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WATCH: Determined Thieves Break Into Entrepot Canteen


After several failed attempts, two determined thieves, their faces covered, broke into a canteen at Entrepot, Castries.

The early morning incident occurred on Thursday.

After attempts to break the lock on the canteen door failed, the two thieves gained entry by breaking a wooden part of the structure, pushing their hands through the hole they created and unlocking a deadbolt.

At one point, realising that security cameras were recording their every move, they hit two of the devices out of place with a stick.

However, another camera they were unaware of kept recording.

Once inside the canteen, the two individuals made off with drinks, leaving behind bottles of water.

They also took ice cream from a freezer, other items, and some coins.

It was the second break-in at the canteen near the Entrepot Human Resource Centre this year.

The first occurred in January.

The canteen has been in operation for about two years.

Observers commenting on the videos of the break-in posted on Facebook were shocked at the thieves’ determination.

“I mean, what could they get from a canteen? I am worried about the aggression and determination they displayed. I am worried because there is a bigger picture here. But I don’t know what it is,” one person commented.

Police are investigating the break-in.

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  1. Poor hustling people DEM man wanna rob ……I feel so sorry for these fools . Karma soon catch ur’ll.

  2. Sadly, people who are determined to display antisocial behavior, will find a way to do it. I hope they are caught, prosecuted and given a stiff punishment.

  3. Those cockroaches refuse to go and work for 3 to 5 EC dollars ….. Even if they enact a minimum wage they will still not go and work . It is fast money they want to smoke crack cocaine

  4. They do not want to work , is fast money they are after if the police put the video on the hrs evening news people might be able to identify them by the clothes that they have on them and put up a number so we can call the police . We need to after those cockroaches so many hotels want workers for world cup so many construction jobs …

  5. Question is where is the security or sorry the watchman? Isn’t school fitted with a camera system so which notifies those with access so they can notify the police as it happens? These systems suppose to view key areas so when these cases occur the right authorities should be notified.

  6. You need multiple cameras from different angles of the property, the angle of this camera is too close to the building, it could be capturing more of the road allowing the possibility to capture more evidence. Also cameras are pointless without 24/7 monitoring or alerts. I advise people to use cameras with AI detection which can alert you when a person comes near the property.

  7. You you mean to tell me no mother, sister, aunt or other relative recognizes that bag, the bangle on the right wrist, slippers, the posture, nothing?

    Stop hiding criminals. They live in your homes.

  8. At least a parent and a family member know precisely who is doing this. Their back packs and movement characteristics are dead giveaways. Who will dare say what they know is questionable. In some countries, when one burglarizes or robs a school, church, learning resource center or cultural center, a special other charge is laid. In Florida, if someone is deliberately targeted because they are over 65, a separate charge is made. I think we need some of those laws here. What animal burglarizes a school, health clinic etc?
    Some of those parents are just laying their children… can’t be otherwise.

  9. That’s should be an easy case for the popo! However, vigilante justice is much swifter. As in a matter of days…one would wonder why they walk the streets counting pebbles in the mid day sun! Why can’t the popo solve this quickly and make the whole solving of the case go viral !!!

  10. They pulled that off right under the noses of the sleeping policemen at the Marchand Police Station who are seldom on patrol but are avsilable to receive reports of criminal activity. Perhaps they have no vehicles to patrol the area. Smh


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