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Chastanet Calls Out Pierre Over SJH Cost


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has called out Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, regarding the estimated cost of completing St. Jude Hospital (SJH).

A release from Chastanet’s office accused Pierre and his cabinet of a persistent pattern of public deception.

The complete release appears below:

The Office of the Leader of the Opposition expresses deep concern over Prime Minister Philip J Pierre’s recent denial regarding the estimated cost of completing St. Jude Hospital.

Despite the Prime Minister’s assertion, information from the 2024/2025 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, specifically on page 659, unmistakably reveals that the government has indeed estimated the total cost of the project to be $265 million!

This blatant contradiction between official government documents and public statements raises serious questions about the integrity and transparency of the administration. Why would the Prime Minister mislead the country about such a critical matter?

The completion of St. Jude Hospital is not merely a financial concern; it represents a lifeline for our citizens’ health and well-being. Any attempts to downplay or obscure the true cost of this project are unacceptable and undermine the public’s trust in our government.

As stewards of public trust, it is incumbent upon the Prime Minister and his administration to provide honest and transparent communication regarding matters of public interest, particularly those involving significant taxpayer funds and essential public services.

The persistent pattern of public deception exhibited by Prime Minister Pierre and his cabinet is deeply troubling. The Leader of the Opposition urges the Prime Minister to honor the principles of accountability and truthfulness in governance, as he pledged while in opposition.

SOURCE: Office of the Leader of the Opposition

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  1. Why do the Prime Minister give you that information .You Spent Millions. Upon Millions the Pm Don’t have to give you no information .I find you out of place

  2. Honestly, I’m tired of hearing and reading about Chastanet.
    Is it only now you know about honesty?

  3. Why am I not surprised that someone would read out of context and not get the msg but come out and talk this nonsense.

  4. @Mweh mem, these are the same ignorant fools who vote for these politicians every election. All they do is drink alcohol, smoke and listen to loud garbage music, destroying their brain cells and any sense of understanding.

  5. Tropical Trump you need to keep quiet and let the government do the job that the people elected them to do why you did not enact a minimum wage or increase the pension of pensioners who was earning 300 a month you are a wicked and deceitful man hope you lose the micoud south seat in 26

  6. Chas, the cost you are referring to, is the 9 million for the foundation which was estimated for 3 million included? Is the 118 million spent on the box included?
    Oh by the way, how many passports did you sell during your reign in office? Why do you refuse to let the nation know?

  7. I think both leaders should be put before the ICC or CCJ for crimes against humanity. Reason being, both leaders have not only display but assured it citizens for their own personal agenda and vendetta, make the people suffer too long. I will personally write the GBWR to see if this can fit a place on the record. Look at the 100s of millions of dollars spend on this project so numerous politicians got so rich off this project both directly and by proxy. Yet one is all one a snake and one saying the other is a cockroach.

  8. St.lucians forget very very fast and they can be bribed easily, this very same Chastanet along with his ministers were given two (2) cracks at the SJH project, with funds from various agencies at their disposal but to no avail, this country allows too much nonsense before wolf is called (opinion).

  9. Has the stolen materials and the heavy equipements which were taken away, after the defeat of the opposition the following day after élection day,by a particular guy in Wolf clothing ????


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