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Two Males Shot Dead At Rodney Bay


The uptick in deadly gun violence continued Sunday with the fatal shooting of two men at Rodney Bay.

After learning about the incident, the Gros Islet fire station responded at about 6:11 pm.

However, both men, their bodies slumped in a car that appeared to have lost control, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have identified the deceased as Grass Street, Castries residents Walter Hoffer, alias ‘White Boy’, and another male identified as Shemar Martin.

Sunday’s double homicide marked the third consecutive day on which fatal shootings have occurred.

On Friday, at about 10:40 am, the Criminal Investigations Department of the Vieux Fort Police Station initiated investigations into the fatal shooting of a male at Augier, Vieux Fort.

Responding officers heard that two male suspects unlawfully gained access to the residential property of a Police Officer.

One suspect, identified as Delson Marcusie of Cantonment, Vieux Fort, was fatally shot while the other escaped on foot.

Police said they recovered a .40 calibre Glock firearm, with a magazine containing fourteen rounds of .40 calibre ammunition from the deceased.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, two men were gunned down in Marchand, Castries.

Police identified the two deceased as Evirus Lynch Junior and Thaddeus Denis.

Both were fatally shot at about midday, and a police patrol subsequently arrested a male armed with a firearm amid reports of possible retaliation after the fatal shooting.

Photo from social media. Story updated with the full name Shemar Martin. The original version identified the deceased only as ‘Shemar’.


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  1. People have this attitude that it is just gangstas or badboys that getting killed so why bother. Chaos cannot be controlled and we will soon suffer from the law of unintended consequences. This will go beyond the point of no return and all hell will break loose here.

  2. Hello St. Lucia it appears that you have given up on a good Christian life, and have surrendered all to the Devil. How do the Tourists at the Rodney Bay Hotels take it, after spending a fabulous amount hopefully for a few days or weeks at places most of them have been for years, and the worst was, having been harassed by beach bums. Today and the years to come don’t look good for my people; will Tourism survive? will the idle seek for work on the plantations – agriculture???

  3. There are rules in the streets, “white boy” on his release from prison went from on the verge of bad to WORSE!!!

    He wanted to prove himself & make a name for himself a little too much on these streets.Its a sad situation all around,my gf heard the shots & at first didn’t realize it was gunshots.You can’t talk to these young people nowadays,they will do as they please.

  4. There’s no more Banana Indudtry in St.Lucia it’s Dead.The Country Depends on Tourism and Double Homicide within the Vicinity of So many Hotels whats really happening in St.Lucia.The Persons in Authority incharge of Crime in St.Lucia was on Weekend leave .In any other Caribbean Island the police would be out in Full Force From Cop to Constable in Persuit of these Criminals in St.Lucia everyone relax this is very Bad For St.Lucia.This Island will become another Haiti with gun Violence.Today is Monday the Pm Should Call the persons in charge of Crime to his office and give them this week to arrest and Chatge the gunmen Redponsible Nonsense

  5. Peep take charge Peep. What is really going on. When the kingdom of darkness is embraced and used to gain victory the result is bloodshed. May God help us.

  6. Alas it is reaching the doorsteps of some of those who can make force changes to our laws, particularly sentencing! A country so riddles with fun violence is still granting bail to known offenders, sending them on weekend holidays at bbordelais…it amazes me! It is quite pleasurable knowing that world cup crixket is happening in all of this….onto the elected officials to respond accordingly!!!

  7. Keep your nonsense in town and away from the tourists. The Fox is right it will ruin tourism for all Lucia if they don’t get this under control.

  8. I don’t know how many times I have to say this: Saint Lucia’s only hope is individual and collective repentance — and a turn to live godly lives — youths and adults alike!!! Everything else is merely “spinning tops in the mud” –we are making no progress and we keep getting mud in our faces! Polirical talk and “band-aid” efforts are futile! The Word of God is that if we don’t repent, we will certainly perish! The choice is ours!

  9. Every era brings with it challenges – we who live on planet earth have to adjust ourselves for the era that we are part of – it is called adaptation (the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc etc. However, what is happening is that most Lucians want to get rich overnight and as a result they get involved in all kinds of evil by any means necessary. Rome was not built in a day – some Lucians lack education are illiterate and complain about hourly wage. I just don’t understand what’s happening in 238 square miles.

  10. @ Anonymous 11:48am
    I agree with one of your points. Much of the crime we are witnessing can be pinned to the “get rich quick” mentality that has overcame a few generations. The older generation accumulated wealth slowly and steadily. I can think of stories my mother told me about Valmont, JQ, Johnsons etc. Their prices were not extreme, hence, people went there and many times bought a little too much. We have arrived at a stage where someone with a newly lunched small business wants to be a millionaire before the year is over.

    We have the spectre of young criminals eyeing successful individuals and wanting to be like them… without enduring their hard work, pain, stress and long hours. They want it now. Their calculations don’t include hard work. Many who dare work hard and are succeeding, are accused of selling drugs to succeed. The people who are doing the accusations are generally habitants of the rum shop, sitting on the block or too lazy to go out and bust it.

    Somewhere ahead, we will have to align our youth with the values of true success. The culture of government giveaways has not been good for the country. It took away initiative, creativity and drive for ownership. Those giveaways turned us into weak, flabby and lacking personal drive individuals. Those handouts are generally inferior goods and services. A segment of the population are just zombies of what they could have been. We can’t continue on this path.

  11. @ Truth be told & Stone Cold. thank you brothers.
    St. Lucia needs to hear the truth; that Godlessness = Lawlessness or else.
    Some time ago some prominent Lady conducted an international Witches conference right here in St. Lucia. True enough there always were some degree of Gun violence in St. Lucia, but it was contained in some isolated parts of the Island. When you unleash the powers of evil for your supposed gain & other reasons, maybe you may get what you asked for by evil means, it will seek to boast its evil powers in places to show what they are really about TO STEAD,KILL & DESTROY
    We the believers are warned in the good Book: St. John Ch. 10 vs 10.
    The Word of GOD is alive & well to protect all, why can’t the Preachers preach?

  12. Kat your cousin is involved in the criminal activity taken place in St Lucia, instead you talk to him you want to blame Peep. Check yourself

  13. Why make war and act like man animals ?
    Are you not of the same blood ?
    Get a bible with inscription of the Word of the God of heaven and earth and open it as much as we open our mouth !!!!!!!!


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