security Minister; Minister for Crime Prevention and we have Home Affair Security minister. This may sound like three jobs but they are all about Security. Imagine we have all these ministers and we still have crime out of control in SLU. We also have a PM who just talk nonesense. Sometimes I want to believe some of things he says are not from his mouth. This guy has no idea on how to control crime in slu – just a clown without a circus we have in slu.

  3. Most readied PM- Look it Saint Lucia! Wonder what things would be like if he wasn’t “readied”

  4. At last the crime minister who never knows anything, knows something. But atleast he communicated whatever information has to the police. So st.lucians follow by example.

  5. Uhmm!..correction: it’s a bunch of con-artists clowns taking the country for the circus…..only a madman PM will utter such, all reality the police,the government is all clueless on fighting crime,professionally speaking if the PM did know for true this information it should just be given to the police from him and not by openly bragging about it all over the should be kept confidential..not so smart PM.

  6. It’s so sad to hv our pm and the leader of the opposition act like the crime situation is a big joke. I honestly wish we could hv someone serious to take over. They hv no respect for authority. They are in high positions and can’t handle them selves in a decent manner. Our pm is so lost at times I even think he is looking for” smart”. And on the other hand the leader of the opposition is so power hungry his smartness makes him look ” dumb”. Say no more

  7. @Anonymous. Apparently it seems like he knows something because over the last number of weeks we seem to have a reprieve. At least, considering the steam that the year began. How about that?

  8. They are earning 7 to 15 thousand dollars a month but they want the youtes to go and work in the private sector for 3 EC dollars an hour … Sad state in st Lucia

  9. I know PJP don’t believe in rumors and for him to issue such remarks is alarming. I myself always had that belief something definitely was behind all these crimes.
    St Lucians when one is DESPERATE FOR POWER, that’ll do anything to get where they want to be and that’s a SAD DAY FOR FAIR HELEN.

    I follow politics closely and I’ve always said there’s more to ALL that crime in St Lucia.



  10. PJP needs to stick to his exercise book, everything there is well chat GPT scripted and politically correct. The moment he opens his mouth without reading from the exercise book, it’s total gibberish. He tries to appear smart by using his “word of the day”. (He learns a new word each day and tries to fit it in a speech or conversation) but even then he comes across as a total idiot.

  11. There is a lark of respect towards crime from PM and xPM.
    Why are they ignoring the wages of the worker?
    Workers must be paid a decent $10+ per hours worked to avoid more crime..

  12. Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Phillip J Pierre, What is it that you know that the police don’t already know about the crime situation in the country? To say that you did not know would be an understatement as I expect you to know and to be kept abreast by your ministers and police chiefs. I am also a bit worried about this statement. A leader of a country is suppose to know everything that is happening in his country and hence the reason why he employs ministers and advisers to assist him in carrying out his duties in running the country. They should be keeping him informed.

    Crime is an endemic and a scourge that is affecting and destroying communities everywhere. No community or country in the world is immune from it. It happens everywhere and at anytime. The politicians, policemen and other law officials don’t have the solutions to combat rising crimes. A lot of the time they are part of the problem which gives rise to the crime epidemic that is engulfing the island. I write this with no shame attached to it. The police in St Lucia are not interested in solving and bringing an end to criminality in the country and nor does the inept, incompetent, indolent and maladroit Crown Prosecution Service or should that be Criminal protection Service. They have failed the citizens time and time again.

    Most of the crimes that are being committed and being done so by people who are known to the police but due to some odd reason they refuse to detain and apprehend these suspects. That is due mainly to the fact that the police are either friends with the culprits or they are related to them in some way. The population of St Lucia is relatively small and everyone knows everyone and so bringing in persons who have committed vile and heinous acts can be very challenging and exigent. Policing in St Lucia like in most countries is by consent and so the police have taken an oath to serve and protect the citizens. Their profession demands that they take tough and sometime unpopular decisions that will benefit the community in the long run from debauched, degenerate and immoral activities which most times culminate in lawlessness and criminality. A lot of crimes are reported to the police in confidence only for the same police to betray the informant’s confidence by relaying the names and information offered back to the same criminals against whom the reports were made in the first instance. That is very unprofessional, unscrupulous and guileful. The police have made themselves out to be untrustworthy, duplicitous and disreputable officers of the crown in doing so. Who does that?

    There are endless crimes that remains unsolved in this country for many years. The police and CPS have no intention of solving it like I said before. Take for example the young lady who was killed in Fond St Jacques, Soufriere, a little while ago. I understand that her shop was firebombed by her then partner whose cousin is a serving police officer from what I have been told. The lady lost her life to petty jealousy. A lot of men in the island are insanely jealous and envious of their female partners and that goes without saying. The police have not been able to locate nor apprehend this baleful figure up until this present moment. I don’t think that they are interested in doing so neither. It is simply a case of who you know within the confines of the justice system… Meanwhile the suspect escaped to Germany and is currently living there without a care in the world from what I have been reliably informed. If I know that how comes the dozy police don’t? This just goes to show.

    To fight and combat crime the authorities have to take a proactive and prescient approach. They have to take the fight to the criminals and must not relent in doing so. They need to do stop and search and to confiscate every weapon or anything that remotely resembles a weapon. No stones should be left unturned not should any thorns be left on the tree like they say in Hispaniola. The message needs to be beamed out loud and clear, ‘ We are coming for you and we will stop you in your tracks’. The government should build a forensics laboratory as a huge proportion of crimes being committed these days are being solved using forensics. CCTV should also be brought in to monitor hot spots and crime ridden areas. That will be a huge help in catching criminals in the act which can be used as evidence in court.

    Politicians should not be allowed to put in “A Word” for crime lords just because they support their political parties. They need to disassociate themselves from people who associate themselves with criminal activities. They need to stop making forethoughtful speeches which leads to nothing. The community does not need latent speeches which is unaccompanied by actions. If you are going to talk the talk then you must walk the walk. There is also the small matter of parents aiding and abetting their kids. Most parents know when their children are in the wrong and have broken the law. They need to stop encouraging the kids to do so. Quite a number of these quiescent parents go all out to protect their children and to shield them from the law. I have heard mothers say ‘they cannot touch my child and I will do anything to protect my child from going to prison’ The police need to probe behind these nonchalant and apathetic comments and the antipathy that is laced with it or lies within it. If this means having to remove parents from their comfort zone in order to get convictions then so be it. They should not be mocking nor affronting the justice system with such contumelious and opprobrious parlance – Make examples of them if you must.

    A lot of the guns and other pernicious weapons coming in are coming in from other islands and countries. The customs and excise department need to go on the offensive and to search every barrel and container coming in. Once the weapons are found they should be immediately confiscated and those responsible for its shipment should be brought to book. The customs department should work with their counterparts in the countries where these items are coming from so that they can get successful prosecutions and convictions.

    Not so long ago a barrel belonging to a policewoman was found with rifles in it and to date this officer of the law have not been detained nor being sentenced for importation of such illegal weapons. Another man from the West of the island who lives in the United States and who seems to think that he is above the law was caught with weapons as well and just before his case came to court he skipped the country and returned back to America. St Lucia need to have extradition treaties with countries like the US if they don’t have any at the moment so when incidents like these happen again they can have the US authorities extradite these insidious and reprehensible vagabonds to come back to face the music. These crimos should have the book thrown at them and should be shown no mercy.

    I am calling on the police, politicians and those in the top echelons of Lucian society to stop affording credence assuredness and rights of passage to these blameworthy, lawless, nefarious, execrable and abominable villains. These have no compunction in rubbing people out or snuffing out decent law-abiding citizens. We need to reclaim the streets, clubs and houses by eradicating the vultures who are bringing mayhem and havoc to them. Let us help restore our beautiful island to it’s semblance of Originality, peace. serenity, tranquillity, calmness and placidity. A St Lucia where we all can be proud of and one in which every citizen plays their part in helping to eliminate crime malefaction, anarchism, turbulence, outlawry and misrule. Let’s fight crime from every angle and strike fear into the hearts of the criminals and their enablers. St Lucia we love. Remember the harder the conflict the more glorious the conflict.

    Viva St Lucia the land of My Beautiful Mother. Together we can do it.
    Malcolm L’Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Paris France

  13. Correction: *I meant to write ‘The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.’

  14. The time is coming, where each one will be held for their own responsabilité and blame…
    Revelation 6v15
    The kings of the earth, the princes, the général, the rich, the mighty,and every slave (Ungodly)and free man will hid in calves among the rocks of the mountains..
    They will called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb !
    For the great of the their wrath has come,and who can Stand ❓”

  15. Inept Pierre is setting the foundation for a conspiracy. I bet it all involves the opposition stoking the fires of crime. Dollars versus donuts, I will bet what this is about. At this juncture, I have him figured out to a T. After almost three years of floundering as the minister responsible for security, he must have something to hang his hat on. At this point, Pierre is willing to grasp at straws. Sycophants will tell him anything to make him feel knowing and at ease. I bet the commissioner filed his fantasy report in “file 13.”

    It’s a sad day to see Pierre still responsible for the nation’s security. This bumbling character scares the heck out of me. Why doesn’t he hand the job to someone capable is not beyond me. It has become a pride thing. As the countdown to elections approaches, he is less likely to yield. He would quicker go down with the ship. My advice to him is to swallow his pride, and hire a professional for the job. The nation will respect him more for it. The time for tinkering or experimenting is over. Just quit that position because you don’t know what you are doing; and it’s costing the country money.

  16. The betrayer is on its way !
    The deceiver and traitor will arrange a ‘Singal’, opposite the word of GOD ❗

  17. Nothing new I have been saying it all along but some people are just ignorant to even look at the possibility that there are people who are the perpetrators and facilitators of crime in St and are living lavishly from it’s proceeds. No it can’t be them the seam in their pants are too sharp, they don’t live “over there” they live “up there”. St Lucia’s biggest criminals are not poor people.

  18. Said it before saying it again my two year old great grandson is smarter than Mr pm, I rest my case time with tell?

  19. All this beakering back and forth between these two clowns is that what lucians voted for what a disgrace

  20. If they are in the funeral business in St Lucia you will never hear them complaining about crime I will leave it at that. It’s the same thing in other Caribbean islands too a multiplicity of licenses for funeral homes been issued over the last five years but down here it’s a monopoly and why that is. How do you stay in business ??

  21. for a small island named after a girl sin lucia is a hard dangerous place. 22 murders already dis year. Surprise tourists still coming to sin lucia . In Trinidad land of gun smoke they are less murders base on population. Barbados has 4 murders for de year sin lucia have 5 times that amount. Bim population bigger than sin lucia.

  22. @Poule Fool ….. do you think at the end of the PM working day he hangs up his minister of national security hat and hand the reigns over to someone else suddenly the narrative will change ? The likes of you have no idea what’s happening in st Lucia and who the players are you have a lot to learn go learn it. The likes of you are more concerned about St Lucias image abroad rather than the quality of life for its average citizen. Some of your distinguished cliques makes strange bedfellows .

  23. Dear Concern people of GOD 🇱🇨 St Lucia ❤️
    Even the most wicked I love !
    St Lucia 🇱🇨, where all my roots are found, though I am a stranger, but,I am a voyager(traveller to heaven ❗
    Please,bear with me and permit me, for I have choosen 🇱🇨 St Lucia to be my resting place,and,I know,by faith, that My (our) God will grant me accordinly, because I want enter in life and live in safety,so I will obey the commandments and listen to the voice of God ❗

  24. @The Dishonorable Loo Lowgrade.
    Fanatics like you can’t see beyond your noses. As much as I would like to engage in an objective intellectual conversation with you, I know it’s impossible. The color red runs too deep.
    If the strategy for fighting crime is flawed, the results will be dismal. Pierre doesn’t know that because he has a knowledge gap. He is out of his depth and he doesn’t know it. You have failed to understand security and policing is not what it was 50 years ago. Times have changed, but the principal in St. Lucia has not changed. Professionals earn doctorates and master degrees in the field. What we have here is the village potter acting as a doctor.

    What has happened in the Caribbean is a situation that developed over a culmination of years. Politicians were handing the security portfolio to anyone who needed a ministry after the prime ones were taken. Sometimes it was handed to people to pacify districts. Meanwhile crime was changing and there was little mechanisms to arrest it. In typical Caribbean fashion, the leaders are now all screaming fire. In life, you reap what you sow.

    Idiota, I live in St Lucia and I have a vested interest in seeing a better place. Your inept God is doing a bad job. He can’t even tell tactics from strategy. What’s his grand plan anyway? A seasoned professional can get the job done without interruptions from Pierre.

    You came unarmed to the battle of wits.

  25. So called crime wave is actually organized crime involved in a Gang war power struggle tit for tat.
    If criminals are killing each other….how is it a problem for honest people?

  26. Blithering Idiot that man! He told the police a whole lot of nothing. Just dere taking people for his papishow!

  27. GOD :
    “To the arrogant, “I say, Boast no more ;and to the enemies of God, the mockers, blasphèmers, Ungodly, Do not lift up your horns against heaven ;do not speak with an outstretch neck’ ”
    Drink ! Drink ! Drink !
    The cup of God’s wrath, for many will fall and never to rise (again)
    “Surely I will placed them on slippery ground ;and cast them down to ruin.
    How suddenly are they destroyed,and completly destroyed,comptely swept (away by terrors ❗
    As a dream when one awakes,so when you arise, “I will despise them as (fantasies)
    Because we live,we can face tommorow,life is worth more than living, “Just because he lives !!
    The word of GOD,our Joy and our Crown ❗

  28. This article lacks substance. This is just sensational journalism. I have not learned anything from reading this article. This does not inform the public of anything important on crime prevention. It only politicized the subject.

  29. But ” no reply on @Fatasia comment ❓”
    In addition :
    Tell me,an ‘innoncent that have ever perish, except a wicked in rigtheous clothing, other terms, a backsider,once who have taste the goodness of the LORD,then return to eats it vomit,(means return to the World”)


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