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RSLPF To Train 80 Recruits


The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has commenced training for 80 recruits for the first time since 2019. This cohort includes 13 women, highlighting a commitment to gender inclusivity.

The recruits will undergo an intensive 6-month training program at the Police Force Training Academy.

According to Inspector Keth Thompson, the commander of the police training academy, the curriculum aims to impart essential knowledge, refine skills, and instill a robust ethical foundation necessary for upholding the RSLPF’s standards and serving the community effectively.

A formal ceremony on Monday officially launched the training.

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre, Minister for Home Affairs and Crime Prevention Jeremiah Norbert, and Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes Pelius attended.

Descartes-Pelius emphasized a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and criminal behavior within the force, stating, “There is no room for corruption or criminal activity from any police officers under my watch.”

This RSLPF has stressed its commitment to enhancing its capabilities and ensuring professionalism among its ranks, reflecting ongoing efforts to maintain public trust and safety across Saint Lucia.

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  1. “zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and criminal behavior within the force”, Well well, maybe you do not know the synonyms for criminal and corruption.

    CRIMINAL, noun: bandit, blackguard, buccaneer, burglar, convict, defrauder, evildoer, extortionist, felon, filcher, fugitive, gangster, grafter, guilty person, gunman, hardened, offender, juvenile delinquent, kidnapper, killer, knave, lawbreaker, malefactor, malfeasant, manslayer, marauder, misdemeanant, murderer, offender, outlaw, pilferer, pillager, pirate, plunderer, public enemy, recidivist, recreant, reprobate, reus, robber, sceleratus, smuggler, sneak thief, swindler, terrorist, thief, transgressor, underworld character, villain, “worker of iniquity”, wrongdoer

    CORRUPTION, noun: abuse of public trust, act of bribing, act of profiteering, baseness, breach of faith, breach of trust, bribery, complicity, conduct involving graft, corrupt, inducement, corruptela, corruptibility, corruptio, crime, criminality, debasement, deception, depravatio, deviation
    from rectitude, deviousness, disgrace, dishonesty, “dishonor”, disloyalty, disrepute, feloniousness, fraudulence, fraudulency, graft, illegality, improbity, indirection, injustice, jobbery, knavery, lack of conscience, lack of principle, lack of probity, malignancy, obliquity, perfidiousness, perfidy, perversion of integrity, scoundrelism, turpitude, unscrupulousness, venality, villainousness, villainy, want of principle, wickedness


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