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Reports Say Russian Naval Exercises Coming To The Caribbean


Multiple United States news reports quoting U.S. officials say Russia plans to send combat vessels into the Caribbean region this summer as part of naval exercises.

According to the officials, the exercises will likely include port calls in Cuba and possibly stops in Venezuela.

Venezuela has an ongoing border dispute with Guyana and claims over two-thirds of the latter’s territory in the resource-rich Essequibo region.

This week, Guyana Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo confirmed awareness of the Russian combat vessels report at a news conference.

“The President has spoken to several people in the region and the view is that, shared by some of our partners, is that it’s not something that we should worry about that it doesn’t represent a direct threat to Guyana and its interests,” Jagdeo stated.

However, the Guyana Vice President said his country is vigilant.

“We are keeping this issue firmly in our policy rader,” Jagdeo told reporters.

According to U.S. News reports, officials have revealed that they expect Russian ships to remain in the region throughout the summer and that similar exercises may follow.

The Guyana-Venezuela border dispute is currently before the International Court of Justice.

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  1. So Venezuela is expected to have elections soon and madman Maduro is not a favourite. If Venezuela attacks Guyana this summer the US will have to cross paths with these ships in the Caribbean region. CARICOM should should release a statement condemning this exercises in our waters this is not a region of war and conflict.

  2. US sends warships to the middle east in support of their allies. No one bats and eyelid. US places missiles on Russia’s borders. They deserve it. US and NATO using Ukraine as a proxy to take out Russia. Yay! Russia sends warships to the Caribbean in support of their allies. They lose their minds.

  3. Russia I will email your representative to Saint Lucia and the eastern Caribbean and register my displeasure. After the Germans and Americans in WWII we have had enough. Do not bring that business to this side of the world.

  4. @Stop the Hypocrisy, which country is at war with Cuba and Venezuela? Russia is at war with Ukraine, China wants to invade Taiwan and talks about it every week, North Korea wants to annihilate South Korea and Israel’s neighbours want to destroy the country. Helping countries like Ukraine and Taiwan to protect their sovereignty is not the same as what the other side is doing. So please come again.

  5. I welcome the Russians. The US led neo liberal order has led to the destruction of traditional family values and the existence of the human race is at risk because of their destructive policies. They are actively participating in genocide in Palestine and doing their best to push their filth across the world. They are a dying empire with no way to repay the debt they currently owe and would sooner destroy the entire world that to see them lose their dominant position.

    Russia is one of the few European nations promoting traditional family values while others go full on rainbows and alphabets. The Lord really works in strange and mysterious ways. The once atheist communist nation is now the bastion of Christianity. Furthermore they never enslaved my ancestors and they actively participated in helping them break free of Euro Colonialism. They actively assisted the South Africans defeat their white apartheid overlords leading to a majority yet oppressed black nation achieve its freedom. Even now they are actively supporting African nations that are kicking out the neo Colonial criminals exploiting our motherland and people.

    You people need to open up your eyes. The greatest trick lucifer ever pulled off is convincing people he didn’t exist. Likewise the greatest trick these European psychopaths pulled off is convincing the world they are its protectors and everyone else is evil.

  6. @ Oh Really
    Here is an intelligence test:
    -If Mexico allows Chinese troops to be stationed on the US border, what you think would happen?

    -If Ukraine would allow NATO troops to be stationed on the border with Russia, what you think would happen?

    *While you are it, Google “Operation Unthinkable” by Winston Churchill. The West has always been the aggressor in foreign policy. The occupation of Russia in the 1920s etc.
    Ps. Prelude to war in the Caribbean has been alive and well ever since they began arming space.

  7. Well isint this just something!!! And here we are not allowing Russia CIP…smph woiiiiiiiiiii smph, smph

  8. Here is a military expert’s take on the Russian naval visit to the Caribbean region:

    Zircons Paying A Visit… no, not Cuba and Venezuela only. This is the message:

    And here is the reason for the visit:


    The St. Lucia Times is an unabashed regurgitator of US propaganda, so you should never expect to get the truth!

  9. @Poule Foo, Mexico can choose to allow Chinese/Russian troops on the US border but why would they give up ties to the US ? Any country can do what they want, once its within their borders and doesn’t crossover. Russia amassed troops on the Ukraine border in 2021/2022 and they ended up crossing over, you know the rest of that story. The NATO countries can put bases and troops on the Russian border if they so chose but that doesn’t mean that they indent to invade Russia. You also speak of NATO troops on the Russian border, what border, the DONBAS which has been occupied by Russian separatist for two decades now ?
    Personally I do not support whats happening in Palestine and I do not think the Iraq and Vietnam wars were justified, so I do not support everything the US does but be objective for once.

  10. @Poule Foo: Surely you understand why you did not get an answer to the questions you posed to @Oh Really. T’was a big mistake to present an intelligence test to an “it”!

  11. @ Oh Really.
    Somewhere in the 1990s the West had an agreement with Gorbachev not to expand NATO to Russia’s boundaries. In turn Russia would release the satellite states. Well, not very long afterwards, the West was backtracking. The proxy war in Ukraine is just another effort by the West to bleed Russia. Putin is simply pushing back against the West provocations. Do you know that the Soviets lost 27 million people in World War 2? This is the deeply ingrained in Russian psyche. From there, you can extrapolate.
    You never said anything about “Operation Unthinkable.” Maybe too disturbing for you.

  12. Oh really you really need to stop watching comical news network. The US has had CUba under economic blockade since 1962. That is 62 years they have held this country by its throat. Geez man.

  13. Here we go again! The Monroe doctrine. I don’t want anybody in my backyard however, I am and can be anywhere I want. I say BS! And there are some here posting ignorant CNN, BBC, etc propaganda.

  14. Welcome Russia Guyana started it now they are fretting good. The two parties went to Jamaica and every one sign a MOU and as soon as that Coolie Man reach back he broke it with provocation by having the US fly war planes at the border and all of that. Then the icing on the cake the foreign minister of Great Britain came down to Guyana soon after that war planes and ships were deployed, now Venezuela feels threatened so they call in their allies Russia and everyone has plenty to say WHY ??? Yu’ll didn’t have nothing to say when Guyana was doing all what they were doing ??? It’s not like heir lands to begin with the US just want Venezuela to have it, before there was even oil discovery Venezuela been asking for their lands, if Hugo Chavez was around he invade long time; historically it’s Venezuela land , but the devils of the World The US and Great Britain interfere as per usual.

  15. The level of ignorance on display in some of the comments in this thread is directly related to the level of mis-education assimilated via the 2 most influential tools of US propaganda: Hollywood & western corporate media. These tools have been used against the masses of working people to erase from their minds the continuous history of their oppression at the hands of massa, then & now. Luckily, there are many who have taken active steps to de-colonize their minds, and have now taken up the mantle for sharing their success, freely, with the brotherhood of humans with whom they share this planet. Here is a most recent episode:

    Zelensky The Clown HONORED At D-Day Event. Putin’s Nuclear Threat? Chay Bowes Joins RBN Live

    In reference to World War II, the discussants (righteous ranters) missed the opportunity to inform their viewers that it was US industrialists & bankers who armed & financed the Nazis, to boost their profits which had dwindled to a trickle during the Great Depression & the Stock Exchange collapse, in order for Germany to invade the Soviet Union, so that they could loot its vast resources & refill their coffers. We know, of course, that their plan failed miserably.

    Fast forward to today, we see that the US has failed again (in Ukraine); and are slowly waking up to the fact that the looting & plunder of Russia is but a messy, wet dream!

    But beware! Massa has never accepted defeat before – just not in his nature!

  16. Here is a discussion of why the lies told by the US empire’s propaganda outlets are being rejected by the majority of the non-western world:

    Why is the Russian Economy Not Being Destroyed? | Richard D. Wolff

    If the St. Lucia Times had even a smidgen of journalistic integrity, these are the sources of info (truth) they would highlight daily; instead of being an unapologetic stenographer & regurgitator of US propaganda!


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