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Police Warn Against Good Friday Liquor Sales


In Saint Lucia, Good Friday falls on Friday, March 29, 2024. As part of the observance of this religious day, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) wishes to remind the General Public that the sale of liquor is prohibited on Good Friday.

This prohibition is in accordance with Section 30 (1) (a) of the Liquor Licence Act, Chapter 13.17 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2021, which states:

  • Subject to the provisions of section 5 relating to closing hours for specific licences, a licence holder shall not sell, or expose for sale, any intoxicating liquor or open, or keep open, his or her licensed premises-
  • During the whole of Good Friday, Christmas Day and Corpus Christi Day.

Any person found guilty of committing this offence, will be fined one thousand five hundred dollars (XCD1500.00).

Non-compliance with this fine may lead to a prison term not exceeding two (2) years.

Therefore, the RSLPF urges the general public to adhere to and respect these laws. By doing so, every citizen can peacefully enjoy the sanctity of Good Friday.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force


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  1. I want to peacefully enjoy the sanctity of every day. I want my kids to go to school without being exposed to alcoholics. Why is it that rum shops operate right next to schools in Castries? This place is a damn joke. A circus masquerading as a cuntree

  2. Why not just go out and find and fine the perps? Too much trouble to get off your behinds to do actual police work?

  3. Forget about Rum shoos on Good Friday. Ensure we have security in place to avoid another Independence Day Massacre. Police patrol across the board and that includes Vfort

  4. That’s crazy well In that case let’s stop selling liquor entirely. But also isn’t this mixing Church and State. If you know you know.

  5. @ Anonymous at 3: 10 pm. The Laws at first started by that whish was given to Moses, transcended down to the Churches for all civilized societies; we pried ourselves as being a civilized nation/society. If some of us who don’t like these Church-cum-State Laws, do have the freedom to vote against it or abide by it. It hasn’t done anyone any wrong, but rather good. We should observe all that our Churches have taught us, but some do exercise their right not to.
    Smoking and Drinking has never been a habit of mine, but I prefer to make love passionately but never on good Friday; Sunday???depends, but let me Bless you in His name.

  6. FIRE on those boyzs in robes !! In this day and age they still want to dictate how people should live their lives. So you could drink in a bar all day up until 11:59, but grown ass people can’t spend a cent after 12:01? This will never change in this country with their forever indoctrination European Nose still around our necks ; we need to challenge their outdated mandates that infringe on our constitutional rights, we still as a people worship half days that was created to allow the slave masters time to go to the banks to make their deposits from our sweats and sacrifice . What about those who are not of their make belief, racist false covenant ? In 2024 St Lucia has evolved and is multidimensional, this is not Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, people obliged to many false prophet and faiths, so what good form them, other people should demand it for themselves and let’s see HOW THEY LIKE IT, but it will never happen, we are still children’s of The Himalayas been brainwashed by Brute’s with media houses with a pen in one hand and a mouse in the other trying to control the narrative of “today’s” St Lucia with their philosophical delusional prospectives of the notion we still live in a glass house, it’s a good thing time is their biggest enemy of which they have no control over. I live for this kind of shhhhht, i believe I was destined to study constitutional law of which fascinates me, i which I had an adult establishment that severs alcohol, trust me they would get the challenge they would not expect all the way to the Privy Council if deemed necessary i can afford it because for (1) it’s in violation of our civil rights for the entire populace to adhere to rules of a few based on their religious principles and beliefs . (2) Are these rules been enforced on visitors in the hotels, I will bet you my last dollar no not even if they say so. This provision should be an illegal act, it’s also attached to Corpus Christi Day another of “their “forced” religious observance on the populace to uphold the sanctity of “their religious observances “ should be illegal….and they are of disbelief when other sec take set on them for their forced, evil, racist infringements. We are not our ancestors (some of us) we clearly see thru their “white washed philosophy” and are against it, but are been held by their tolerant doctrine handed down to our politicians to enforce their religious beliefs. Rise up people, at some point we must steer our own God given destiny as humans beings.

  7. Man made law, imagine after all what has been done to Marijuana smokers in the past and a group of individuals could just vote to say it’s legal. Mind you they didn’t release those in prison for this same practice but they up and about looking for market for Marijuana. I say only those who use Marijuana should be able to plant and sell. Y’all never wanted it until the united States set the trend. I want to see how long it will take to follow the us constitution and allow all citizens the rights to bear arms. Level the playing field

  8. All you can say whatever all you want, Guy is keeping a session at Forestierre and alcohol must sell. Police themselves will be there drinking. We are going to be there from 9.30 am.

  9. As an independent nation why the hell does St. Lucia still have “Royal” in the name of the police?

  10. Then, why are the catholic priest allowed to drink with on Good Friday?
    Too many false prophecy..They should all focus on paying their workers a decent wage instead of all the false Prophecy..
    I do agree with High Grade Lucian..
    I endorse my personal opinion..
    Focus on paying attention to the overworked and underpaid people..

  11. If you look around the world in so-called Christian countries (not specifically Catholic), you will find that this is not uncommon. Shops, businesses, bars etc are closed if not for the entire day, at least in the morning. These are secular and first world countries. I’m ot a Christian but I have no problem with it, and if you really want to drink just do it at home. No that hard but Lucians just LOVE to complain about minor issues. Far, far worse things going on here that you need to be concerned about.

  12. Good Friday falls on Friday March 29th. WELL, Well, well DUH. SLT or the police will Good Friday ever fall on a Monday or any other week day except a Friday.
    Have the police gone to Bruceville to see the number of illegal bars that are fully operational today. Oh yeah they have and some have even had a couple courtesy of their bigger boss in the area. Over to you Madam Commissioner.

  13. This fallacy that Good Friday is a sanctified day is one of the biggest con ever metted out on the intelligence of humanity. Thankfully I don’t fall into that superstitious trap believing that a man died and rose from the dead after 3 days and 3 nights…..While I advocate alcohol in all its forms should be consumed with responsibility, banning alcohol on good Friday is pure nonsense….If Saint Lucia is so religious why not ban all the nudity that is a la carte at carnival…why not ban all the Dennery Segment vulgarity that that is being produced?….mind you…I have nothing against flesh on display during carnival nor do I have any issues with Dennery Segment…in fact give me more of the flesh and the creativity of Dennery Segment…..that what makes us human… religion has made us feel exposed and the enjoyment of the flesh is sin…but the prudes in Saint Lucia are just a bunch of hypocrites… claiming religiousity one day but being decadent the next….the foundation of man’s nature is to be himself by seeking enjoyment in all its forms without infringing on the right of others ….to ban alcohol on a Friday is ridiculous….the church should have no say in the way people live their lives because the church was the greatest criminal that has for centuries stepped on the rights of humanity…. including their role in the Atlantic slave trade and other great atrocities which are documented by history. Being irreligious doesn’t work make one a bad person…it’s the way someone lives that makes them a good or bad person…not religion, not the church, not god….the church sells this snake oil nonsense of a god in the sky who will came back some day…..a day that is forever coming but never arriving….I laugh at the gullibility of some ….I live a full life free, at peace, and contented, without fear and without all these religious BS….
    Where was god when the island was devastated during the hurricane seasons? Yet you pray to a god, observe so called religious days but where was god during hurricane Allen, Debby and all the hurricanes that devastated the island? It’s time to get out of this superstition and liberate your minds from this mental slavery…..

  14. This is why religion and government should never mix. There are people that don’t believe the nonsensical idea that three day old corpses can reanimate. They are not part of the club of lunatics that embrace such nonsense. Yet, they are forced, through law, to refrain from living their lives how they wish because the beliefs of others are so fragile that they cannot stand the simple idea of others not believing and having some fun in ways they don’t agree with.

    We are not part of your club. The rules of your club don’t apply to us. Your religion says meat can’t be eaten on Fridays? Cool. That applies to YOU, the believer, not to anyone else. Your religion says you can’t draw pictures of your prophet? Great. That applies to YOU, the believer, not to anyone else. Your religion says that you will not allow a woman to teach? Dumb, but that applies to YOU, the believer, not to anyone else. Your religion is YOURS, its rules don’t apply to anyone outside of it. People don’t want to live by the insane ideas of men from 2,000 years ago or more, men that would have been stunned by the technological leap a wheelbarrow would have presented to them.

    Keep religious idiocy out of laws.


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