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Mother Seeking Answers After Police Fatally Shot Her Son

The mother of a teenager Jay-Z Joseph, who died after police shot him in Vieux Fort on Tuesday, wants answers regarding the incident.

” Up to today, I have not gotten any answers yet,” Noelita Wells told reporters on Thursday.

Wells acknowledged that many stories about the circumstances of the 19-year-old’s death have been circulating.

However, Wells explained that all she knows is that her son is dead.

” I tried to ask questions. I tried to get information. I have not gotten any information. Nothing as yet. When I went to the police, all they would say was, ‘Hold on. Hold on somebody is going to assist you.’ I want to know what happened to my son,” the mother stated.

Wells recalled visiting St. Jude Hospital  after hearing her son had been shot and learning that he had lost a lot of blood.

She also recalled hearing assurances that the teenager was fine after the shooting, later learning that Jay-Z was in critical condition at the hospital, and afterward receiving a call that he had succumbed.

Wells told reporters she asked why the medical facility had amputated the teenager’s foot, and the response was it was an attempt to save his life.

“I am just trying to remain calm. Trying to to be aggressive not helping. All I want to do is face that officer who did it. I just want to ask the officer, ‘ How are you feeling right now? Do you have anything to say to me.?’ I am not going to be angry or bitter at him. ‘I just want to know, what do you have to say to me.'”

Wells said she did not want to be like the hypocrites, and because Jay-Z was her son, echo what she described as the national anthem of ‘He was a good boy!’

She said Jay-Z was trying to move from where he was to where he wanted to be.

Wells said people would tell her Jay-Z was loving, sweet, and charming.

“When I was down there they were telling me they don’t know him to be any person who liked trouble,” Wells told reporters.

“There is a saying when you try to take the horse to the river, you cannot force it to drink water,” the mother observed.

“I tried everywhere in power to remove him out of there, and like the guy said, Shanty Town isn’t a bad place. People make it believe that it is a bad place,” the New Village resident asserted.

A police release on Tuesday’s fatal shooting said  officers had responded to reports of armed males wearing face masks in Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

The police said they pursued but failed to apprehend another male individual.

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  1. So all along he shooting ppl you never gave police info.. now he is shot you want answers… you are one of the enablers.. who benefit from crime..

  2. he was a good loving boy with a gun and extended clip with mask i just want to know whats good about that. the offcer have nothing to tell you or face you. woman take responsibility for you brought into society. police not going and shoot people just so.

  3. Your son was shot while he was wearing a mask and armed with a pistol, a pistol with an extended clip, tht means the magazine was longer and carries more bullets than regular magazines, and u saying u want to knw wht the officer that shot him has to say to U? The officer shud tell u sorry for not killing him on the spot. Ridiculous. Thts why we in this state right now in the country, ppl refuse to acknowledge and take responsibility when it’s warranted. Ma’am your son was bad boy, a crook, a killer probably, sorry for your loss but accept it and move on.

  4. Mom, indeed, you have a right to get answers as to what happened to your son and it must be provided by the authorities. Full transparency…..Perhaps that will give you closure. I am sorry for your loss, but the alleged circumstances doesn’t bode well for your son. You said that you tried everywhere in your power to remove him from there suggests that you knew your son was involved or associated with shady characters. Under these circumstances, he becomes a suspect by being associated with shady characters. If the alleged fire arms and ammunition retrieval is true, then given the scourge of crime in Saint Lucia, most people will show support for the police and their actions and in that scenario, the people dictate the way the people want to be governed. You mom did not do enough to get your son out of his bad associations. And now that it is too late, we often see parents and family saying on social media that the boy was a good boy. He was this and he was that. Well if he was, then he would not have been caught up in this sad state of affairs. Sorry, but as a man maketh his bed, so he lies in it.

  5. Ma’am from the story given by the police your son appeared to be an assassin and murderer. If the cops didn’t kill him he very likely would’ve killed someone else. Yes you deserve answers but the writing is pretty much on the wall.

  6. Very sad state of affairs because a life is lost — However, VF has lost its way and the most of the parents in VF have become the children (their kids have taken over the home – ridiculous) and some parents in VF I hate to say this – DEFINITE enablers. When I was coming up – you had no choice but be respectful to parents, neighbors and elders, study hard, go to school, stay away from bad company, don’t envy anyone, find legal employment when you were old enough to work so you could earn a living.

    Currently – all of this UPBRNGING is out the window and is now replaced with lack of education, disrespect, evil, hatred, voodoo, obeah, lawlessness, kids having kids, gangs etc. etc. I assure you our two noble prize winners had a legitimate goal to succeed and make an impact in St. Lucia and the world, I assure you J. Alfred has a legitimate goal as she is very disciplined in her career from what I have seen thus far as well as many more individuals. We must understand that choices have consequences (good results or bad results) —-??????

    All I can say is the police in St. Lucia are usually insulted by the citizens while trying to do their jobs – I have seen video to that affect and it’s disturbing. I do believe however, that the police had no choice in this scenario – the armed and masked aggressor (according to the article) had to be neutralized or else only God knows what would have happened to the innocent citizens or bystanders – let’s be realistic. In addition according to the article succumbed at the hospital, not on the scene.

    The police however in execution of their LEGAL duties – do not need to have a meeting with you or provide you an explanation as they do not work for you personally nor do they report to you. I am certain the other officers who were on the scene have provided a full report. Also, I hate to say this – but your own expression in the photo speaks volumes. Godspeed

  7. Masiay just give the lady some info to put her at ease….the info should simply be ” he lived a dangerous life that culminated quick quick quick at the hands of police” full stop! I blame the news agencies for sensationalizing incidents such as these…just don’t post them tings on news.

  8. They refuse to go and work for 3 EC dollars an hour working 12 to 18 our shifts like the rest of us in

  9. Your criminal son with the mask and gun was shot in order to save some more lives. What else u wanna know mummy??? Why u wanna face the police? U wan to kill him for your son?? I support the police 100%. Bravo officers

  10. What y’all saying deh not making sense the lady need answers even if he was a bad boy or in gang how would y’all feel if it was y’all son or brother????y’all Lucian’s always deh in people business but don’t know the truth behind everything I getting sick and tired of yall

  11. No one should give that woman no information.Just hand over the Body to Her .She Shojld Report to Mary Francis .Because it look like She knows More than the Doctors and Nurses

  12. My take on this info… your son have been on the streets not today you aware of that but you look the other way… you have other kids which one lives in London why you never apply for him to go there,if you really wanted a better life .. you move him from bad to worse area but I really think you should accept the fact that it happen and if he was not involved why his friend run if y’all not up to nothing why his friend move on him… stop looking the other way my lady and fix your damn life


  14. Parenting is a 24 hrs a day, 12 days a week, 365 days a year and 366 days a leap year job. Any time there are lapses, opportunities to guide or correct are missed. The longer the lapses the worse it gets .Good parents don’t fall asleep until their kids come home from an outing. What is a teenager from the north doing in a neighborhood with a reputation for crime in the south, where I doubt he has relatives. I don’t know what he was up to down there. Does anyone think he was up to any good ? Perhaps, but I doubt it. Parents are the ones who are mostly responsible for the crime situation on the island because if they were raising their children in the right manner, much fewer of them would fall through the cracks in society. Parents must be held accountable for what their children do especially when they are underage.

  15. Just a bunch of nonsense from you fools. The woman is seeking closure from the authorities as it pertains to death of her son AS A PARENT SHE HAS THAT RIGHT, some of you Jackasses are of the notion because he was involved in “ criminal activity” she has zero rights to question and answers, after all she laid on her back and gave birth to him SHE HAVE A RIGHT; she is not been dismissive or in denial of his character or saying he was a choir boy she is just looking for closure GIVE IT TO HER. These are the situations that’s driving me to study law for my own personal enrichment.

  16. From how I see it is either you came in News crying you want justice for your son after news headline “another homicide in the town of Vieux fort” or the way it is.. Ofcourse you want closure .. I mean after all u are a hurting mother.. however we need to be honest with ourselves

  17. Ms Wells , here are your answers.
    What happened to your son? He was shot and died. Most likely result if you a shot with a real gun.
    Why? He was involved in criminal activity and face the harsh reality of the path he has chosen. Hospital, cemetery or jail.
    What does the office has to sat to you ?
    Not much just doing my job Ma’am .

    Bloody hypocrites. Jah alone knows how many murders he was responsible for.

  18. My lady u child drop out of school and smoking weed since in primary school, u let that happen, so what u saying deh about ur tried ro take him out of their not making sense, u knew what he was. U didn’t make him go to school, he was already giving trouble from primary school, he had a gun with an extended clip u want explanation still. Urll like to do that, u knew that would happen. Everybody knew that child, she always had manners greeting me when am passing. Good day my lady and what not but he was one of the Lil gangstas coming up. Dotn act surprised on social media.

  19. You have another one on the way hope it a boy to replace the one you lost. HOPEYOU DO BETTER WITH THIS ONE. AND DON’T BE AN ENABLER.

  20. Put yallselves in her shoes , her son may be all of the above . She deserves an explanation as to what transpired! I’m certain if he was one of our family members we would definitely need answers , y’all are a bunch of uneducated assholes. Would it be fair to wake up one morning to news that our brother/son/nephew/niece died that way ? Regardless the whatever it is he was engaged in. She is being damn honest about her son after all , “ you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it “ y’all are unbelievable. & getting more stupid day by day.

  21. Your son died as a result of a medical procedure, as you stated the doctor amputated his foot and he bled to death. You clearly stated he was shot but the police, and was considered fine at the hospital until they initiated the procedure. You barking up the wrong tree. The police is not directly responsible for his death. The hospital has a part to play too.
    Sad to say but they may have just saved the lives of countless individuals maybe even yours

  22. To be honest he wasn’t a bad boy just a troubled youth…I saw him growing up in the city and northern circuits…he likes to smoke weed and enjoys the night party life….he is a youth that would lime in any passey any community,this is clear evidence that he had no enemies and wasn’t in any feud/beef with ppl,non the less he would hang around the most dangerous of thugs,typical stray teenager…
    It more surprises me that with all the killings and shootings in Vfort the police has yet to shoot or kill one of the Vfort gun slingers but poor small boy come all the way from castries and police happen to kill him….I’m not saying he was a saint but I can say this much…he wasn’t a killer!…killers don’t lime in every place every session………RIP small boy you died as s likkle soldier.

  23. Okay lady, I will give you the honest truth. Your son was carrying holy communion to give the lost souls in the ghetto. With him was his acolyte who helped with Extreme Unction. Your son had an extra long chalice so he could store more communion. It so happened that they met bish(c)ops who didn’t like their masks and chalice. They thought it didn’t look heavenly. In the melee, your son was suddenly struck in the leg, by a bolt of lightning from shoulder height. He was then taken to a large manger where there were unwise men. The unwise men tried to heal him, instead they ended his holy life. He is heading to heaven.

  24. The mother has a right to know how her son died but notwithstanding why was he in Vieux fort. From , the video he had a mask on his face so his intentions were not law abiding. Parents need to take greater responsibility in raising their children. Stop making excuses.Stop raising them badly and when they are out of control expect the government to fix them .If what the comments are saying is true, he was a trouble maker from primary school,mother you failed your son.

  25. FELLOW Saint Lucians !!! Law enforcement can handle any situation of criminal activity how they see fit based on their training and use of firearm to protect themselves and preserve life. Clearly this young man was no professional because his mission was intercepted with minimal effort in my opinion “ which is a good thing tho” we need to remember that talking, texting and our feelings are way different than facing a stranger/mask individual whom intentions are unknown. This is way more nerve wrecking and a lesser sacrifice for a greater good.. sorry bud, wrong place wrong time, wrong lifestyle!

  26. So how comes you never hear anything from the fathers of the cockroaches I am being to think is dildo or other sex toys that does make them women have children

  27. My lady I feel your pain. It’s sad you lost your sad in that manner. However, if you really want to know the truth you should pay a visit to your son’s associate at the time of the shooting. If he was a friend ( I used associate above) with good intentions at the time this happened he would be there to help you mourn and also be a witness to what was wrongfully done to your son. I hv a sin also and if he think I’m gonna be der for him if he get involved with gangsters. He better think twice. If he has to defend himself from anyone who attacks him wrongfully then I will be that bulletproof vest. Cause I will protect him. If we know our children are involved in this kind of acts, let’s be proactive and do what’s necessary to make that difference. We can cry a river after the fact, that won’t change anything

  28. The Lady has a legal right to ask about her son, and to mourn him. Lucians are the most callous people. Just remember. one day you could be on the other end of all this hate-filled mail you spew out all the time…

  29. Lady you are a sutewes i am sure you know your son was in wrongdoing you never stop him

  30. good shoot all of them cause they influence our children to do what they doing but give her answers

  31. People always go at the Police when they shoot to kill…now they shoot the culprit in the leg, they still blaming the police for his death….why am I not hearing that they want answers from the hospital?! SMFH 🤦🏾‍♀️

    And to the person who said “even though he was in gang he didn’t deserve to die like that” REALLY?!?!??!?. So the innocent child and mother who died in Vieux Fort last year deserve to die like that? The mentality of some St Lucians (and there’s a lot of them) is why the country is in the state it is in today

  32. The lady is never going to get a report in 24 hours. It’s a written report prepared after an investigation. Police stations do not do verbal reports after incidents involving deaths. I think in the States it takes about a week depending on complexity.

  33. Lady wait for the police report which takes about 2 weeks (Lucian time 1 year & 6 months )

  34. Why I can’t like a comment, why it’s only shows “loading”
    There are some comments I like but there’s no way to show it.

  35. Madam, was your son employed by Boss Banan? If he was, ask Banan what went wrong? Remember Banan is the mayor of Bruce ville and he also have some senior officers on payroll. Ask Motion.

  36. Miserables Comforters !!
    How can a mother forgets the child she breastfeed ❓
    Each one is consoling the mother with the thoughts of killing !!!
    Christ is the answer,with heart felt dear mother !

  37. For those saying “he does not deserve to die like this” enlighten us on how he should have died.

    2 those saying the weapon was planted…. You mean all officers now walking with a pistol with an extended clip to plant on somebody?

    3 the officer risked his life shooting the rat in his leg as apposed to eliminatimg him on the spot

  38. When the law is powerless and we are living and controlled according to the Sinful 😈 desires, we becomes weak and death carry us away before time because ⚖️ justice does not permit or follows or allows us to live…

  39. He doens’t deserve to die like this, what about the persons they have shot. Woman, although I understand where you are coming from, know where your kids are and what they are about. Don’t wait until they are shot when they are shot by police or their own kind. St. Lucia doesn’t have bad kids just bad parents and parenting. That’s not love. You just wait until they are killed to go seeking answers. You should be ashamed of yourself, If I were you, would not even show my face in the media. Enablers are the reason this country is the way it is. Blame the Police and the Government and absolve the parents of all responsibility. God will hold all you parents responsible.

  40. He wasn’t bad. You tried to get him away from there. Blah blah blah.
    If you truly cared about your son, He would have been with you. Nothing greater than a mother’s will.
    He was shot in the leg after firing at police officers. If the police wanted to kill him, don’t you think he would have been shot in the upper torso?
    Mame you have to apologize to the officer for coming close to losing his life while at work. Was your son at work? Did the officer interrupt this work?
    The youth have not failed us, we have failed the youth. Mame you failed your son. All blame lies on your shoulder. All your excuses won’t bring him back. Blaming others for your failure won’t bring him back. You have to live with this, till your last day.

  41. I know,O LORD, that a man’s life is not his own ;
    it is not for man to direct his steps..
    Correct me, but only in your ⚖️ justice,not in your anger, least you reduce me to nothing !!

  42. This young man must have been a victim of the vicious cycle of broken families and by extension children, he has tried so hard to fit in on every block I know of, yet he appeared to be very pleasant and well mannered. IT is very sad that his crave for attention, love to fit in lead to this. I honestly feel that we are failing our young men, as to how we can make a change that is for the sitewez leaders that in all ghettos with the criminals trying to come to solutions while giving them big contracts that ultimately funding the shipment of guns and cocaine. This incident though may have very well been his first exposure to such and unfortunately, he met his demise. I believe he was sacrificed in place of the bigger boys who instead of embracing him they capitalized on his vulnerability…So sad my boy. I still don’t think he was a bad person, and this is my first time commenting here but going about my business i would often encounter this young man.

    To the officers this one is not jackpot, the PM said it he know the criminals….no points on that one urll move just as coward as this little man himself was. Mom certainly you have every right to know what transpired. The police does lie too.

  43. I don’t know the who, what, where or how. ..,I don’t know this lady or her son….so my point does not apply to her as I don’t know her.

    However, what I do know is what I have personally witnessed….my mother in law (St. Lucian) may she RIP always gave her kids right even when they were wrong and most Lucian women do this. This can and will have devastating effects on the family.

    I have seen the devastation in my in-laws as a result of this harmful upbringing. Thankfully no one got killed but serious issues have transpired as a result of this enabling and they continue decades later.

    I am so grateful to my parents who told all 10 of us without apology …when you wrong you wrong and I will not condone wrong at anytime or at any cost. Amen

  44. I want to remind parents with trouble makers to talk to your children because just like those trouble makers are blood thirsty and trigger happy the police is worst and they have the system backing them up especially when you are considered a trouble maker they the police will take you out of circulation and there will be no investigation into this matter taken parents needs to get that message across loud and clear so there be no misunderstandings
    Some of the police are just as triggered happy as the criminals so lets be clear citizen needs to stay in their lanes and bat in their crist

  45. Have a gnite Eagle eyes you sure it ain’t birds Vision. He’s an adult 19 not a child with special needs. Where is hope when needed. All glorifies the dead. Displays their pictures on social media. No regards for family. What makes her less a mother. Did she not labour and breastfed. How about cancel culture and what’s being taught. It’s a new era? No we watched cowboys and thieves. Tom and Jerry. We heard about rape it’s all in history, yes. Now ask what’s the future “bread and butter”. Teach them better. It takes a village to raise a child. Stop blaming parents. Society includes you and ur harsh comments. Amen


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