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NCA Cautions Against Price Hikes Due To Minimum Wage


Saint Lucia’s National Consumers Association (NCA) is concerned that a proposed minimum wage in circulation for comments and objections, could create a backlash for consumers and employees.

The draft minimum wage order appeared in a Thursday, May 16, 2024 extraordinary edition of the Government Gazette.

The draft outlines a wage of $1,126 monthly or $6:50 per hour, excluding other remuneration due to en employee from overtime, a share of service charge, a commission, a bonus or profit sharing.

National Consumers Association President Dr. Thecla Fitz-Lewis said: 

“When I saw the draft through the Gazette my first concern was small businesses, medium sized businesses or large businesses taking advantage of consumers and trying to use that minimum wage increase to increase the price of goods and services.”

“I want to send a strong message out there that the National Consumers Association will be monitoring and looking to see if there are any increases in prices of the goods and services as a result,” Fitz-Lewis told St. Lucia Times.

“What we want businesses to do is to start looking at strategies for controlling their cost,” the NCA President stated.

She said that would include comparing raw material prices to obtain value for money and partnering with other businesses to procure employee uniforms.

Fitz-Lewis explained that such measures, including recruiting employees who would not negatively impact productivity, could contribute to lower operating costs.

She also warned that some businesses may seek to reduce staff numbers.

However, she advised paying attention to the service offered, noting that some business houses have poor customer service because they do not want to invest in training their employees.

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  1. If this becomes a thing, this means all the Syrian, Lebanese, Chinese and Indian business places will have less employees. Lets not talk about the locals who refuse to even pay NIC for employees.

  2. I am for livable wage. I also believe that it makes business sense that if a business expenses increase, that extra cost will reflect in the cost of goods or cut on staff. The government need to increase economic activity before introducing livable wage

  3. It is a significant Victory for the thousands of the working class and the poor who has been earning wages of 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour . It’s a good start but will be revisited in a year or two . How can you have people living on slave wages as low as 3 EC dollars an hour. As this is a crime against humanity in 2024 6:50 an hour is a good start especially for people in the hospitality industry and security..

  4. 6.50 $an hour that’s 2$ USD an hour! Smph I thought it would at least go up to 12$ or 15$ and hour! Smph …

  5. O ye little faith ?
    Is GOD not among us, complain and loose our blessings ?
    Is the same God who brought us from Égypte and deliver,did miracleous things and wonders,
    Is the same God of Yesterday, Today and Forever !
    Fear God ❗
    When one door is closed,many doors will be open.
    I proclaim the LORD’S favor and vengeance of our GOD 🇱🇨
    O LORD,may your blessing be upon St Lucia,and bestowed a crown of beauty

  6. NCA what stupidity you peddling. Unless an item is priced controlled, a business can charge whatever they wish for it. Of course the businesses will pass these costs onto consumers. As if y’all clowns don’t understand how business works. You think the owners will just absorb this loss? Stop the nonsense.

  7. In this economy 6.50 is not a livable wage. The cost of living in st. LUCIA does not allow that figure to meet the needs of one adult far less those with responsibilities.
    HOWEVER, the present state of economic activity cannot sustain a minimum wage of that amount as the government has failed to sustainably grow the economy to offer even hope for the future.

    We need a radical development strategy to bring in growth jn the double digits if any true living wage is to be considered

  8. A minimum wage will add to costs. Business will react by doing one or more of the following: reduce the number of employees; adopt technology to replace employees; raise prices. All of this is common knowledge among economists.

  9. @105smph
    I thought it would have been $12.00 Ph. That £2. an hour.
    I’m working for £11.42 an hour and I’m still complaining..
    Anyway it’s a start, I hope the Government brings it up yearly…
    So happy for these people who works 12 hrs shift..

  10. Why would cost for goods on the shelves increase because of minimum wage increase… where is the connection? One want to justify because an increase of expense? If any company use that as an excuse needs to be prosecuted with no alternative option. If it is a company the directors will be jail same with a sole trader.

  11. Economists get the hell out of there are you sound like one of the oppressors who suck the blood out of the working class and the poor …..

  12. 105Smph
    My word and my prayers are ever before God on the behalf of the slaves for a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour and not three cents an hour ⚖️
    Many are the friends of the Wick
    The bureau of standards are out of control to see that costomers are paying triplés times after merchandise are beign contrôle,is not the same price on the shelves, because there is no one to represent the poor man,well take it or leave it..
    Housewives, servants,mid servants at the table for sure !

    Begging for bread !
    Must be controlled by bit and bridle or else they will not come to you..
    Slaves though slaves but does not desert in cruel bondages..
    I thought advanced age should teach wisdom and age should speak..
    Take courage,do not loose heart, keep praying in silence, unless the God of ⚖️ justice pronounce justice and favor, what is due to each employee is in the LORD’S hand..
    For all who are deprived from their rights and justice ⚖️, following in the court and crushed by the defender (labour representives, from depriving for a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour and not three cents which can be affordable…

  13. So wait, NCA what is your suggestion then? You prefer unemployment? Something has to give. Either pass the increased expense to consumers, cut back benefits or send people home to reduce salary expense. The government should know that and y’all foolish people posting this. Share knowledge not ignorance please. Most likely prices or unemployment will increase.

  14. Thats just usless talk.Nothing has beem done and will be done if there is a price increase as long as the commodity is not regulated as price control.Its all about supply and demand.

  15. In the UK we started with a min wage of around £3.60 (12ec) 20 years ago, it is now upto £11.44 (39ec) it has been very inflationally for the UK and have lost jobs and businnesses over it.

  16. Have Slavery been obolîsh or donkeys years is over ❓
    Under the reign of the late H PM JMC..
    Every employees were satisfied with their salary (earning),and never the country suffered job cut or the other…
    Do not light a fire
    Why should we complain when there is a God ❓


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