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Hilaire Says Carnival No Excuse For Licentious Behaviour


Creative Industries and Culture Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has urged responsible behaviour as Saint Lucia enters the final stretch of the Carnival season.

At the same time, Hilaire, whose responsibilities include tourism, acknowledged that there could be no Carnival without ‘some bacchanal’.

“The bam bam wall will surface again. A lot of those issues will confront us once again as a society,” the Minister told reporters.

Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire had penned a review of last year’s Carnival expressing shock at the ‘absolute vulgarity’ on display in many street bands and the ‘bam bam wall’.

Citing the scriptures, he declared that anything demeaning to the dignity of the human person is unworthy of public display.

According to the clergyman, Carnival or any human celebration should not be an excuse for any form of licentiousness.

In a similar vein, Dr. Hilaire urged restraint.

“I need to take this opportunity to appeal to all Saint Lucians to be responsible in their behaviour. In what they drink and their conduct on the roads and of course to ensure that we do not have any acts of indiscipline or violence or crime,” the Minister said.

“Carnival is not an excuse for any licentious behaviour, any unacceptable behaviour. It is not an opportunity for you to get as drunk as possible. It is not about that. It’s about having clean fun,” Hilaire asserted.

“It’s about celebrating life, our culture, our identity and who we are as a people,” he stated.

In addition, Hilaire disclosed that Saint Lucia had recorded strong numbers for the event, making it almost impossible to get a hotel room or a flight into the country despite adding new flights for that period.

“So we are expecting Carnival to be the biggest carnival that we have had, again topping 2019,” the Castries South MP declared.

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  1. Thanks for the endorsment, another name for the Bum Bum wall is a wall of Arse .oles. According to the Minister, not me, this is “who we are as a people”. Well maybe not all of us.

  2. The folk in St. Lucia are strange on every level – they love to doubletalk— and I quote

    β€œThe bam bam wall will surface again. A lot of those issues will confront us once again as a society,” the Minister told reporters.

    All you folks care about is making money by any means necessary – while your citizens the children (the future of St. Lucia) look on and think in their minds that this VULGARITY is proper behavior. No wonder they are behavior and dressing the way there are even right now – such examples right in their face.

    I remember when carnival was enjoyable without the vulgarity. Nothing wrong in showing a little skin here and there – but this is ABSOLUTE NAKEDNESS…it looks gross and stink on some of the revelers.

    How could you walk around NAKED while the entire world sees your NAKEDNESS in person and via social media. Then you go on to work the next week like nothing happened trying to act all proper when you are looked at in disgust. In some instances if you are job hunting trust me – you will not be hired.

    You drink excessively without being aware of your surrounding while STDs, Herpes and HIV is alive and well. With all due respect — make that make sense. Godspeed

  3. Carnival :
    Godless in the last days, also signifies the mocking of the Son of the Most High nail on the piece of wood,
    Having nothing to do with them..
    Men of deprived minds,as far as the word is concerned are rejected..
    But they will not get very far because, their folly will clear to everyone..2timothy3..

  4. This IS the excuse every year and WILL continue to be the excuse because WE support it. Talk is cheap. If you want a difference tjen DO something. SMH

  5. We all know that the events have devolved into lewdness and ribaldry. It has been so for quite some time. Hilaire knows it. He is strategizing so he wouldn’t get criticized by the churches. Here is free advice to Hilaire, don’t fund the freaking thing. We will then see how it works out.

  6. Ofcourse bumper year for Red and Co! Bacchanal seems to get the most budgetary allocation. Since last year date for Carnival announced yet we can’t get a date for St. Jude’s. Priorities all messed Up

  7. Rum and Circus again. I guess SLP not commenting on CIP scandal anymore, y’all looking GUILTY

  8. This is how Hilaire makes his living, whether the Archbishop likes it or not. Some of us including me may not like the depravity of what a once nice thing has tuned out to be, but be aware that the world out there is a dying, corrupt and stinking mess of what we call modern society; A Modern Hospital was half way built and construction was stopped because of politics. The Budget Allocated for carnival could refurbish two St. Jude Hospitals. The dirtiness and filth we exhibit to the young today is certain to hurt St. Lucia in the next generation; sin is sin and your Tax money is paying for it.

  9. Hypocrites…..why isn’t the church addressing it’s decades long abuses of minors?why are they not addressing the secret debauchery carried out by the hollier than though self righteous pillocks?….there is nothing wrong with people using natural body movements to enjoy themselves…the problem is in the minds of the prudes who think that just because a woman or man twerks, that makes them vulgar or because someone wears skimpy material makes them’s say more about your brain and thinking than It does about the revellers…get over your hypocritical selves and let people enjoy themselves, carnival is about expressing our hard won freedom from slavery and the tyranny of the church which they themselves were involved in the enslavement and abuse of our ancestors….never forget that…the church is trying to make you forget their role in the abuse of our ancestors….the churches influence is growing weak in society and they are seeking relevance….look at the stats, in the west, church and religion observation is declining…. people no longer believe in the sky god nonsense….once they believed in Zeus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Poseidon…etc etc…we no longer believe in those because now we know the evidence for those ancient gods are none existent….no one today will say they believe in Zeus, or Poseidon or Bacchus etc ext….so why do some believe in god? No difference between Zeus and the that spurious character called god….Zeus and god is one in the same. They were all conjured up by the minds and imaginations of men…..they don’t exist…bring on the carnival and Bacchanal ( ironically named after the god of wine and festivities Bacchus) and live life like it was your last… life to live…there is no life after this one and let the hypocrites sit at home, prostrating, reading their holy ( holey?) book while we live and celebrate our freedom…..get lost prudes….

  10. As long as hillaire is involved there’s always gonna be a cloud of issues. The only ppl benefitting from carnival is the owners and founders of Redd international. Who owns them? Do your research. Cip the only lawyer benefitting? Do your research. Invest St. Lucia, who’s benefitting? Do your research. Jazz festival? Do your research. Bank of St. Lucia? Do your research. There’s one common link to ALL these appointments and that’s hillaire. Nothing for the poor, just for the circle. And we as Lucians blaming this and that. Wake up!!!

  11. Just imagine in these hard times this man is willing to increase the budget for carnival? I could never vote for these jokers again. The blind can see what’s going on

  12. In your 238 square miles – where the egos of politicians are as high as the Tower of Babel – they think they are high and mighty gods and some of the people literally worship them. Let it be known NO MAN SHOULD BE WORSHIPPED – BTW – I am neither SLP nor UWP and I am not impressed with none.

    Perhaps while you are addressing and promoting the carnival and the need for you all to be relevant on every level. You should also add a footnote to the parents in St. Lucia –

    [PLEASE remind them to obtain the schoolbooks and the uniforms for their children as a TOP PRIORITY before purchasing their expensive costumes]. This way, they will stop BEGGING their family members and friends abroad who work hard in snow, rain and shine for $$$$$. The proverbial “things hard in St. Lucia” — yeah right.

    By all means you can certainly feel free to – LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE – Stop begging period. Godspeed.

  13. c-wiz u always deh……u always criticize da church,……why not criticize da many parents who partake and never have money to take care of deh kids…do u know how heartbreaking it is to see a child goes to school without break or lunch yet u see the mother nails and hair always on flick??? dammit!!!!!

  14. @ C-WIZ
    I can’t go on without warning you; you are real read and a scholar, in my opinion a bit of a show off; you know exactly what you are trying to do i.e. playing on the minds of a quantity who would fall for your crap…….DON’T try to MIX THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHY, WITH THE NAMES THAT HISTORIANS CALL, AND MISTAKEN AS THE REAL NAME OF GOD………you alone are the one to bear the consequences, if you persist in your nonsense. No one knows the real name of GOD; when Moses asked, HE did not disclose but rather said that ” I AM ” ………..when the SON came HE told us to pray to the FATHER in Heaven asking HIM in HIS name JESUS (JESHUA in Hebrew) anything in HIS will for us, HE gill give it. This one who’s speaking to you right now, is a living miracle; without the prayers of others, I should have been long gone – but I’m here to say to all, call upon HIS name – HIS NAME IS JESUS, YOUR SAVIOUR [ please for your sake, stop your mocking & be good ]

  15. @ The Fox…

    It must really get under your skin when someone, anyone criticises your sky god. Your personal miraculous experience with the sky god is between you and him (for which he doesn’t exist, I mustt add)…. whatever your personal eureka moment when the sky god came to your rescue, I am certain that some human intervention must have been responsible for your new found religious zeal in the sky god and it had nothing to do with the sky god himself…. surely being close to death and making a so called miraculous recovery is not miracle….these incidents happen every day…no miracle there… may have blind faith in your beliefs ( that is your prerogative) but I live a rational, reasoned life…. your god is no different from the thousands of obsolete gods from other cultures…..there, I said it….and for those who knash their teeth when I spew such….join the line of the many that have tried to convince god exist…only to realise when I point it out to them, the very book….the spurious book called the bible is filled with errors, lies, falsities, inaccuracies and the whole lot….

    In case you did not know there were many so called Christ who was supposed to come a redeem the Jews from the shackles of Rome….The Jews had m ancient prophecy that the Christ would come and rescue them from Rome ( who was at that time the imperial power in the middle east) many so prophecy mad individual called themselves the Christ claiming to be the one to save the Jews from the oppression of Rome… is one : SIMON BAR KOCHBAR….do some research and open you eyes and stop being fools..many thought SIMON BAR KOCHBAR was the Messiah until the Romans captured him and executed him….sounds familiar? Jesus Christ is just another of those charlatans….and there were many more before him and many more after him….even today there is a guy who believes he is the Messiah… your research….you gullible fools are lost…

  16. @ C-WIZ
    You too have read of the Anti-Christ to come, and he has many followers,
    the ones who believe in him; it makes me feel very sorry indeed so go on
    believe what you believe, me and my family and friends do believe in Jesus.

  17. Foolish and stupide :
    Flee from 😈 evil desires and Righteouness,instead be in the hope that God will grant repentance leading to knowledge to the truth,and come to the sense and escape the trap of the 🐍 demons who has taken to caprive to do his will..
    Accept the truth,receive instructions !
    The day of Darkness is very near,imagine walking in the dark and doesen’t know where you are going..

    The doom has ever been reserved for the Ungodly πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    JESUS :
    Do you need me ❓
    I died for your sins,
    Live for me !
    Nahum :
    This is what the LORD says :
    Although they are Vile and are numerous..
    “You will have no descendants to bear your name.. I will prepare your (GRAVE)S, for you are Vile

    It is not about the bummy
    It is all about the Lamb !
    Knees give way,body trembling,I have no remedy,I have no food,no clothing in my house ❗


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