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‘Empowering Our People For A Better Saint Lucia’


Putting People First remains the guiding principle that influences the decisions taken by the Hon. Philip J. Pierre-led Administration to improve our communities, strengthen our economy and protect the interest of the citizens of Saint Lucia.

The needs of our people, agencies and industries are multifaceted. Prime Minister Pierre’s leadership is alert to Saint Lucia’s needs and focused on reengineering the government to be more responsive and solution-driven to implement the appropriate interventions.

On May 31, 2024, the government actioned several timely interventions to make our country safer, upgrade vending in the capital and put money back in the hands of farmers affected by the recent boxing material shortage.

Strengthening National Security

Citizen security remains a priority for the Pierre-led Administration. As Minister for National Security, Prime Minister Pierre continues to make available the resources, equipment and tools to ensure our police officers maintain the tactical edge in the line of duty.

The government delivered 28 new motor vehicles to the RSLPF on May 31.

This latest motor vehicle handover is the largest in a single sitting in the history of the RSLPF. Prime Minister Pierre formally handed over eight pickups, one truck, one 30-seater coaster, 10 motorcycles, five ATVs and four jet skis.

Supporting Our Farmers

Several banana and plantain farmers incurred financial losses when the island’s sole boxing company, WINERA, encountered technical challenges that led to a boxing shortage. Farmers could not export their produce for many weeks. Nutritious produce spoiled and revenue was lost.

The government mounted an immediate response. In his 2024/25 Budget Address, the Prime Minister announced that $500,000 would be committed to helping local farmers partially recoup their losses.

However, upon further review by the Ministry of Agriculture, it was determined that nearly $1 million would be needed to cover the affected farmers.

The financing was secured, and on May 31, 244 banana and plantain farmers collected cheques from the government to recover their financial losses and help their farms bounce back.

Big Respect for Small Business

The Pierre-led Administration is giving small businesses big opportunities to flourish. Prime Minister Pierre’s passion for small business inspired the construction of the newly built Bideau Park Vending Hut Facility.

Vendors operating at the junction of Peynier and Jeremie Street utilize makeshift structures that encroach on city sidewalks.

The decision to build the Bideau Park Vending Hut Facility simultaneously eliminates safety hazards, enhances the aesthetics of our capital and provides city vendors with improved facilities in a more accommodating space.

On May 31, government officials cut the ribbon marking the official opening of the Bideau Park Vending Hut Facility.

Situated on Peynier Street, Castries, the Bideau Park Vending Hut Facility comprises 22 new vending huts. Prospective tenants will transition from a makeshift sidewalk setup to upgraded facilities that provide secure storage capacity, shelter and improved comfort for vendors.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. ROAD CRAZY June 5, 2024 At 11:50 am
    My friend. 99.99% of the roads here are a disgrace. That’s with increased road tax over the years.

  2. Our roads are in a mess. When the build a drain they dont give the proper measurement where the drain should begin hence when the rain falls the problem they build the drain to solve still remains. The problem are the people who work with infrastructure giving the wrong measurement because the feel like the lay person will get to much money building the structure that needs to be done. If we have to do something lets do it in the right manner to prevent the problem from reoccurring. We need good engineers in st lucia especially at our little sub offices. I am not seeing anything being done in stlucia now but i guess as usually next year before election we shall see a change. Wake up and be smart my fellow people. Peace and love

  3. This is all great. More vehicles for the Police to be driving around (aimlessly). Money for farmers is always good (happy for them). Oh, but my vendors. They still there June 5th. Bel la lesh.

    Now, what about the SAB. With all the Non-sporting events we have 200 to 250 boys who have no where to play (football). So what do you think these boys will do to engage themselves during their summer. Why is the Castries District Rep not saying anything. Can’t he help you? Lord help us.


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