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Homicide Victim Survived Two Previous Stabbings


A family member has disclosed that homicide victim Caleb Sydney survived two previous stabbings before the one on Saturday took his life.

“I think that’s the third time somebody would actually stab my brother,” older sibling Desmond Sydney told reporters regarding the fatal incident on Jeremie Street, Castries.

Desmond urged justice for his deceased brother, declaring that the perpetrator was a danger to others.

The police said they received the report at about 9:23 pm on Saturday, indicating that a female allegedly stabbed a male who had physically assaulted her in a bar.

Investigators identified the deceased as Caleb Sydney, alias ‘Scare Dem’, an Entrepot, Castries resident in his early forties.

Caleb’s brother, Desmond, recalled that many people took advantage of the deceased unfairly.

“I myself find myself in altercations for him and then I seeing it wasn’t worth it because of his lifestyle,” Desmond revealed.

He said the deceased was a gambler but not a bad individual who had ever shed anyone’s blood or would retaliate.

“My brother self, basically, he does gamble a lot, and anywhere that have gambling that’s where he does be,” Desmond explained.

A female suspect is in police custody regarding Saturday’s fatal stabbing.

Desmond wants the justice system to put away the person responsible for his brother’s death for a long time, or even forever.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 34 homicides for the year.

PHOTO: Caleb Sydney – Deceased

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  1. Smh, good looking young man, body looking fit, mouth full of teeth…horrible lifestyle. What a waste. St Lucia has so many gay men, both undercover and open. Yet all the nice and physically fit straight ones are living life badly! What a waste, what a waste.

  2. @Smh what’s your point regarding anyone being related to LGBT group whether or not they are undercover? because I don’t see any connection related to this incident unless you want to enlighten everyone who saw your comments.

  3. SMH

    Advertise your services.
    I can tell you have a good thing happening in the rear of the open world.

  4. Offcourse SMH has a point…all straight men are going to the grave whilst the crooked ones that’s infertile and worthless to reproductivity is stucked around….if you can see that and sumn wrong your brains must be in your **** ****l.

  5. Nice photo.
    Tell the truth in the story.
    Who exactly was this boy?
    What exactly did he contribute to society?

  6. How unfortunate.
    Powers astounding on me.
    Anyone who is not productive to society.
    Besides the circumstances should be void.
    We talk about socialism and dictatorship however China, North Korea, And sweet little Cuba is advanced in the world. And don’t mention our homeland Africa (Libya).
    Everything has its place.
    Our choices makes us who we are.
    If you choose to go down the path of negative then face the consequences.

    Life is a precious commodity and all of us should be greatly by embracing it with integrity,, compassion . Not wasting it on false , Oh he was a good boy, Oh she was a good girl f****** story. SMH.

  7. What has looks got to do with it, if the Soul is ugly & dirty in the eyes of the Almighty? what we see on this Earth that our eyes think is beautiful is only a fleeting image of the reality.
    Its said that ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ but isn’t true beauty in the Soul?

  8. For everyone offended, gay and gay cannot populate. The economy will eventually suffer.

  9. Folks with all due respect – we live amongst folk who are seriously troubled – be it mental illness, wickedness, ignorant, jealousy, cursed etc. etc. etc. We need to do out best to avoid conflicts at all cost. Some folk are already on the edge and unable to resolve conflict amicably – their ability to reason is non existent. Unfortunately, a large number of St. Lucians fall into these categories.

  10. Smh, we are in 2024. You don’t have to have sex to have a baby. You just fertilization which can happen outside the body or inseminated. Lots of gay couples have kids (either two moms or two dads). The guy’s brother said he had chosen the wrong road and family had spoken to him many times but he was hard headed. That sounds like a personal choice to me.

  11. This is one sin that I’m not sure that can be forgiven. The FATHER in Heaven wiped out two Cities for that same cause; take it or leave it the reason is demonic, born out of the practices of demoniacs i.e. not of the Holiness of Heavenly bodies.
    The lack of Scriptural knowledge and the obedience to the Word of God is what has/is/& will/ condemn the disobedient to hell; there’s a lot more grievous acts to avoid.

  12. are so right…ur eyes fall on someone unintentional they already watching u angry and cutting eyes or sucking their teeth… work u get a little praise from the boss for submitting assignments early and gettin ur wrk done…..your co worker face turn aredy…and i have seen it all…St lucia has jus changed…be humble people at all cost…..jus avoid negativity the best u can even if u are right…..avoid it…


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