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Pierre Saddened, At His ‘Wits’ End’ Over Violent Crime Surge


On Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre expressed sadness and outrage over Saint Lucia’s violent crime surge resulting in thirty homicides so far in 2024.

The National Security Minister said he was at his wits’ end and would listen to anyone who believes they have the answer.

“If anybody can tell me they can be the Minister of National Security and stop what’s happening now; I will give them the post,” Pierre stated.

“Tell me what to do, write me what to do, give me proof of what you are going to do,” the PM said.

His comments came hours after police announced a probe into the discovery of a body with apparent gunshot wounds in Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

Investigators identified the deceased as Antonio Theodore.

Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Pierre said he was saddened because young people are losing their lives and some parts of the country are attracting stigma.

“What goes out to the public, what goes out of the country doesn’t sound good,” Pierre lamented.

“I am outraged and I am at my wits’ end as to what’s happening,” he stated.

Pierre reiterated that his administration continues to give the police all the resources it can.

He asserted that the scale of the resources was unprecedented.

“We are trying all possible crime suppression tools we can use,” the Castries East MP told reporters.

In addition, he spoke of attempts to get young people involved in businesses through the Youth Economy Agency and moves to reeducate young parents to address family issues.

“I have also said that anyone, absolutely anyone who can tell me what must I do to halt the nature of gun violence in Saint Lucia, I will do it,” Pierre told reporters.

He observed that the crime scourge seemed to be enveloping the entire region.

“That’s not an excuse, but it’s a fact,” the PM declared.

“The truth is, we have an issue that we have to get together to solve,” Pierre noted.

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  1. 1. Pray to God and Lean not on your own foolish understanding.
    2. Listen to what God tells You!
    3. Fire yourself from Post as you are failing
    4. Get international aid for security
    5 Double your Spending on Security ( use funds from Lucelec)

  2. Honestly of PJP had not spoken so much i would hv definitely cast a vote for him, but everytime this man talk and i read over what he says, it’s like he not genuine and he laughing in the background. Like u on the phone telling someone stuff and making funny faces on the other end papishowing the perosn.
    One time he won’t listen to anyone not even the opposition next minute, next minute he wants to hear from anyone. 1 minute SLP gv all the answers next minute Ohh he doesn’t hv the answers, we talking about V Fort and the isolated issues there he talking about the region. SMLH

  3. Gassa
    Here is free advice. Put some deterrence in place. You eh have none, Mr Security Guru.
    No bail for gunslingers. Stop their flow back into society. Lease a warehouse and reinforce it. Hire some guards and put your surplus prisoners in there.

    This time my advice is free.

  4. A complete shut down for 48 hours where crime is escalating and a thorough search if ea h household. Getting police from all countries to support.

  5. A complete shut down for 48 hours where crime is escalating and a thorough search in each household. Getting police from all countries to support.

  6. First of all as PM you asking this. Yet hold highest position n are a blind robot. But to give ya something maybe start here:

    1. BCF is a playground. They get it good. That needs to change along with the dirty officers allowing things thru. Legalize marijuana n don’t waste the space in there for non violent offenses. Allow a certain number of farmers to grow for wholesale n distribution n the citizens allowed to grow there own if of age for personal use. Collect your taxes n save the space in BCF for the real criminals.

    2. The ones ya hold for drunk rah rah or domestic things you have a section there where they have there common area for meals n rec.

    3. Any violent crime or guns, ammo n such no bail and segregated units locked down w a hour a day to bathe n stretch. Eat sleep shit n stay behind bars all day. Do your investigations right. Secure area rather then allow people to pass destroy evidence and get there videos. You know who involved so first illegal firearm mandatory 5 yrs, 2nd carry 25. Case of homicide life.

    So put the proper snipers in place n no warning shots if you fucking around. Cause right now them youths have no fear in so called police. Make em learn. Ya need real detectives to do the real deal n solve this shit fast. Maybe ask for outside training n wean out the weak.

    Do the right thing n hold any violent offenders no bail n privileges. Make em learn n hard on them. Leave the people growing there herb n doing there hustle alone. Find a way to make that a positive for all. Promise ya rum more dangerous than weed. Patrol your roads for drunk drivers especially in evenings or after frets n boat rides. Or the next accident waiting or worse.

    But tomorrow probably next one and lemme guess “under investigation” you as PM need to know that.

  7. Pierre you clown, no one has the answers to the crime problem in slu. Do not expect a person off the street to provide you with a solution. This is not going to happen. What the have are collective ideas to solve the problem. They might have to play chess along the way while they try to mitigate the crime problem.
    Your first mistake was to reject the opposition’s ideas. Your response was seasoned with politics, you idiot. At this point, who cares who gets the credit. The objective is to mitigate crimes in slu.
    You should stop asking for things you do not want. You know very well you will not accept it from the opposition – idiot

  8. The data can provide us with insights on what actions to take. Two years ago, I analyzed the crime data (that I had access to online) and it appeared that crime rates increased not necessarily due to low employment or specific political parties, but rather because of reported incidents of people threatening each other. Ideally, if authorities intervene promptly when these threats occur, it could help reduce crime. We should focus on training both the police force and the public on effective communication strategies. This is a crucial starting point.

    *Society also needs to prioritize the value of life.

  9. Is this real ? Let me see what spin Lucia Lowgrade and CO will put on this because this is an admission that the minister of security has given up and does not know what to do.

  10. And another fact is your words betray your actions. You call for anyone with ideas and solutions to come forward yet, you blatantly refused the opposition help on fighting crime. Why are you letting crime be a political issue when it takes every hand on deck to deal with it? The issue with Pierre is he is obviously incapable of dealing with the situation….he is actually putting his hand up saying, I don’t know what to do..then saying crime a regional thing..he ain’t looking for excuses, it’s a fact….but how can you make such a statement when communities are being destroyed, families are being devastated, young men are being buried by their parents….it’s a situation unique to Saint Lucia, and saying it’s happening everywhere is no comfort to those who face the consequences… atleast I give you kudos for finally admitting your ineffectiveness and incompetence….that I give you..

  11. Well what can we do so much try and change the mindset of the people.crime is growing everywhere not just St.Lucia. first of all the prison don’t have anything to help inmates. No classes, no skill teaching,no library, nothing.1
    2. people have to learn how to adjust. Food get more expensive so learn how to grow your own food,look for animals ,buy a boat so food won’t be a problem no more.
    3.people have to learn how to spend money.
    U buy what you need and not what you want.
    In other words you do what’s most important and always save as small as it may be it Will help you later on.
    4.People of St.Lucia please invest your money it will be better for you and the country, working one job won’t pay all your bills it’s only killing your slowly. Open small businesses instead of buying vehicles,life is not about what you spend , it’s about what you save.
    5.Note Most important.
    Life is an Individual journey.
    Something to think about.

  12. The crime scourge is not enveloping the whole region Pierre. In Barbados there were 4 murders for the year and crime generally is low. There are other islands with low crime rates as well.

  13. When found guilty the need to choose two members of they immediate families to face the death penalty with them so now the will think long and hard before killing some one

  14. Peep was desperate for power and made a deal with the devil because he thought we wouldn’t win the elections. That devil is dragging this country into the abyss. Shame on you Peep.

  15. Pm, put Richard’s office in chanty town. “Can I help you too”. And let see if he can use that bully energy wisely. Secondly you must not recycle criminals for bail money. Thirdly, you need to bring real employment in the south. We are port of st lucia .Chas gave investment land for nothing but he was trying something. Project stop, ok but what hv you replaced it with and the landing is just sitting der. Come on guys the tax payers money is not just to allow y’all to sit on your behind and do nothing. ( both parties) lastly, if there is drugs it attracts crime, we all know that. Create good paying jobs and let see what the results will can bring companies that make solar panels for example. I bet you the production cost would be less in st lucia and they can sell most of them right here in the Caribbean because we hv favorable conditions for use all year round. Let me see if you’re listing or just putting on a show. Lots of advice hv been given be mine also

  16. I join with you Honorable PM to ask which country in the World does not engage in 😈 evil (crime)
    Who did stop the crime while the shoppers in Sydney Australie, where more than six got killed in a buissness place market, following a few days many got killed in a church ❓
    Consider this,if we depend on the leg of Pierre and look for strength on his flesh,we will be cut up like this :
    Near by in a bush was a 🦁 lion waiting for it prey, while two animals engage in a battle not knowing the danger awaiting them, while countinuing their fight,one was cut supprisingly…

  17. You have several Lucians whose great great grand parents never spent 1 day in school, and then the great grand parents also never spent 1 day and then the grand parents, then parents and then children and the cycle continues – let’e be honest – how do you fix decades of illiteracy and ignorance. This makes a perfect combination and breading ground for criminals. This cycle has to be broken by a generation within the same family structure who decides that they do not want to live in this manner. Godspeed

  18. The prime minister need to wake up! Only the children from rich families get to be involved in swimming, I think there are children from poor families who can be great swimmers as well, but who can finance them in the schools. Last time I viewed the competition representatives from St. Lucia, and it’s sad the government is not helping the poor children to get opportunities to excel in swimming. That’s one way to solve crime.

  19. It’s very unfortunate to read the STUPID comments that we as a nation are suffering from. We have absolutely no idea who’s next but instead of giving some thoughtful suggestions some people are actually REJOICING on the situation. Carry on FAIR HELEN see how far we’re gonna end up with our PEANUT BRAINS

  20. PM Pierre it doesn’t make any sense debating some of these fools because they believe crime is an on and off switch. A cop can’t be on every corner to stop this systematic gun violence before the week is out you will hear of another reprisal shooting for the last two shootings in Bruceville police or no police it’s going down. Jamaica already clocking over 300 gun murders and they have a police force of 20 thousand plus army and the latest toys from Uncle Sam. The latest FBI report has stated what I have stated for the longest our own are the ones fueling gun violence 95 percent of guns entering Haiti are coming out of South Florida same for Jamaica the same for St Lucia so it difficult to fight gun violence when you are dealing with the enemy within which is your own people. It will not get better trashy UWP, have you noticed all they do is bark about crime but they never go in front a mic or camera with a 10 point plan of how they intend to reduce it NOTHING. Some have suggested why don’t you buy outside help, yeah just bring someone here that does not understand our way of life and culture yeah that will work fools.

  21. I told you so. Pierre was never the man to solve St. Lucia’s crime problem. Even though he attended lots of meetings, peacock in public and made pretensions, I saw through him. He made remarks and statements that someone who is schooled would know it’s flawed. For goodness sakes, the man couldn’t even tell the difference between tactics and strategy.

    In a way, it’s a good thing that Pierre has admitted defeat. This sets the ball rolling for someone competent. Our only hope that he doesn’t interfere too much if he hires a professional. While he is at it, I hope he scraps that Crime Prevention position he recently conjured. Poyotte’s playschool gig has to end. Hand the whole kit and caboodle to a professional.

    Pierre’s failure was written in stone a long time ago. His inability to comprehend that he doesn’t have deterrence in place sounded the knell. No one is scared. Another crucial factor is that he never passed laws that would prohibit bail for people caught with illegal weapons. The effects of this failure allowed gunmen to return to their communities, create more instability after rearming. Had Pierre sent the message that once an illegal gun was discovered, the owner was halfway to prison, it would have helped a little. When your security head blurt there is no prison space, in a country with serious crime problem, you know that you are in deep trouble. He is clueless of solutions.

  22. Finally Pierre has admitted that he is a failure. The man is literally begging anyone, vagrants as well to come tell him what to do and he will hand over the Security of the Country to them. I know for a fact that all this is bull because he would never listen to the UWP, more so Chastenet.
    I will give you one piece of advice but I don’t want your job. Make Richard Frederick Minister of National Security. He and his birds of a feather will flock together and maybe reduce the crime rate.

  23. Coming Destruction !!
    Gather up your belonings to live the land.
    The objects of mockery, worthless, when their judgement comes,they will perish !
    But let him who boasts boast about this : that he understands and know me, that I am the LORD, who exercice kindness,⚖️ justice and Rigtheousness on earth, for in these I delight…
    The Word of GOD ❗
    “What is my beloved doing in my temple reading the word of God,as she works out her evil 😈 schemes with many ????

    This is what the LORD Almighty says :
    “Consider now ! Call for the 😭wailing women to come ;send for the most skillful of them..
    Let them come quickly and wail over us till our eyes overflowed 😭 with tears and streams from our eyelids..
    The sound of wailing is heard from the St Lucia 🇱🇨,
    ‘How ruined we are !
    How great is our shame !
    We must leave the land because our houses are ruins..
    Now,O women,hear the words of the LORD ;open your ears to the words of his mouth..
    Teach your daughters how to wail,teach one another a lament.
    DEATH has climbed in through our windows,say,
    “This is what the LORD declares :
    “The dead bodies of men will lie like refuse on an open field, like cut grain behind the reaper, with no one to gather them…
    followed by Jeremiah 11
    The words of the LORD…

  24. How is he at his wit’s end already when there are so many possible solutions that have not been implemented or tried yet. As a leader of the country, what kind of message are you really sending? What about amending the legislation to impose steeper penalties for violent crimes or possession of illegal weapons? Why not reevaluate our methods of deterrance which are clearly failing. Whatever happened to the Escalated Crime Area designation? Forgotten about? What about tackling the crime issue in a preventative manner as well? Education on anger management, empathy and emotional intelligence within schools and communities. So many possibilities yet the PM is at his wit’s end and given up already. This man is a joke.

  25. Of course Pierre has not a clue what to do about crime and for two reasons.
    Firstly these inept incompetents in Cabinet did not come into office with a blueprint. They have historically only known how to campaign for elections by vilifying others and causing confusion in the voting population. Their approach to politics over the past 50 years has put St Lucia back 2 decades economically. Both while in power and opposition. Their agenda has not been the citizens agenda but just their own self agrandizement and filling their pockets. They quarrel, appeal to the worst character of St Lucians, hype up hatred and now racism , get into power and proceed to plunder the country. So they had no plans or the skillset to manage and solve the problem of crime or corruption. They will not miraculous gain that competence.

    Secondly the stench of corruption and criminality pervades Cabinet. Every St Lucian is aware of the claims of interference in the judicary, the connections to drugs, money laundering, underselling of government property, land deals, back room deals , no bid government contracts and more. There is a complete lack of character and a venal backbone in the SLP leadership. THEREFORE how can they deal with crime and corruption when they represent that very component of our society. How can they deal with that which they are a very part of?
    So we are faced with intractable facts of a government without the vision, plans or skillset to get us out of this corrupt cycle both because of their agenda and lack of character.

  26. Instead of blaming the government for issues that demand personal accountability, we must acknowledge our own responsibility for our actions. Violence often stems from fear, cowardice, insecurity, and jealousy. It’s time to take ownership of our behavior, let go of anger, and simply focus on living.

    The young men don’t realize how important they are in society. While they look for purpose they get confused and caught up with things that cause their own detriment. If you kill, most likely you will die young man. Live and let live.

  27. Pierre this is what you should do Call up Francis and offer him back his old job oh yeah he was the best thing since hot bread for St Lucia and that would shut them up immediately. I have the popcorn LET GAMES BEGIN.

  28. @Think, I am a law abiding citizen, I cannot purchase a bullet proof vest nor can I easily get a firearm to protect myself from gangsters so please stop making excuses for the authorities.

  29. @oh Really. How is the government to blame for people killing people? People are asked to be accountable for their own actions. What does that have to do with you? We can continue to blame others but there will be no real solution if we don’t try to fix our own actions.

  30. @Next, is it my job to make life harder for the criminals or the authorities? Do not be simple minded here, successive governments are responsible for allowing the situation to fester. Do you think that begging criminals and people with evil intent will work, because for the most part I do not. The problem is, there are no reprocussions for crime in this country from small crimes like traffic violations to very serious ones like murder. The police are also covering for each other, they cannot even investigate their own people. The government should have cleaned up the force before heavily investing in it, get an outside department responsible for oversight.

  31. A bunch of simple minded nonsense. “Oh Mr Bad Man Please Stop Doing Bad Things, Please”. We have a leader saying he cannot figure it out. What happen to the security cameras? What happen to the after school programs, what happen to rapid action units stationed near hot zones ?

    We make excuses and say there are not enough police officers but you can setup cameras strategically and then have patrols in the unmonitored areas.

  32. Mr. Prime Minister, on a serious note: do you think that that hv gone to the table to bring up ideas that would hv criminals think twice? If I see you explore all your options then I can say you hv done your part but you hv a criminals thinking that bail money is more important to you than the safety of our people. Set your standards high. A little 10 grand and I out on bail for illegal gun possession. You must be kidding me. Bro do your job. I so mad der

  33. Anon April 17, 2024 At 12:55 pm

    Well said. The rot starts in Cabinet. Think about if for a second. Kenny Anthony stated clearly he will not serve in a cabinet with a certain character. That character was under scrutiny by the US government and had their visa revoked. That character is notorious for various other reasons. Why in God’s name will Pierre include this character in government? Are we mad to elect this character as a representative? Or is it representative of the mindset of the people?

  34. you can start with the police force and root out the criminals in there. some of them tipping off the criminals out there every time the police is about to go on a mission

  35. Instead the prime minister do what’s needed to help crime in thia country he goes around talking nonsense in hope citizens will feel sorry for him when he’s actually doing nothing that’s going to help
    first tgings he needs to do is excuse himself from the national security portfolio and hire someone with law enforcement and security background then he needs to stop giving out government contracts to known criminal elements in thia country then untied the handa of the police and the justice system until he’s ready to do thia he needs to shut up

  36. I swear everytime our “PM” speaks the dumber he sounds. This post is not for him. We need someone with intelligence and confidence, a leader. He needs to think before he speaks. Example, statements like “I’m not a police officer” when he is responsible for the country’s security and now he is at his “end wits”. Youre basically firing yourself. Let go and let someone who can restore the countries confidence and take control.


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