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Stakeholders Discuss Proposed Reduit Beach Park

Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire, recently attended a meeting with stakeholders at Reduit Beach alongside a team from Invest Saint Lucia to discuss a proposed beach park for that area.
“During the meeting small business owners from the area made thorough inquiries into the proposed changes. The discussions were productive and constructive,” he said.
The proposed beach park is intended to provide more comfortable arrangements for beach users and entrepreneurs who operate businesses in the area.
The Atlas Group plans to include the development of the beach area as part of the A’ila Resort and Spa tourist development in Mount Pimard.

Atlas Group Company is an international construction group with a history in the hospitality sector in the USA. It specializes in master development, satellite city development, and infrastructure projects such as roads, sewage, and treatment plants.

The Government of Saint Lucia, through Invest Saint Lucia aims to provide avenues for local service providers to establish viable economic linkages that will nourish the local economy.

SOURCE: Government Information Service

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  1. Are you kidding me ….SLP you now gave these same people all that land on the other side of the beach by GI side as well for this A ila resort!,,,, mamaaaaa woiiii smph wTF this is like cabot!!!…. SmPH! We have no water cap estate past sandals golf course where co Williams fixing roads now thankfully! Where is our Wasco Pipe water why is Wasco nota prominent figure in yo protocol and instilling a desalination department!….. why is nobody doing this?……. No water cap over a week , 2 months Dec Jan no water is this goin to be the same fkuin thing again bc of jazz what did I tell you !,,,,,,smph WASCO send water to residence up north not just hotels wasting 80,000 to 200,000 Gallons a day!,,in golf courses…,,,

  2. As long as SLU does not turn out to be like Jamaica where MOST public beaches are not really public and a fee is charged to the locals to use it. it should be free always no matter what amenities you put there. Any Jamaicans in the house today?????

  3. @zitz I won’t mind a beach fee to government to pay for the upkeep and cleaning as well as for security patrols.

  4. @Big Zitz on your forehead…. I don’t mind paying a small fee if it’s going directly to the upkeep of the beach, someone to clean the beach, empty the trash cans, toilet facilities, a little outdoor Stan pipe to wash up yourself or a security to prevent horse riding on the beach Jamaica is doing the right thing that’s why some of our beach here dutty so. They have a roast here they throw garbage on the beach they use the toilet on the beach here all kind of slackness fellows riding horses on the beach real fast they don’t care.

  5. This project is putting local people out of business! And the “wellness center” will contribute NOTHING to the economy of St. Lucia. The “guests” will not be leaving the center because they will be here for medical procedures. They plan a helicopter pad right in the water over the reef! This is one of our last local beaches and it will no longer be ours alone. Marie’s Fish Shack has been there for 46 years, and there will be vendor huts built and she will have one of them, BUT she will have to pay rent! Beach chair vendors will be out of business. And government already pays people to clean up the beach! And Royalton is building a new hotel on the Mystique and Starfish stretch of beach. The entire stretch of Reduit beach will no longer exist as our own local beach. So sad that government is letting their own greed take so much away from the St. Lucian people! We don’t have much left that is ours. Hotels get water deliveries while the people go without water for weeks and months! My heart breaks.

    PEOPLE KEEP the pressure and demand your worth..

  7. The general public should be included. Where is the space if I don’t want or can’t afford to rent a chair 🙁

  8. “Stakeholders” = Rich Reduit Residents cause me with my stall on the beach was not consulted

  9. My heart bleeds for SLU …!
    Nothing on this rock seems to be sacred anymore!
    Why not implement a RECREATION PARK for St Lucians to enjoy the last vestiges of their island home.
    If the tables were turned – this present admin would be braying all over the place. But they know, we will stay quiet and accept their nonsense.


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