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UWP Condemns SLP Over Sir Calixte’s ‘House Slaves’ Remark


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has accused the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) of vile racism and bigotry over ‘house slaves’ remark by former Government Minister, Sir Calixte George.

George spoke during the MBC Television show ‘Can I Help You’.

Castries Central MP and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, responsible for Housing and Local Government, Richard Frederick, hosts the television programme.

A UWP statement said Sir Calixte George, a senior labour party member, had re-endorsed the SLP’s use of racism to divide the country during the broadcast Thursday night.

The former Minister said looking at UWP leader Allen Chastanet’s demeanor and actions in the House of Assembly, one could see the effect of a slave driver.

“What you have there now in Saint Lucia is a slave master with a whole set of house slaves in the United Workers Party,” Sir Calixte asserted.

In a release Friday, the UWP accused him of referring to all its members and the 37,000 people who voted for the party as house slaves.

The release asserted the democratic and constitutional right of all citizens to choose which party to vote for on election day.

“Furthermore, on the same show, the government Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister endorsed a supporter calling for the death of the Leader of the Opposition,” the opposition party noted.

The UWP cited many citizens’ outrage and the harm done.

In this regard, it called on Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and his labour party to condemn the racist remarks and distance themselves from the ‘egregious remarks and bigotry endorsed by his Minister’.

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  1. The caller was never endorsed,by the host and his guest at the time. They actually stopped the the caller in his tracks, telling him that they were not in support of his comment.

  2. If you want further proof that our society is entrenched in its old, colonial mentality..this is it. Sir Calixte himself is a hypocrite for making such a statement against a citizen of Saint Lucia, the people’s representative as the opposition Mr Chastenet… ask yourself , how did Sir Calixte get the SIR in his name? It’s because he was granted it and accepted it by Royal decree from the late Queen Elizabeth 2. Yet he would make such a statement about Mr Chastenet who is simply doing his constitutional duty representing Saint Lucians as leader of the opposition…I suspect Sir Calixte is suffering from early onset dementia due to old age and while he served admirable during his younger days, he will do well to have the to seek to unite our nation rather than divide it. These racist tropes have no place in our society…and using it for scoring political points is reprehensible. I want to hear PM Pierre come out to condemn such a remark made by Sir Calixte…this is totally unacceptable…..

  3. Don’t even challenge me Clown…. Your rants of “Little BLACK BOY from Marchand and RF being a drug runner is infamous and that’s just the tip of the iceberg Archie. This is why you are a danger and divisive by nature to St Lucia’s Society with your pen in your left hand and mouse in the other you have you are guilty of fanning political hate and culture for decades with impromptu’s along with delusional contributors. Who could have forgotten “Haiti’s True Curse “, you might want to rehash that while picking on fruits like a parrot on your balcony this weekend, don’t tell me my archives are better than yours. I am not even going to touch Kenny and VF, crime and single black mothers , The PM on the world stage, I could go on forever but It’s s the weekend at high noon it’s time to have some fun in the sun and check on the herbs Jazz is drawing near.

  4. Yes they are house slaves. How can they support a man whose family exploit the workforce with wages as low as 3 EC dollars an hour . The man is a slave driver who thinks that the country is his and his family take a look at his demeanor and his behaviour in the house of assembly in my opinion he should be driven from the landscape of St Lucia with great fire and fury . He could never ever be elected in power as a prime Minster again…

  5. What the supporters of the slp looking for they will surely get..and pm calling for unity he will never call on his disgusting supporters especially Richard Fredrick you think you are bad remember Charles cochon

  6. Where was the indignation when the old fart (whose name rhymes with posie) said he would tell the Vieux-Fort youth to turn their guns against a certain segment of society? Where were you Allen?

  7. What has St. Lucia come to? what has happened to my Country, people looking at each other
    checking their complexion and calling them slave masters? or is it because this one or that one dare to be a Politician, then he/she cannot be because you’re not black like me, therefore your ancestors must have been a slave owner. What utter nonsense; did they teach that at school?
    I knew the George’s family, the other brothers and relatives, decent folks and Calixte himself, now he seem to have put on weight and some grey hair, but when was it that racism crept into the picture? both my brother, sister and I knew him as a very friendly, always smiling young man, today Calixte or should I say SIR CALIXTE is refering to a St. Lucian as a slave owner? shocking.
    Dear brothers and sisters WE ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE ALMIGHTY, JESUS THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, the time will soon come when we must/will see each other as one in HIS Spirit, so let’s not sow division we are less than 300k poor folks, let’s love each other.

  8. I respect Sir Calixte George right to free speech, but he went to far. Although, I believe that it is Chastanet’s family wealth has brought about his reign over the UWP. He has full control over the UWP machinery. I will not go as far as calling him slave master. Sir Calixte George accepting knighthood, one can say makes him a puppet of the vestiges of colonialism. I mean these folks need to stick to the critical issues that will enhance the general well-being of the island. Chastanet made some silly statements as well during his administration. Let the issues drive the politics and let SLP accomplishments speak for itself.

  9. House slaves eh Calixte? [Cause you don’t deserve Mr or Sir]. Fair game. So when you are referred to as a nigger [cause you sure as hell ain’t white or Caucasian] or a baboon, you should embrace it.

  10. It’s sad, shameful and embarrassing to hear this unpleasant racial remark coming from Calixte George, a man who I respect and admire for his achievements when he was a minister in the Labour Party. He should leave racial,bigotry political remarks like this for ignorant and foolish party supporters. This statement he should realise is implying that Dr Anthony was a slave master. How shameful and embarrasing!! Both of these former prime ministers are honourable men and political leaders. Skin colour and racial cmposition must never be criteria to determine suitability for political office in St.Lucia.

  11. Disgusting and derogatory comments coming from a man of his standing with Sir attached to his name is insulting.
    What is it with these black men, first tnt PM name calling Chastanet and insulting St Lucians on high levels of crime and VF. Now this one insulting his own people.
    Maybe, he should consider telling Hilaire to put a stop to all white tourist coming on holiday and stop the cruise ships visiting St Lucia. All slave masters and their offspring not allowed to visit. See how Hilaire likes that.
    You rely heavily on tourism, words have consequences. International stage full of white leaders, yet in this day and age this old timer says this. Stop calling people slave master and house slave. Cancel tourism then if that’s how you feel, see how far you get.
    Please remember, Ali visited ministers recently. He talked about the importance of being inclusive, blood ties, unity and working together.
    A man of this gentleman’s standing should know better. He has given an insight into his mindset and appears very comfortable saying what he did.

  12. Isn’t this the same man who throw away a workers livelihood and said he had a slavery mentality? I’m not the least bit surprised by this arrogant man who bowed to the queen in accepting his knighthood. You are just a little more scuttle than Richard but both of you habour resentment for anyone who’s pigmentation is not the same as yours. If Chastenet is white so too is Kenny, the man you served under.
    On the caller who called for the assassination of Chastenet, I think the police needs to effect an arrest as soon as possible. Richard allowed the caller to go to far before both he and Calixte attempted to make some kind of nuance. After they had stopped the caller, later they both endorsed the remarks in a subtle way. We really don’t need such characters in the political sphere in St Lucia. If Pierre thinks it is in his favor, he better think again.

  13. I fully support Calixte. Ring The Bell said openly he rather a white man to be his prime Minister than a black man. Isn’t that endorsing yourself as a slave to the white man? During slavery, there was no black man as Steve Master, it was white men only. Now UWP supporters are behaving similar to house slaves and they are.

  14. Sir Calixte , you are biggest house slave of them all , they honored you for your years of mouth and balls. Last I remembered Kenny’s family was one of few families who owned or still own lands in Dennery dating back into slavery. They won’t tell you. And Richard , Loco is only a call away, you still owing idiot. And the prize of them all S. King , the Lucian POWER BOTTOM😂😂😂😂. Chastnet another clown in the circus. E. Hilaire you just not trust worthy. Show me the person who trust this leprechaun…. Question where is Alva . This is most silence I heard of southern constituencies , I thought Pierre was your boy. Silence says a lot. Spider accept it you have been punked by Bae bae , just embarrassing all the seasoning they give you. People wake up , they are just here to distract you . You can’t compare growth against previous years . They have changed the calculation for small countries. But Down syndrome PM won’t say that he will use as a weapon. Chastnet wont mention it much because if gets into power he will manipulate it as well. Alva won’t talk about monies neither will Uwp because when the tables reverse , they will do the same thing . Their money for donating countries . Lucians wake up . Vfort gangstas they using you’ll for gentrification. Too know are culprits check out who buying the lands in vfort . Banan they using u like a clown , wake up, both parties sees the payday in vfort once developed. That’s why there no urgency to solve any crimes in vfort . We will pay for this.

  15. Let the slave talk!
    He knows what he is spewing and all it takes to do better! Is to abolished the slave mentality and inact a better wage system that will give people the spending power to move to the next phase of life..
    In the meantime! Why are we not following the Bible?
    One of the Ten things that we should not do is to kill another Human being..
    Well! Are we?
    Asking for myself,
    Inquiring minds wants to know?

  16. Sir Calixte George’s recent remarks suggest a failure to transcend the specter of racism, despite his age and extensive experience. Having resided and worked in predominantly black Caribbean nations, one would expect a nuanced understanding of the past without succumbing to its shackles. However, his diatribe seems more aligned with a divisive political agenda than genuine discourse.

    The pivotal role of tourism in the region necessitates a forward-looking approach, yet Sir George’s tirade appears rooted in antiquated grievances. By reducing complex issues to a simplistic narrative of racial animosity, he undermines legitimate concerns and perpetuates a cycle of distrust.

    It’s disheartening to witness Sir George’s descent into partisan politics, forsaking the intellectual diversity he likely encountered during his academic pursuits. Rather than engaging in constructive dialogue on pressing national issues, he opts for inflammatory rhetoric that serves only to deepen societal rifts.

    Moreover, Sir George’s selective silence on systemic challenges facing the nation raises questions about his motives. By sidestepping discussions on healthcare, crime, infrastructure, and corruption, he exposes his complicity in deflecting attention from governance failures.

    In the midst of mounting criticism, Sir George’s allegiance to the Labour Party and personal vendettas outweighs his commitment to genuine progress. His silence speaks volumes, revealing a willingness to sacrifice integrity for political expediency.

    In conclusion, Sir Calixte George’s recent outbursts highlight the danger of weaponizing race for political gain. Rather than fostering unity and addressing substantive issues, he perpetuates division and distraction. It’s time for Sir George to reassess his priorities and engage in meaningful dialogue for the betterment of all.

  17. I must state that I have respect for Calixte George. However, for a man of his caliber to stoop to name calling, it rather shameful. The UWPees and well as the SLPees have a right to operate their respective parties as they please even if that involves giving the leader all the power, he/she wants. That does not make the members house or field slaves.
    Caliste George should be the last person to make such a statement because:
    (1) He was happy to serve under Kenny Anthony whose white grandfather was a slave master.
    (2) He accepted a knighthood from the head of the colonial power that enslaved our people.
    Again, it shows the negative influence of Federick. I don’t think that Caliste George to stoop to such a low if he was not on that low class, name-calling, confusion-setting programme. But I am still disappointed in Caliste George.

  18. When is the government in power, going to make a minimum wage in St Lucia. Come on it’s we’ll pass the time to be asking for this.

  19. Aha, the truth Sir Calixte said is burning the uwps. My advice to the uwps is to come out of this mentality.

  20. We always knew the SLP had a crude, parochial, insular and racist view with regard to their ‘right’ to run the country.
    In a way therefore it was no surprise how easily they attached themselves to the psychologically sick and low class individual in their midst. And sick indeed he is , to the point that even pointing out his failings is like water off a ducks back. Evil does not recognize itself.
    But I must say that it is surprising that Calixte
    George , unlike Kenny Anthony, has also chosen to follow that dirty path. At his age to think that in order to be relevant to the ruling clique he debases himself and his family and takes the same line as the evil in his party. That is such a pity and shows that there is indeed a flow of corruption running through the arteries of this country.


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