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United Workers Party Hosts Historic Gala Fundraiser


On Saturday, 6th April, 2024, in honor of its 60th Anniversary, the United Workers Party hosted a historic gala fundraiser under the theme “All that Glitters Is Gold”.

It was attended by several Opposition leaders from the region, party members and supporters as well as supporters from the Diaspora who flew in for the special occasion.

This event officially kicks off the national calendar of the 60th anniversary celebrations which include several community outreach activities, a memorial lecture, displays of the Party’s achievements throughout the years, and many fun activities over the next few months culminating in a community night and awards ceremony.

Amongst the Speakers for the occasion were Leaders of the Opposition the Right Honourable Dr. Keith Mitchell of Grenada, The Hon. Dr. Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow of Belize, The Hon. Dr. Godwin Friday of St. Vincent., The Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health of Jamaica and Dr. Ronnie Yearwood President of the Barbados Democratic Labour Party.

It was a proud occasion for The Honourable Allen Chastanet and for the UWP as the Political Leader was hailed by his counterparts as a visionary, well respected regionally and internationally. He was commended for his strong leadership and bold initiatives.

In turn, Hon. Chastanet expressed his eagerness to work with them and thanked them for their presence and for their contributions in their various localities and regionally.

Hon. Chastanet expressed his gratitude to those who play their part in the development and progress of the Party and urged those who long for a better St.Lucia to step up and to get involved as the difficult battle ahead requires the efforts of all.

Longtime party supporter and hugely popular media personality Sam ‘Juke Bois’ Flood was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the UWP and was presented with the Flambeau award by Mr. Guy Joseph who highlighted Juke Bois’ talent for colorfully and aptly nick naming certain persons in public life, his unique ability to distill and disseminate political and social concepts for understanding by the wider public and his adeptness in getting news to the populace long before the advent of social media.

The night’s entertainment included popular singer and entertainer Minnell.

The United Workers Party expresses its deep gratitude to Mrs. Raquel Du Boulay-Chastanet for the production of over 60 successful events for the UWP over the years and for her significant efforts on the occasion of the UWP’s 60th anniversary Gala.

Special thanks to Mrs. Chastanet’s Committee composed of Party Treasurer Marcella Johnson, Assistant General Secretary Kelly- Ann Bernadin and the team at the UWP Secretariat for a seamless execution of the event.

The United Workers Party also wishes to thank the many sponsors, supporters and well wishers who helped to make this event the success that it was.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. All I will say is media personnel should not be in the pockets of any political party since personal interest and conflict of interest can get in the way of truth and unbiased reporting. If Juke Bois had to be awarded – which I think he rightly deserved for his expert and even cleverly rendered points of view on things political, social and otherwise – he should be awarded by the authorities who oversee the practice of journalism in Saint Lucia not at some opposition parties fund raiser. But of course, every party can have a personal relationship with media personnel…I am not against that but we want to avoid cronyism, nepotism and all the isms there be…. journalists should be independent of thought… although I believe Juke Bois will still give UWP some tongue lashings when they step out of line and I want to believe he is not one to be bought…yet I am reminded that every man has his price….. In any case congrats Juke Bois, your artistry in the mother tongue is second to none and you beautifully express those thoughts with great agility and mental acuity.

  2. @C-WIZ your are absolutely correct!!!

    BTW, this picture demonstrates a lot;

    1. Every man standing has his jacket buttoned, which is the standard foe gentlemen wearing suits (opened when sitting and buttoned when standing);

    2. Couldn’t someone have straightened Allen’s bowtie..this makes him look askew (even “Problem Child” looked better; and

    3. Every one except Allen has hands together and fingers interlaced, but Allen is stand with his hands at his sides looking like a simpleton, not that he is one (afterall he is the brightest spark not only in Lucia but in the region, isn’t he???)

    The Sharks within De Partee are circling with sharpened jaws, Allen. They be watching regardless of their encouragements…but how long will Dad allow his deep pockets to keep them at bay?


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