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New Booths Ready – Printery Area To Be No-Vending Zone


An area near the government printery in Castries will become a no-vending zone on Friday when the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) officially commissions new vending facilities.

“I want to let the vendors who sell in the general area of the printery coming across onto Jeremie Street, to let them know that with immediate effect of the commissioning of those booths, that entire area will be deemed a no-vending zone,”  Housing and Local Government Minister, Richard Frederick told reporters on Tuesday.

Frederick urged vendors who set up their trays, tarpaulins, and other paraphernalia in the area to remove them.

He warned that if they failed to do so, the authorities would act appropriately.

Vendor in Castries

“The place looks nasty, and I don’t want to mince my words here. It looks unsightly. People leave pieces of metal, old tarpaulins, and all kinds of old trays. We need to uplift the City,” the Castries Central MP stated.

Frederick explained that the CCC has the legal authority to designate no-vending zones in the capital.

In this regard, he declared that when someone erects a tarpaulin in such a zone, the CCC does not owe the individual an alternative vending area.

The official commissioning of the new vending booths should have occurred last week.

However, copper earth rods to facilitate electricity service were stolen and had to be replaced and secured to prevent a recurrence.

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  1. Yawn! I am betting all my money on the vendors. They will return after a few weeks and nothing will be done about it. Before the year is over, it will look like rubbish all over again. Once you open the gates, there’s no closing them. Frederick knows it, he is just playing dumb. The very people advocating disorder, cannot expect obedience for order.

    Everyone start counting down towards the return of the vendors. Bet on it. It’s a safe bet.

  2. The minimum wage is to low what can 6:50 an hour do for the working poor we have a situation where security guards are risking their lives working 12 to 18 hours for 3 EC dollars an hour

  3. A literal Ti-boutique style intervention!! Vending I agree is a huge problem but why not tackle it head on with a larger vision and a masterplan that would uplift the city and give it positive life! The Big Box of Justice that Richard proudly unveiled recently will kill the city- it is not for locals, not for tourists, not for children, not for families, not for the average man or woman- its only for a handful of thiefs/ murderers and other criminals on trial ( politicans/ lawyers and judges included eh). From the CCC to the Rep for central Castries, no vision!

  4. Once again Fredrick and his cohorts being a*****. Like Fedrick forget where he come from cha. Treating these vendors that has been there hustling for years as tho they are vegrants. The thief that stole the copper you couldn’t catch but the hard working poorer st lucians you take advantage on. The crime rate is sky rocketing with murders instead you guys strategize ways to curb the deadly violence, it’s the vendors thats making an honest income you disrupting their levity. You talking bout the place looking nasty when u used to sit in the nastiest ghettos just to get votes you didn’t have an issue. You disrespectful bum bum. Fredrick like you forgot where you come from you can better address these people. Stop playing you bigger than the St Lucians that put you In power.

  5. Wow! They should call that guy flip flop. Same person that was saying: “nobody can touch vendors if I am elected into office” when Pitonson Francis was trying to clean up the place. Now he throw those vendors in the trash heap. Good for those vendors. Y’all will learn one day.

  6. More plywood huts. Don’t these idiots realise this is tinder for Castries fire 3.0. Open flames from barbeque grills on the sidewalks. Run down and abandoned structures. Haphazard development not built to code. History of Castries burning down twice. Castries Fire 3.0 is almost a guarantee.

  7. While other countries build steel and concrete structures in their capitals, we’re erecting plywood. Is that what they mean by sustainable development? I mean this is all our braindead leaders can come up with in 2024? This place feels like the 1800s. One good hurricane Maria and back to square on.

  8. The thing about it is the Politicians travel a lot and they see what modern Cities around the world look like. You mean to tell me that no one finds a template that can fit a future Castries? Some of us have no shame, plain and simple.

  9. Have any one of you need to other countries? Like other developing islands like the Netherland Iles, Bahamas, Maldives etc. Because colorful wooden huts are found everywhere. My only issue with having them in St. Lucia, is the maintenance aspect. They were sold to or leased to by individuals who aren’t able to properly maintain. Maintenance should at least be enforced if beauty is the main objective.

  10. “SIMON SAYS”
    Check this out!

    The area be a no Vending Zone, but the booths are to be occupied by vendors.
    “Simon Says” – AN IRONY !!!!!!

    “CCC SAYS”
    The area should be a no-vending zone after it is officially commissioned to new vending facilities. “Simon Says” – A CONTRADICTION !!!


  11. Poor design plus too many booths. People should be able to walk on the sidewalks and glance at what the venders have to offer. I won’t go out of my way to walk inside that corridor plus go inside a booth to see what’s being sold.

  12. 1. Let me state, I am neither UWP or SLP – however, it does look filthy and disgusting with these make shift huts in the city – Lucians are the only folk on the planet who believe that the government should provide them with housing, clothing, food, places to set up shop, free land to build them homes when displaced from the CDC etc. etc. etc. In addition, their relatives who work hard abroad in rain, snow and shine should send them $$$$$$ – really ?????? – while they are well dressed up with new outfits at every jazz event, carnival event and paying thousands for the 2 string costumes, bum bum wall bayteeze – if you want to live that way – make sure to avoid these things with your own money and stop the begging others.

    2. In the meantime, they cry “things hard in St. Lucia, things expensive in St. Lucia” —– tell me where in the world things are easy – things are expensive everywhere and the average person who want to live within their means-will make it. Some of you, if your neighbor builds a two bedroom, you want to build a three – stop the envy and competition and fighting for land and property.

    3. Live your life and stop looking for political favors – get up and get creative, learn a trade or skill and help yourself to find legitimate employment. Some of you all your life you have been sucking around politicians – is that the way to LIVE???? – in my opinion it’s a crying shame. Where, I reside no one knows my political party affiliation.

    4. Regarding the $6.50 minimum wage – there are folk in St. Lucia who are illiterate and can not even sign their own name – how much do you think they should be paid $100 ????? an hour give me a break.

  13. @Anonymous May 29, 2024 At 11:27 am

    The culture of dependency fostered by the politicians is not going away soon. It has been craftily improved over the years, to the beautiful machine it’s today. The end game of the machine is to get votes and create generations of reliant people. To understand why some people think politicians are demigods is to understand the machine. It giveth, it taketh away from those who don’t tow the line, it encourages informing on neighbors and it projects an all-giving donor. You can even break the rules and laws and someone will give you a “Get out of jail” card. You can have anything by simply doing nothing.

    A few generations ago, our ancestors carried loads on their backs for long distances to get food on the table. Their ethos was built on deprivation, self-reliance and self-pride. The values these people possessed, did not allow them to think the public purse was the answer to their problems. The resources back then were leaner but they were used efficiently. The present system featuring the machine is inefficient, corrupt and destroys initiative.

    There is in fact enough money collected from taxpayers to build good roads, strong water supply system etc. Unfortunately, too much money is spent feeding the machine.

  14. @smh… of course we have been to many many a matter of fact I am flying out to Phuket next week. You will not find wooden shacks in such high density as the image shows, in the middle of a CDB in any of the countries that you mention– that’s for the beachfront where sea blast is a concern and aiming for an island. laid back chillaxing, colorful mood on the beach. This is your micro metropolis, where the working class, students, everyone traverses and conduct business of all kind. This as far as i know is a plywood city that will become a dark zone at night, a hangout spot for the bus drivers because it is highly highly secluded ( perfect for many vices including gambling, drinking and more). Somebody needs to tell this man to stop!

  15. In his arrogance and haste to destroy all who oppose the Minister forgot that his parents were “humble” farmers. Will precent other persons from eating a bread to feed their families.

  16. Don’t touch my vendors! — Well look it. Even gorjet he giving them now! And have the audacity to call people hypocrite!


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