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3 Teenagers Rushed To Hospital After Castries Stabbings


Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) personnel rushed three male teenagers to the hospital following separate stabbing incidents in Castries on Friday.

The victims are between 16 and 18 years old.

According to reports, the stabbings occurred on Chisel Street, Chaussee Road and Jeremie Street.

The injuries sustained by the teenagers were believed to be non-life-threatening.

Officials suspect that the stabbings were linked to the Sixx and Seven gang culture imported from Trinidad and Tobago.

Police are investigating the incidents.

Photo: File image


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  1. The devil has been given a foothold in this country because we fail to love and serve God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength! Our people gravitate towards godlessness of every form — violence, murders, adultery, stealing,lying, coveting, etc. This nation is headed into full desastre u less there is individual and collective repentance, and a turnaround to serve the Almighty God!

  2. This is actually quite easy to fix, you just need the laws and the police to do their job. No loitering, and curfews for people below a certain age. If any of those are violated you are detained over night and if you’re a repeat offender, after a specific threshold you’re remanded to a juvenile detention centre for an extended period of time, where you will undergo retraining, ie learn to be a contributing and respectful citizen. But as with most things the motivation to accomplish it is first required.

    Otherwise we’re facing another crisis that this time threatens the future of this country.

  3. When will these idiots learn not to be followers and instead be positive game changers in society. Honestly this is an issue for their parents to solve and sadly some of the parents are also in need of help (children having children). Godspeed

  4. Today Sunday, the Day of the LORD, at their age I used to be at Church.
    Now at their age, they’ve started with knives, tomorrow they’ll probably graduate to Guns and murder. Now what’s this nonsense about Gang method imported from Trinidad? there was this woman from Trinidad who came to St. Lucia to conduct an International Witches Conference. Why do we have to put up with everything nasty, unholy, dangerous and insulting from other Lands? the P.M. from over there once called an elected member of ours [ like him or not ] a Caribbean Trump. They insult us, some think its funny. Today its imported Gang-Land ideas, tomorrow it could be Haiti stile Government. So to break this yoke & bondage, there’s one way only – HIS NAME IS JESUS – no other name is as powerful, just have faith and believe, praise His Holy Name.

  5. The degradation of this country laid bare. On every street corner of our Capital we see another ghetto or block. We are on the precipice. Not much preventing us from getting to the point beyond which we can be saved.

  6. People are bring children in the world with out any parenting skills. The parents of some of the young people are uneducated and lack skills . The fathers of the young people are not setting the example .. The fathers are Seatingon a block smoking crack cocaine, weed and drink bounty rum and talking bad about people who are doing better than them .

  7. I have four boys and I removed them from St Lucia a long time ago. That was the best decision i made for them i swear Jah knows from since back then I saw the decline in the morals I grew up with, where you respected your elders or else… where we were in doors by 6pm no ifs buts or maybe, where all of us in Castries were friends on the basketball courts, vigie beach Sundays, football Mindoo Phillips Park, pigeonpoint it was fun back then greasy pole yoo.. wam to these youths now a days jah jah guide our youths remove negative elements Inna the youths minds jah send forth your angels and fight every demonic spirit that creates chaos in our youths life for we know we are not fighting flesh only jah but spiritual wickedness in high and low places in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

  8. Boy ah tell yuh em lucians is real dunce in trinidad 6 and 7 is not a gang it is 2 different studio

    D gang is Muslim n rasta so yall saying 6 and 7 gang import from trini
    Dunce yall dunce

  9. I watched a documentary along with interviews of members of the 6 group in Trinidad and it was stated by the members that 6 SIX is actually about consciousness and creating music and not a gang.

    Some Lucians have always had bad behavior and are wannabes – everything which happens in St. Lucia is blamed on someone else or another country. Let’s be honest – some of you Lucians are DESTRUCTIVE to self, family and country – take ownership and stop blaming everyone or every place.

  10. Listen to the religious zealotsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…come up with something more ( may I suggest ) proper parenting, community parenting, or mentors for problem children ….the religious zealots rather call on the lord…..well why don’t you fanatics do your duty and call on the lord to intervene yourselves…. obviously your efforts are fruitless because it exactly what it is .. fruitless endeavours…keep fasting and praying…. pointless will be your vain efforts….


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