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Natokie Anthony Convicted For ‘Witchcraft’ Items


On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, Natokie Anthony was convicted by a Magistrate for the offences of Unlawful Possession and Possession of Prohibited Imports (Occult Paraphernalia).

The conviction follows a successful joint operation conducted by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) on Monday, September 12, 2022, which led to the discovery and seizure of the following witchcraft paraphernalia:

  • Two (2) crystal balls
  • One (1) Ouija board
  • One (1) Holy Bible – Heritage Edition
  • One (1) Wiccan Bible
  • One (1) Angel Witch Book
  • One (1) Book of Shadows

An additional date has been scheduled for sentencing proceedings in this matter.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force   

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  1. It’s ironic that the same persons that found him guilty is also guilty of medling with those hooba kabba….the entire shitstem is evil.

  2. I can’t believe what ive just read. Is this really still a law? Im finding it hard to understand why having two Cristal balls and some bibles you can still be arrested for? They will be burning at the stake next. This country is ssssssooooo backward and living in the past.

  3. So the lodge and secret societies , lions club , rotary and the freemasons do not have dirty evil books is only the small guys that they are after so when there was a witch conference at the bay gardens did you all go after them what about the rich people in cap estate that does fly all night … I have my Delawrence book and my black candle 🔥 come for me so what about the dirty business men who expliot the workforce what about the lawyers ….

  4. Is this a prank? These are just props for superstition. Do you believe in Santa Claus? How about the Easter Bunny? Oops! I forgot what location I live. Let me see what I am supposed to believe. A political party loses an election, therefore there’s evil attached to it. Seventeen people were killed in a bus accident. Therefore this has something to do with 17 political districts. The list goes on. This place has not even arrived in the twentieth century…far less the twenty-first century.
    Gassa, just let the man loose with all his crap. Those items are not worth a Mango Long.

  5. Sad to read the comments…is like everyone vex that evil is being fought by the courts!! Why is this a problem? Seems like you all want the right to invoke the devil into your lives and then cry when the wrath of God reach yol doorsteps!!! What a sad world!

  6. I have a bay leaf or what you call bois den in my wallet so Babylon will not get my money so come and arrest me for a bois den leaf I dies even dress my green candle and burn it at midnight so more for me so many lodge men and people in the Rotary club that does do their witchcraft big business people why not go after them but the poor ghetto youtes you all does go after

  7. Really? With a murder epidemic going on you spend law enforcement and legal resources on something as trivial as crystal ball conviction?? Makes your country look like a joke.

  8. Now that the names are up there, I shall go download the pdf versions online for free. Thank you. We had a whole witch convention here in 2003 and none of the high profile judges and women from Vigie and the North were arrested, yet here we are. We have so many obeah houses and palm readers in the North in the expensive communities but the Negre marron who is broke and obviously incapable or summoning anything, is the one being arrested. This is laughable!

  9. Sooooo … no one’s going after the Lodge’s and other secret societies that operate in St. Lucia? But oh yes! Most of the top raking police are in the Lodge. So too are the politicians, the business people and members of the ‘aristocratic’ families of St. Lucia. Just observe well and you will see them driving their vehicles with the Lodge logo on their number plates.

    Apparently, in St. Lucia, what’s good for the goose, isn’t good for the gander.

  10. Set a precedence and let the police loose. There are lots of Lucian’s who practice such belief. Do not sentence them to prison. Instead charge them. You can have enough money to pay for the security dogs. Let me I know if you need some names where the police is sure to get the same inventory seized from Nakoti – charge them. We need money to maintain an ailing economy

  11. You all are angered by this judgement? And wonder you all relatives and CHILDREN are cursed? So because high profile people are doing it means that it is supposed to be ok?

  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…I am having a hard laugh at this. I had to read it twice to ensure I read the right thing….are you kidding me?…. getting arrested for 2 crystal balls? A holy bible?..🤣🤣🤣….a ouija board? Are the Saint Lucian government serious? Do they really believe this nonsense work?….you may as well arrest the archbishop who also has a bible and chants every Sunday…you may as well arrest all the Christians for believing in the sky god…in fact arrest all the politicians who pray to a sky god before they deliberate the business of Saint Lucia…..this is so backward…the mentality of society is one of ignorance and it shows in the entire fabric of society..from the leaders to the man at the bottom….. you should be ashamed of yourselves for still believing in such nonsense and going as far as to still have these laws on the books. The height of backwardness is astounding to say the least. When will you people wake up from your superstitions and open your eyes to the great wonders that life and the universe presents…..both the individual and the government are equally childish in their behaviour… What a blinking shame… No wonder our society is stuck in its own mess …no forward thinkers…just backwardness, ignorance, foolish, petulant, impish and a downright uneducated society…

  13. Interesting that these laws are enforced. I fully support enforcement of all laws regardless of how dumb they are. But what about enforcement of parking laws? Or loud music laws? Or vending laws? Or smoking laws? Or buggery laws? St. Lucia: a circus masquerading as a country.

  14. Lucians lack intellect. With some of these comments being made, I can see why the general public has such a low IQ.

  15. St. Lucians should realize that we are online and that everything we say is read worldwide. Some of the comments say what kind of people we are. We are quick to criticize the Haitians but we are offended when the Police enforce the laws against the practicing of witchcraft. The laws are on the books and it’s the Police job to enforce them. We are hypocrites.

  16. Majority of our Laws are from the “Anglo-Saxon law” era, this is why some ministers go into politics broke and come out back filthy rich. Yes, witchcraft was considered and somehow seems to exist in the 21st century as a law. The components discovered and seized suggest the person were indulging in supernatural practices. What I do know is that in some countries they have abolish these laws such as UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Finland etc. Back in the days if you find someone doing witchcraft you were subject to be crucifixion. The law of the land is what governs, and the individual probably is well aware. Funny enough is that if he was that powerful couldn’t he made himself invisible? LMFAO

  17. It is with curiosity I read this article, thinking it was an April 1st Joke. I have been laughing non stop but also vex that our under funded Police is used in this way to enforce a law that has no meaning ful benefit to nobody but the superstitious ones in society. Basically reinforcing the mind set in superstitious beliefs. Waste of my tax money.

  18. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that the police would waste their time to fight witch craft. Doesn’t the commissioner and the courts have other pressing issues to confront, issues such as the escalating crime situation. I am indeed appalled!

    While I don’t believe in such practices (witchcraft and occult science) I have no issues in people practicing what they believe in. And the dabbling in witchcraft is more common in Saint Lucia than one thinks. The very police officers are known to go to the witchcraft doers for advice, protection and favour for promotion. Those police officers engaging in such extends to all, yes all ranks in that organization. So why then be hypocrites and arrest anyone for that matter, for such a practice. Ask the politicians, magistrates, judges, lawyers etc who do they go to for favor and prosecution from the Gods. Trust me they all go to JACK. Oh what a hypocritical society we live in. Ask the police officers what happens to those books and paraphernalia after they are confiscated – they all are quietly taken for personal use.

    By the way why not search the homes of all those openly holding witchcraft consultations, for there are many.

  19. I ask the people of this nation to support the police work and call them out when they break the law. The are just enforcer not a implementor.

  20. We are backward because you do not put the uppercase letter to begin the first word after your endless fullstops. CHOOPS.

  21. I left St. Lucia over fifty years ago – and Lucians loved obeah, voodoo and witchcraft then and they still do (both young and old). I watched a video recently where vendors in St. Lucia were caught early in the morning sprinkling liquids at the doorstep of other vendors while the business was closed – sell ssaaa zot pop – WHOSOEVER DIGGETH A PIT SHALL FALL IT IN – keep up the mess it will sure lead to DESTRUCTION for you, your family and for your generations to come…PAR DEE POOR JAB WHEN SOWING TIME COMES UPON YOU FOR YOUR EVIL DEEDS AND YOUR WICKEDNESS.

  22. Are you actually SERIOUS!!!???? LMFO. This is the 21st Century can you people not drag yourselves into it??? Lol. 45 years of independence and this is how far you have got. Terrifying.

  23. Good over evil everytime- by the comments I see we are alot of Times viewers are evil minded- followers and copycats of the so called free world like the USA where everyone wants to do as they please and refuse to believe that the most high watches over us!! No wonder crime prevails and the devil laughs–no wonder there are so many youths gone mad because their mothers and fathers and sell their souls for riches and positions in society– no wonder blood shedding–no wonder little children are cursed thus continuing a generational cycle of evil worshippers— no wonder lucians hate the church more than they hate the devil!! Fyah burn I say!!!

  24. There are many who engage in this practice on this 238 sq. mile rock. Both high and low. Go after ALL of them. Do a complete clean out.

  25. Thank you George, God is watching over St Lucia 🇱🇨 and surrounds does who are far from evils 😈in any ways or forms…

  26. Thank you for those who are far from evils 😈,are surrounds by God, because of the evil portion of the land is cursed and evil men will not be rememberd and will be caught off !!

  27. Well we’ll well look at the comments st Lucian’s you all need to pray a man that thinks he can threaten everyone on social media..All I care he can burn in line obeah evil country..take a look at Haiti

  28. Some many unsolved murders and u all judges sending a guy to jail for nonsense including a bible shame on the judge system

  29. Too many people believe that a man barely sustaining, who lives in a tin roof hut has the answers. That a guy living in the hills of Monchy can give them Talcum powder wrapped in aluminum foil can affect a business. That “a curse” can affect generations (even people who are not yet born) reflects the education level of society. Religion has decimated the place. Religion places responsibility outside the individual. It encourages the culture superstition.
    This is voodoo’s methodology for people who believe that crap works. (a) You are having a spell of bad luck which is natural in life or you find something unusual (eg. a bird changing roost at night due to some disturbing event) (b) because you are predisposed to voodoo themes you think something evil is directed at you (c) you visit the gardeur, who spins familiar tales that your neighbor or anyone in your periphery is out to get you (d) he SELLS his potions and trinkets that would ward off the evil-doers and request a return visit (e) at this point you have began the road to bizarre behavior and paranoia. All you activities are geared towards wasting money, time and warding off “evil.” If you don’t believe in voodoo, you live a normal life.

  30. Seems to me that the devil worshippers are pissed that their priest has been exposed. Get a life y’all ! There is nuff evil in the land. Confiscate all the demonic tools that you can, even though it won’t stop those demons. Show them the + .

  31. I always wondered why this two women allowed themselves to be humiliated on social media by that character and hi he seems to live a life of assumed luxury with no visible means of support.

    But then again I am even more perplexed as to why his crystal balls did not tell him that the police would be coming for him.

  32. Lol!police always by Gadeer house seeking readings and what ever else….fire bun Natooke and all dat but same thing that gwan in the drug world,they only persue the small man.

  33. Jesus was not a freemason, wizard or a lodge man, remember that, none of thosr will enter his kingdom, unrepented. You can’t renounce Jesus and expect to see God…. Repent, even students into that witchcraft nonsense. Some of them trap or fool the youth with money: grants, fellowships, scholarships, pray, embrace the true Bible where Jesus speaks… “Get thee behind us Satan!”

  34. Read the book of Psalm, Proverbs, Revelation because Jesus Christ, God in the flesh is coming again, leave horus alone, I see the great fall of the illuminati, Jesus is coming soon, abd the climate will change.. get ready people… We know the hour or day, watch and pray…

    “Who Yahweh blesses, no man curse, beware…”

    John 3: 16.
    “FOR GOD so loved the world thst he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life… read the rest”

    Come of the lodge houses, freemason societies, wiccan, wizard, magic, leave God’s children alone, find JESUS, while there is time…

  35. Read the book of Psalm, Proverbs, Revelation because Jesus Christ, God in the flesh is coming again, leave horus alone, I see the great fall of the Illuminati, Jesus is coming soon, and the climate will change.. get ready people… We know not the hour nor day, watch and pray…

    “Who Yahweh blesses, no man curse, beware…”

    John 3: 16.
    “FOR GOD so loved the world thst he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life… read the rest”

    Come of the lodge houses, freemason societies, wiccan, wizard, magic, leave God’s children alone, find JESUS, while there is time…

  36. I see some calling for people to come out of witchcraft, lodge houses, freemason etc etc and come to Jesus ….🤣🤣🤣….an equally superstitious concept… witchcraft is no difference from your organised religion…they are one in the same …to believe that some prick died and rose from the dead 3 days later is pure superstition…to drink the blood ( Welsh grape juice?) believing it’s the blood of Christ … pure superstition….while I will encourage people to abandon their witchcraft ways, i will also encourage them to abandon religion in all its form…they quote the bible like its some good book on morality when the bible itself encourages enslavement of other…. Luke 12:47-48…a book the so called author (god) ordered wholesale slaughter of people.. including the young… Ezekiel 9:3-10……kill babies and raped wife’s… Isaiah 13:11-16………read for yourselves… don’t just quote the cushy parts of this spurious book called the bible…if the entire book is the so called word of god…read every bit of it… the horrors in it…and there is a lot more of the ridiculous nonsense in the unholy book….If god wanted to save everyone like he says he wants to…the best thing he could do is simply show himself for all to see in today’s day and age…..I would be the first to follow…I don’t want some story that happened 2000 years ago on some cross, told by a bunch of illiterate fishermen that some sky god died for me….let god show himself In our age so we can see for ourselves and make a better judgement for ourselves ….that’s the easiest thing he can do…..but guess what …NOOOO…he remains unseen, unheard, uncontacted, unresponsive .. its simple….the pillock does not exist….and i will challenge all who claim to have seen or had contact from some heavenly apparition….if god can appear to one, surely he can appear to all…

  37. Lady come to office of Highgrade & Highgrade Esquire at your service where the motto is no job is to big no job too small Highgrade councils all.. Lady there is freedom of religion the freedom of expression engrained in the constitution if they deem what’s in your procession to be witchcraft then they need to close all Catholic Churches in St Lucia .

  38. @ Anonymous

    “Come OUT of the lodge houses, freemason societies, wiccan, wizard, magic, leave God’s children alone, find JESUS, while there is STILL time…”


  39. So why the law men does not go and open the building when the lodge men are having meetings to see the amount of evil rituals that taking place with the lions are Rotary Club to as well to see the amount of big business and affluent people that are doing their evil filth there why is only poor ghetto people that they does target . I am a bit perplex

  40. I note many comments condemning religion and the Catholic church. I suggest that those individuals and others like them stop observing all the religious holidays in our calendar:
    New Year’s day
    New Year’s holiday
    Good Friday
    Easter Monday
    Whit Monday
    Corpus Christi
    Christmas Day
    Christmas holiday
    To the best of my knowledge these are all religious holidays introduced by the Catholic Church.
    So those who are so offended by having anti-witchcraft laws should also be agitating for removal of these holidays. Or at least you should refuse to observe them. Go to work as usual or do something else to ensure that you don’t have a holiday. If you will not do this, then shut up. You are a damn hipocryte!


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