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Two Males Shot Dead At Deglos


Police are investigating the death of two men whose bodies were discovered with gunshot injuries at about 3:30 pm on Tuesday at Deglos.

Investigators have identified one of the men as Brinatto Stephen of Vieux Fort.

He was the son of Rufus Stephen, alias ‘Brico’, who was killed last year in Vieux Fort.

Police are yet to identify the second victim of Tuesday’s fatal shooting.

Members of the public found one of the bodies and alerted the police, who discovered the other deceased while combing the scene.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded twenty-four homicides for 2024, the majority due to gun violence.

The latest flare-up of deadly gun violence occurred as over 200 military and police officials are about to commence the Regional Security System (RSS) Unity Exercise 2024 (UNEX 24) in Saint Lucia from April 3 to 13.

Regional and international participants will engage in diverse military exercises.

They will include land-based maneuvers and sea operations.

UNEX 24 aims to improve mechanisms for regional cooperation within the RSS in response to security issues.



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  1. How can the young people be motivated to work when the system is so oppressive with wages as low as 3 EC dollars an hour working 12 to 18 hour shifts . This is a crime against humanity. Where is the minimum wage the the prime minister promise on independence day

  2. Have anyone study the root of these shootings? Haven’t we see it greed caused by the sale of Marijuana and cocaine? What are we going to do to solve this major problem. Banan and Larry stop this for us to save our young men.

  3. The only hope for humanity is to repent of sin — things such as dishonouring of parents, murder, adultry, stealing, lying, coveting –and disregard for God! Every attempt to fix the tragic state of our societies without repentance and a turning of our hearts to God, will fail miserably! Some will scoff at this post, but what I have stated here is the truth of God!

  4. Nobody cares anymore, let them kill each other is how the police deals with crime from top down, and still no xray machines at customs. Just a matter of time for you catch a stray

  5. Gang violence, vengeance and drug dealing gone bad are the primary causes of these Vieux Fort shootings. There is not much government can do to stop the criminals from killing each other. They will always find a hidden place away from the police to conduct their affairs. One thing I would like to see is random search and seizure and tougher illegal gun possession penalties.

  6. @Truth Be Told – you are correct. The crime has nothing to do with minimum wage even if the minimum wage was increased to $100 an hour – the criminals would not work a LEGAL job – because they prefer to engage in CRIME, WICKEDNESS AND EVIL.

    We need to be realistic in our thinking in St. Lucia – the criminals have to help themselves by turning away from their WICKED WAYS – no one can help those who do not want to be helped – TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE.

    You can bring a horse to the water, you can not make it drink. If you dress up a pig in a tuxedo, it will still find the mind – change your mindset and change your EVIL ways – do good and good will follow you and when you do BAD you will REAP ALL THAT YOU HAVE SOWED – BAD and MORE BAD and that’s a fact –

    you can call it KARMA, SAAR OU FAIRE SAY SAAR OU WAARE. you and all your SWEETWEEYEEZ will suffer for the BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS – Whether you believe it or not. Guess what fire burns whether you believe it or not and that is REALITY. Amen

  7. Reprisal ! I don’t think anyone is surprised according to the word on the street…..not even the police. There will be reprisals for this, and when it does happen everyone don’t get bent out of shape about it like yu’ll don’t see it coming. The police can put whatever in place, they will watch and wait like they did Tuesday to strike.

  8. Sadly we are in a county where the prime minister says boldly he knows who doing the crimes and his ministers says boldly he has files big so. The police gives him secret information and the bar association and the people in authority are all scared to talk. Moo moo pills 💊 in you’ll toottoot. St Lucia is coming like Haiti.🇭🇹. Time will tell. God protect our little island

  9. Slaves, stop complaining before you loose your blessing, God is at work to favor and win you with a mini wage of fifteen dollars an hour and not three cents ❗
    So therefore, there is a broblem, because before the generations, those before us, though was the poorest, but never complain, never lacks nothing and died in peace, because they were satisfied with everything, neither there was No Wages for man neither beast ❗ So then, today, the eyes never satisfied of seeing !!

  10. But we are living in a different time where more demands are on people so how can we still survive on the same wages from the 40s to 2024 for example health care, renting a house education , inflation so morena rithal you are not being realistic what can 3 dollars an hour do for an educated secondary school graduate

  11. @ TRUTH BE TOLD: My dear brother I think you’ve been reading my mind; unless this truth is embedded in the minds of all, then its chaos for all.
    CAN ANY ONE TELL ME WHY ST. LUCIA HAS TURNED THAT WAY? as a child I can remember when Castries was rocked when the two ships were Torpedoed in the Harbour, at S.M. College when Castries was destroyed by fire, crime was an unknown factor in the minds of the people, don’t mention murder. Our greatest joy then was on Xmas & New Year, the Papa Jab, Acrobat & the Jabs, we never locked our door and can’t remember having a key to enter; so what happened?
    On Saturday mornings we were sent for confession, on Sunday morning was 8 o’clock Mass for Kids only, later was High Mass for older ones; but what has happened?
    Who was it who organized an international Witches Conference in St. Lucia? was it maybe already a hotbed for a similar craft? Who now rules, the kingdom of darkness or that of ‘Light, Love and Kindness?’ TIME TO TURN TO CHRIST NOW, OR ELSE.

  12. The Kingdom of darkness is roaming ..,..young and old alike live breathe and eat voodoo, witchcraft, obeah in St. Lucia. As evidenced on social media vendors pouring portions at the doorsteps of other vendors…..siblings fighting for land, strangers fighting for land and killing each other.
    The fools don’t realize they came and found the land and will leave and the land will remain …make that make sense…

  13. Slaves,
    How my prayers are ever before God,on behalf for a deserved wage for all ?
    You are always Righteous,O LORD.
    Yet I would speak with you about your ⚖️ justice !!
    This is how it works !
    Hope means possible (God)
    Without faith it is impossible !!
    They say God only gives what everyone can handle-
    For God knows the hearts of man and apprently thinks of a Bad…

  14. DEUTÉRONOMY 29v11… has even the best offer : The Offer of Life or Death ❗ Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach… correction :deut 30v11…


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