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American Airlines Reintroduces Nonstop New York To Saint Lucia Flights

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is thrilled to announce the expansion of American Airlines’ service, connecting New York to the adventure capital, Saint Lucia.
With a rising demand for travel to our destination, American Airlines will reintroduce nonstop Saturday-only service from New York (JFK) to Saint Lucia (UVF) starting December 7, 2024.
This service offers travelers enhanced flexibility and convenience during the destination’s peak winter tourism season.
“We are thrilled to welcome American Airlines’ expanded service, providing more opportunities for travelers to immerse themselves in the splendor of Saint Lucia. This reintroduction of services will adequately complement the significant room renovations already completed and new ones soon to be available,” stated Honourable Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information.
Whether visitors are in search of a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a rejuvenating escape, Saint Lucia’s lush landscapes, pristine beaches, Sulphur Springs, Mud Baths, and rich cultural experiences await. From the majestic Pitons to vibrant coral reefs, the island boasts a diverse array of activities for every traveler to enjoy.
In addition to increased flight options, passengers can expect a modern 737 aircraft, spacious cabins, and exceptional onboard amenities.
Tickets to Saint Lucia (UVF) will be available for purchase starting May 20 through American’s website and mobile app.
This expansion marks a significant step forward in enhancing connectivity and accessibility to our beautiful island destination giving visitors and the diaspora the opportunity to have breakfast in New York, and lunch in Saint Lucia.
SOURCE: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

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  1. I am convinced that a bunch of idiots run the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority!

    The only reason American Airlines has restarted non-stop flights between New York & Hewanorra is because no one in the US & the world wants to fly on Boeing 737 aircraft, so all that extra airlift has been re-apportioned to Caribbean routes. Local tourism authorities are so desperate for bodies to fill vacant beds, that they are hoping passengers will risk their lives for cheap tickets! They are counting on fliers being ignorant of the Boing 737 record, and stupid enough to take the cheapest flights available!

    Over the past few years US airlines were forced to withdraw Boeing 737 aircraft from service around the globe. Now, they are trying to bring them back into service, sneakily, even though there have been almost weekly safety issues occurring (do your own research). It is only through sheer luck that there have been no fatalities in the last six months, as far as I know.

    When booking flights, I have been very cautious, making sure that I only pay for flights using Airbus aircraft!

  2. Nudge, given that you dont fly boeing then you must not walk, eat, drive or leave your house because all of these are much more dangerous than flying on a Boeing. As a matter of fact other than 737 Max 8 Boeing has had a better track record than Airbus for decades. I fly regularly and often fly on the Max 8, if I was not be scared then I would be fooñish to even leave my house lol

  3. @ Plz, Nudge is correct. You can look up Boeing whistleblower Santiago Paredes……

  4. @Plz: You can play Russian Roulette all you want; I cannot stop you. I challenge you to walk, eat, drive or even leave your house without taking personal responsibility for your safety. Obviously, you are one of those individuals who feels comfortable (or is just plain lazy) to leave your life in the hands of a corrupt corporation whose only reason for existence is to make exorbitant profits; safety of its customers never factoring into its operations.

    As lazy as anyone is inclined to be, it is quite a simple matter to do a web search for the phrase, “recent Boeing incidents”; my search engine of choice returned 15 pages of data in under 1 second!

    You can spend days trying to analyze all the data returned; but here are the most recent articles returned:

    The FAA investigates after Boeing says workers in South Carolina falsified 787 inspection records – AP

    Boeing’s safety claims investigated by SEC after panel blew off plane – Seattle Times

    Boeing whistleblower says he was pressured to hide defects – The Hill

    Boeing: A look at recent incidents involving planes that they made

    Here’s wishing you continued good luck playing Russian Roulette by yourself!

  5. Wonder how much we continue to pay AA and these other airlines for their airlift into SLU.

  6. their flights arrive in the US way too late. Am not impressed by their schedules generally . Why not have early flights to st Lucia and arrive back in the US at a decent time.

  7. Examine my statement:
    “Local tourism authorities are so desperate for bodies to fill vacant beds, that they are hoping passengers will risk their lives for cheap tickets! They are counting on fliers being ignorant of the Boeing 737 safety record, and stupid enough to take the cheapest flights available!”

    Examine the evidence provided of the recently recorded safety incidents (not even counting the 737 crashes which caused them to be grounded for over 2 years).

    Hence, we can conclude that @The Honorable Lucian Highgrade is merely singing for his supper; reason be damned, as he fulfills his position as the chief apologist for Pip, He-Liar & their merry gang!

    For those who take personal responsibility for their safety by researching public records regarding Boeing’s mercenary decision to stop trusting their engineers, and instead, turning over their operations to accountants & money managers; here is an article from 2019 (5 years ago!):

    Boeing 737 MAX Crash Reveals Severe Problem With Older Boeing 737 NGs

  8. Seems like the catastrophic failures of Boeing (headlined by the 737) are still very much in the news, today (though not in western mainstream media), despite the gaslighting from He-Liar & his barking minions (chief among them @The Honorable Lucian Highgrade). This Dr. Moron is willfully ignorant of Aesop’s Fable, the Golden Goose, and acquiesced to his US master’s plan to risk the lives of his fellow citizens (prospective tourists) & sacrifice St. Lucia’s only currently viable industry (tourism) in order to save the grossly mismanaged Boeing Corpoation; whose chairman earns a US$32million salary, yearly! Has Hilaire been promised even a kaka-dent from the Boeing chairman’s salary?



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