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Taiwanese Man Serving In Saint Lucia Held In The U.S.


Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) has reported that a Taiwanese man, sent last year to serve in the Taiwan Technical Mission to Saint Lucia, was arrested in the United States for allegedly setting up an online platform to sell drugs.

According to CNA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this and said it was monitoring the situation closely. 

The news agency reported that the man, surnamed Lin, was due to finish his stint in Saint Lucia on July 4.

CBS News reported that Rui-Siang Lin, also known as Pharoah, was  arrested on charges of selling at least $100 million worth of illegal drugs online through a site on the dark web known as the “Incognito Market.”

The market was shut down in March.

CNA said Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokesman Jeff Liu disclosed that Lin’s arrest occurred on Sunday in New York while in transit.

Liu said Lin was in Saint Lucia after applying to perform alternative military service last year based on his information technology expertise.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said Lin was sent to Saint Lucia on Nov. 3 after passing a review and had behaved normally during his service, cooperating fully with the technical mission’s work.

However, before the end of his term, Lin took an approved vacation and left Saint Lucia on Saturday on his way to Singapore via New York.

He faces life imprisonment if convicted.

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  1. So Putin met Xi in China last week and this week we have tactical nuke tests near Ukraine and China is having military drills surrounding Taiwan right now. Just like before the Ukraine war they meet to plan their evil deeds. My analysis is they are planning multiple wars globally to stretch the miliary might of the US, divide and conquer.

  2. The details of this article, as confirmed by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign affairs, did not pass the smell test. It further stank to high heaven when I saw the comment (May 22, 2024 At 9:17 pm) by the junior clerk in the St. Lucia Ministry of Propaganda, desperately trying to change the subject!

    It is very likely that Chinese Intelligence was about to reveal the secrets of the CIA operation in selling illicit drugs (mainly fentanyl) on the “dark web” to support their “dark operations” around the globe, since their opium trade out of Afghanistan was forced to end, when US forces had to flee with their tails between their legs!

    Rui-Siang Lin is just the convenient pawn whom they planned to sacrifice (disavow)! He might have even been a plant by the Chinese! Explains why they want to put him away for life (much like Assange), so he will not reveal his secrets to the world.

    Here is the official cover story:
    Rui-Siang Lin Used the Identity of “Pharoah” to Operate Incognito Market, Which Sold More Than $100M of Illegal Narcotics to Customers Around the World

    We are asked to stretch the parameters of belief that the CIA did not put a stop to the investigation by “justice” agencies (FBI, HSI, DEA, FDA-OCI, and NYPD). We are asked to believe that an at least US$100million drug operation, spanning a couple of years, could even trigger an investigation involving agencies whose daily operations alone total at least US$1billion! We are asked to believe that the money-laundering operations (involving hundreds of billions of US dollars) in Ukraine by the Obama/Trump/Biden administrations (on behalf of the US oligarchy) have not actively been secured from public knowledge, by these very “justice” agencies!

    Methinks this is just a way for the US government (really the ‘deep state’) to walk away from a failed (Mission Impossible) “Taiwan Independence” project, before more humiliation is heaped on them by the BRICS+, whose ‘state capitalist’ policies daily expose the US empire as merely a paper military in the capitalist theatre of real war.

  3. The Honorable Lucian Highgrade – and what your voided point? Saint is a garbage dump for diplomats. You didn’t read he was doing business on the dark web, do you need to be schooled on that? Do you know how many of our school girls are being recorded doing sexual activities and are being sold on the dark web? They are 3 business men I know who target secondary and college girls for doing such one does printing/embroidery in la toc, one sewing clothing in Castries and one is in real estate.


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