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Venezuela Upset After U.S. Navy Jets Overfly Guyana

Venezuela has condemned an exercise in which two United States Navy jets overflew Guyana on Thursday.

“The Bolivarian National Armed Forces strongly reject these repeated provocations by the Southern Command, sponsored by the government of Guyana, which has assumed the role of a new North American colony,” Venezuela’s Vladimir Padrino said on X, formerly Twitter.

The United States Embassy in Guyana said the overfly of the two F/A-18F Super Hornets embarked on USS George Washington, occurred with the collaboration and approval of the Guyana government.

According to an Embassy statement, it was a friendly exercise with the Guyana Defence Force. 

“The exercise builds upon our routine security cooperation and expanding bilateral defense partnership with Guyana,” the embassy said.

The embassy disclosed that the USS George Washington and Carrier Strike Group Ten are in the region as part of a two-month transit to the Pacific. 

“During its transit, USS George Washington will conduct exercises and exchanges with longstanding defense partners to increase interoperability, build capacity, and support hemispheric security and stability,’ it noted.

However, Venezuela denounced the U.S. jet flyovers in Guyana, declaring that it violated the 2023 Argyle Declaration by Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali and his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro.

The two men met in Saint Vincent in December last year, and issued an 11-point declaration.

The declaration included a commitment to pursuing good neighborliness, peaceful coexistence, and the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Venezuela and Guyana have a longstanding border issue, stemming from Caracas’ claim to over two-thirds of its neighbour’s territory in the resource-rich Essequibo region.

The matter is currently before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

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  1. Venezuela Upset After U.S. Navy Jets “Overfly Guyana”, not Venezuela. They flew over Guyana with permission. Never appear weak to bullies.

  2. Venezuela acting like a side chick that eh know their role! Man gives his wife flowers this mother’s day and you vex! Stay in your section Venezuela!!

  3. Venezuela is like lucians mining other people business and make it a problem in the end.

  4. You may think this is somewhat a joke, but I must warn you, depending on what the ‘International Court Of Justice’ says, there are two possibilities – (1) Venezuela backs down, not capable to fight against the U.S. – (2) Venezuela waits to build up with better defense and attack equipment, with help from Putin and Cuba then go in. The best option I think is option (1). The nature of this (Tea Cup) game is Gas & Oil & multi $$$ – this is not child play, the Oil Companies have played this game for Decades all over the Globe and have won them all. Who do you think is running this show, certainly not the Governments, be it Oil, Gold or Diamonds – its the Boys at ‘Wall Street’ so don’t mess around. Make a deal 60/40; even with 40% Guyana will be better off than she is today with no blood shed; look out for Bank Accounts, the old old trick of bribery is still alive.

  5. The looney Nudge incoming, he/she must be wasting his friday night writing a whole novel to come post here.

  6. The Honourable Lucian Highgrade

    Who are you referring to here? Who is this looney nudge? Why don’t you let people post their comments without you resorting to call them names. People have a right to their comments and opinions. Give it a rest will ya? Perhaps you will do better by inviting the two presidents to your mansion to talk about peace since you seem to know it all. How about that Lucian Highgrade? Over to you ole chap.

  7. The Honourable Lucian Highgrade

    Are you a Trinidadian all of a sudden? What’s with the Fi Yuh? I thought you were St Lucian. Stop being a copycat. You still have not answered the question. Did cat get your tongue? Why the sudden silence all of a sudden Lucian Highgrade? Fi Yuh is a Trinidadian expression. We don’t speak like that in St Lucia Lucian Highgrade. Give it a rest will you? Will you be performing at the Jazz Festival this weekend? Common Jazzy boy/girl.

  8. @Ori, or maybe its a Jamaican phrase adopted by wannabes around the region.

  9. The reason for the US Navy jets provoking armed conflict between Venezuela & Guyana:

    Peaceful resolution of the Essequibo question goes against the nature & interests of the US empire! The only products available for export from the US is chaos & war; since the US deindustrialized itself in pursuit of cheap labor & to stave off the inevitable collapse of “capitalism” (as practiced by the US).

    All the around the world (Europe; Asia; Africa), despite its 900+ military bases, the US is being chased away as one would chase away flies & mosquitoes. They had to slink away in the middle of the night from Afghanistan. The attempt at regime change in Syria was stymied by Russia. The assassination attempt of Erdogan of the Republic of Türkiye was stymied by Russia. The attempt at color revolutions in Belarus & Kazakhstan were also stymied by Russia…see the pattern here?

    Yemen, a country with no navy, recently chased the “mighty” US Navy & NATO out of the Red Sea. Iran has shown the world how ineffective (read that as useless) US air defense systems are against modern armies. US military exports are only good for generating profits for arms manufacturers; they are totally useless for the tasks they were purchased for! Russia is destroying US & NATO equipment as soon as they reach distribution points in Ukraine; they cannot even make it the front lines.

    The only successful use for arms from the US is for the genocide of defenseless women & children, as evidenced by what Israel is currently doing in Gaza & the West Bank of Occupied Palestine. For the last 7 months, the US has been flying in heavy arms & bombs in Israel via the British bases in Cyprus, which have been used to kill over 100,000 Palestinians, 75% of them being innocent, defenseless women & children!

    At this point, the BRICS+ countries have coalesced now to erase US power around the globe, by setting up alternative economic structures that will isolate them from the insane economic suicide of the US and its vassal states.

    Recently, the SAHEL states in Africa have given the US eviction notices, and have requested help from Russia to enforce them. The only response from the US, so far, is to try to delay their evacuation till after their elections in November, so as to avoid shaming to the Biden misadministration (not possible to people without a conscience).

    Which brings us to Venezuela: the US has been afraid to take on Venezuela directly during the Obama, Trump & Biden mis-administrations; the shame of defeat would have been too much to bear! With their stranglehold over energy sources, via the Petro-Dollar, completely obliterated (countries are now trading oil & gas via their own currencies), the US sees Venezuela’s vast energy resources as the last available prize to prevent their empire from total collapse. The cowards want to foment war between Guyana & Venezuela sooner rather than later, but much like their proxies in Ukraine, that Caribbean nationals, instead of US men would die, while US corporations will rake in the treasure of the Essequibo region (the modern El Dorado).

    The majority of the comments in this thread show that we have St. Lucians who are willfully ignorant of the machinations of the US empire in our region, whether they’ve been paid or unpaid!


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