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Canteen Notice To Thieves: ‘Please Don’t Break Again’


After two break-ins this year, the owners of a canteen at Entrepot, Castries, have put up a notice urging thieves not to do it again.

“No cash or valuables kept on this premises. Please don’t break again. Thanks,” the notice reads.

Last month, after several failed attempts, two determined thieves, their faces covered, broke into the canteen.


At one point, realising that security cameras were recording their every move, they hit two of the devices out of place with a stick.

However, another camera they were unaware of kept recording.

Once inside the structure, the two individuals made off with drinks, leaving behind bottles of water.

They also took ice cream from a freezer, other items, and some coins.

It was the second break-in at the canteen opposite the Entrepot Human Resource Centre this year.

The first occurred in January.

The canteen has been in operation for about two years.

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  1. If I was the owner, I’d put a spell inside so that whoever break in will start cook, and unable to eat or leave the premises.

  2. What a sick group of individuals – you will reap as you have sowed. Folk work hard for a living and these MALVETAYES have nothing better to do with their life. Disgusting individuals —- you are so low you steal ice cream – who needs that much sugar only a FOOL.

  3. See why we need obeah. I wouldn’t mind doing a course or two for times like this.

  4. God is good, will be caught by supprise ! A hundred days for the thieves, but one day for the gardner or owner !!

  5. Venezuelan troops amassing on the Guyanese border, the mad man doesn’t want to lose control of the country.

  6. There is a way of knowing who ate the cookies from the cookie jar. The emergency room can reveal the evidence in the future.

  7. It baffles me that because the report (including the initial report) mentioned Entrepot, that some persons just assume it is the school “canteen”. Schools are not the only places that have canteens people!🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Take them for a ride to sae. Or a long walk on the high way forever , only god could save them.


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