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UWP Declares War Against Corruption, Victimization


The United Workers Party (UWP) has issued a resolute declaration of war against corruption and victimization in Saint Lucia, following a series of troubling revelations that have rocked the nation.

The announcement comes amidst mounting concerns over transparency, accountability, and ethical governance within the current administration.

The UWP’s call to action comes on the heels of several alarming developments:

  1. Unaccounted Citizenship by Investment Funds: Allegations that a staggering US$1.4 billion of citizenship by investment funds remain unaccounted for and the unlawful transfer of funds to Caribbean Galaxy raises serious questions about financial mismanagement and transparency within the government.
  2. Victimization of Vendors: Reports of victimization of vendors in Castries by Local Government Minister Richard Frederick have sparked outrage among citizens, highlighting the need to protect the rights and livelihoods of all citizens, especially those in vulnerable positions.
  3. Secretive Port Deals: Concerns have been raised regarding the secretive nature of the government’s dealings, particularly the giveaway of two of Saint Lucia’s ports of entry. The lack of transparency in such crucial matters continues to erode public trust in the Philip J Pierre led administration.
  4. Intimidation of Civil Servants: Disturbing reports have emerged of intimidation tactics being used against civil servants who dare to speak out against the numerous scandals plaguing the government. This culture of fear stifles dissent and undermines the democratic process.

In response to these alarming developments, UWP Leader and Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Allen Chastanet, has issued a rallying cry for all Saint Lucians to unite in the fight against corruption and victimization.

He emphasizes the importance of holding the government accountable for its actions and ensuring that the rights and interests of all citizens are protected and he made a clarion call to all Public Servants that it is their duty to protect the people, not the Ministers.

“Enough is enough,” declared Hon. Allen Chastanet. “The rampant corruption, victimization, and lack of transparency cannot be allowed to continue unchecked. It is time for us to stand together and demand accountability from those in power. The UWP is committed to leading the charge against corruption and fighting for a government that serves the interests of all Saint Lucians.”

The UWP calls on all citizens, civil society organizations, and stakeholders to join forces in this critical battle for transparency, accountability, and good governance. Together, we can build a brighter future for Saint Lucia, free from corruption and victimization.

SOURCE: From the desk of the PRO -United Workers Party

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  1. Talk about victimization? What about the Belrose doctrine which was entrenched in UWP policies? What about that UWPs? What about that….

  2. The ad reality is the threat being made to civil servants. Kenny devised a way to control them by putting all on contract, so the ministers always threaten the workers with the possibility of their contract not being renewed. I am a victim of this and know a few co workers who hv ben through this. SAD

  3. That’s like Donald calling Joe a liar! Then again when uwp in power we getting similar letters from the slp, this embarrassing cycle of cat and mouse will never stop! It’s up the the electorate to be smart enough to strain the nonsense out. As a comment above stated, this Belrose Doctrine will NEvER be forgotten, it was personal for me. That was perhaps the most obvious confession of crime of victimization against people in Saint lucia.

  4. Do Better, only now you want to see transparency, let’s examine the following: How many passports did Chastanet sell during his reign, how much money was given to CHTTI, for what reason did Chas give Sandals 24 million, how much money was paid for the foundation of the box at St. Jude, what did we get for the 1000 acres of land given to Teo aking. Let’s talk about these. Colonization had a conscience.

  5. Shameless Season 12 : Staring Allan Chastanet..
    Where do these politicians get the gonads to spew garbage the way they do? Not so much that the government needs to be given carte blanche as it is from whom accountability is being spearheaded ( the worst administration in our history) . How quick we forget as a people. The mere fact that some of these politicians are still relevant is an indictment on our collective integrity in St Lucia.

    All of a sudden not only do you want to demand accountability but also you want to dictate the style in which it is done? Give us a break and do some introspection. That’s beyond laughable.


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