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Police Probe Castries Homicide


On Thursday, police commended a homicide investigation after the discovery of a man with apparent gunshot injuries at Faux A Chaud, Castries.

Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters in Castries learned of the incident at about 1:07 pm.

When they arrived on the scene, they found that the deceased had ‘penetrating injuries’ to the head.

There has been no official identification of the deceased, and the circumstances surrounding the incident were not immediately apparent.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 31 homicides in 2024.

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  1. The magic number for now is 31. Imagine in less than 14 weeks the island has recorded a total of 31 homicides. Who do we blame ? This is not a blaming game or even pointing fingers. There is work to be done and we need to start immediately. Tomorrow is too late to start – we need to start today. We are in need of all hands on deck.
    We definitely need a system which requires an overhaul. We need our laws to change to protect the citizens of today. We need a government which is focus on making changes so we can get control of the crime situation. We need a PM who is ready to lead the charge to help mitigate the crime situation in SLU. We have had too much blood shed and too many lives have been taken away due to crime violence. Families and friends have shared too much tears. If we are to use those tears, we can probably create a swimming pool. Something is not correct and needs to be addressed immediately.

    When will the PM get serious about Crime – Just asking for a friend.

  2. The PM should understand that he cannot go on public record and state that he is at his wits end and open to ideas from anyone about solving crime. Doesn’t that give the impression that you don’t have a clue and have thrown in the towel? Statements like those only serve to embolden the criminals. This country needs new direction. Tired of the old has beens recycling themselves through election after election into government positions with nothing new to offer. We need new political parties, new faces with new approaches. This needs to happen sooner rather than later, otherwise this country is finished.

  3. A famous 20th Century leader, in delivering a World War II speech, wisely said words to this effect, “Together we shall build this world, or together we shall perish in its flames”! There is much truth in those wise words. Unless as individual Lucians we all play our part in solving our social ills, our country will be swallowed alive by the beast of crime, violence and social diseases. Each of us must be “a committee of one” who is committed to cultivating a mindset of personal responsibility to God, to self and to fellow citizens! Each of us must say no to sin –whether murder, adultery, stealing, lying, coveting — hand-in-hand with having reverence for God! As individuals, we must all repent of our sins and turn to live lives that truly reflect love for God, and love for one another! Jesus Christ, who gave His life so that humanity can be forgiven, and also live in accordance with God’s will for us to love God, love ourselves, and love our neighbour, will heal our land if we dare to obey Him in accordance with what I have stated in this post. The choice is ours. Ler’s stop pointing the finger and let’s stop making excuses! The way out of our mess is Jesus Christ! HE IS THE WAY, THE LIFE, AND THE TRUTH! Wake up, Lucians. Together we can make the difference that will truly exalt this nation. Or together we will continue down the path of wickedness and doom that will bring reproach to us all! Wake up, Lucians! Time is running out!

  4. Americans who read about the crime situation that your government seems unable to do anything about will go elsewhere for vacations. That is very sad and will have a bad economic impact. I have been there eight times but would not set foot on your island now.

  5. No one in Government is Talking about the Crime problem in St.Lucia .They refuse to Revisit the Criminal Code of St.Lucia on Unlicensed Firearms and Ammunition Too many Illegal Guns in St.Lucia .Too many Gangs .Too many Drug Barons .The District Rep have not Commented its his Constituancy .Talk about other Issues and Throw Remarks for one another and the Country Crime is beyond Repair .This is Really Shit in St.Lucia .When No International Flights and No Cruise Vessels will be Coming to St .Lucia then Everyone will know what time it is .This is. Really Shit in St.Lucia

  6. Lol. Are u all surprised. Thing is ppl are not saying that we cyah hv murders etc. but the PM SEEMS LIKE HE EH CARE AT ALL.

  7. The PM Should leave before it gets worst..
    Pay a decent wage of not less than $10+ per as the wage system…

  8. @Truth Be Told – I agree with your post – the evil which continues in St. Lucia to this day on every level (voodoo, obeah, adultery, envy, criminality, hatred etc. etc. etc.) I have seen footage of vendors in the early morning hours sprinkling mess on other vendors doorstep – what a sick society. If these issues are not addressed sooner that later – it will lead the nation DIRECTLY into the abyss.

    True story – my father in law committed adultery his whole life – he died like a dog. We all reap what we sow and that’s reality. Whether you do good or evil – you are basically sealing your fate, therefore the choice is yours…do the math.

  9. SLU is a beautiful place but the violent crime is a real deterrent for tourists and expats. Please use a common sense to nip the gangbangers in the bud. Legalize, tax, and export the good weed – it grows there good, everyone is growing and smoking it anyway, just put away the criminals. If someone has a few plants for self-use on their property or has a couple buds one them to smoke for the day – them leave them alone, but if someone gets: a) caught with gun and lots of weed give them 10 year minimum, 2) if caught with illegal gun 10 year minimum, 3) caught with any narcotics other than weed 10 year minimum. Just do this and SLU is a paradise again…

  10. @ Truth be told:- Be blessed my brother, keep telling the truth.
    @ Shaddy:- I think you may be onto something here.

    The Good Lord has given the Spirit of ‘Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding’ to the ones who know the WORD, and try to live by it; I will try my best to explain to you what the Good Lord has showed me; from the beginning, “this Island of St. Lucia was always a blessed Land to live, work and be a somebody, but sadly the enemy of all men and that of my KINGDOM was allowed to enter by sin; Idol worship, witchcraft, Voodoo, obiah but mostly, sin of the flesh, hate, envy, greed etc. etc.” With lust for power and wealth to be gotten by any means rather than honestly working for it, is evil in my sight……
    May I ask, what is wrong with LOVE FOR EACH OTHER, LOVE FOR THE LORD, LOVE FOR HIS KINGDOM WHICH IS VERY NEAR COMING. Pray for St. Lucia and for each other. Be Blessed.


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