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Pan In Danger?


Hausan ‘Zorro’ Griffith recalls that as a boy, he frequented the steel band yards on his way to school, remaining until people like pan pioneer Lennard ‘Scrub’ Wellington, would encourage him to leave.

“Scrub would have to run behind me – ‘Lil boy, go to school’,” Griffith recalled with a laugh.

Although he would leave, his love for steel band music never did.

Decades later, Griffith believes that pan is in danger in Saint Lucia and wants steel bands introduced in secondary schools.

Griffith told St. Lucia Times that currently, Saint Lucia has only two primary tuners, one of whom is reclusive.

“We are not encouraging or trying to develop younger people to get involved in the art form of building and tuning pans,” he observed.

Griffith noted that most local steel bands are bringing in tuners from Trinidad and Tobago.

“So where are we going for ourselves when it comes to tuning and building of pan? There are maybe about three guys who are understudies, but there is no push for them to develop the art form,” he told St. Lucia Times.

In calling for steel band music in schools, Griffith felt that it would help keep youngsters off the streets and steer them away from antisocial activities.

“It helps them stay away from bad company and the ills of society,” Griffith declared.

The veteran steel band player and leader of the Harmonites band, which plays at local hotels, envisions a band in every secondary school and is willing to assist in this endeavor.

Griffith has a history of teaching youngsters to play the pan and helping develop the art form in Laborie, Micoud and Soufriere, as well as conducting summer camps.

He feels that once more youngsters get involved in steel band music, the art form will filter into local communities, Saint Lucia will have more bands to participate in the panorama, and that aspect of local culture will thrive.

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  1. I heard Frank Myers talking about CIP. For about 3 years now, I have been asking for the number of passports Allen sold during his term of office and he never responded. I am asking again , Allen how many passports did you sell during your reign in office?

  2. Troy Francis trust me if it was a problem Richard and Company would have been publicizing it and talking about it on every show. Maybe you should ask Lorne why he resigned.

  3. @Troy
    You have waited 3years ! I don’t think he will respond, I am happy to help give you the answer. Before I do, for those quick hothead party political people. I support no political party, I stand alone, a bystander, free from political party mouth piece. Just happy to assist. It’s long, so please excuse the lengthy message. I will do my best to keep it short but give the most important figures.
    In 2020 – 2021 St Lucia CIP ranked No.1 within the Caribbean region for efficiency in processing citizenship applications.

    St Lucia CIP remains very popular among Chinese, Americans and Nigerians.

    Applications approved by country of birth for 2020 – 2021
    China. 129
    Nigeria. 48
    USA. 30
    Russia. 17
    India. 9

    2016- 2017 …CIP Applications rcvd 36
    CIP Approved 17
    CIP refused 1
    2017- 2018…..CIP Applications rcvd 345
    CIP Approved 188
    CIP refused 27
    2018- 2019…..CIP Applications rcvd 152
    CIP Approved 210
    CIP refused 27
    2019-2020…..CIP Applications rcvd 193
    CIP Approved 143
    CIP refused 13
    2020- 2021….CIP Applications rcvd 408
    CIP Approved 313
    CIP refused 14
    2020 – 2021 is one of the most successful years for CIP in terms of revenue and growth on application in almost all the investment options available for citizenship overall. It has been the best year on record from since inception.
    Now for Investment route
    2016- 2017….Donation 31
    Bonds 5
    Real Estate 0
    2017- 2018….Donation 344
    Bonds 1
    Real Estate 0
    2018- 2019…..Donation 152
    Bonds 0
    Real Estate 0
    2019- 2020……Donation 175
    Bonds 0
    Real Estate 18
    2020- 2021……Donation 261
    Bonds 65
    Real Estate 82
    As for teaching pan, it’s a brilliant idea. Our history and culture is worth all efforts and it can also teach young people important musical skills, tolerance and pride in their history, achievements and most of all a sense of purpose in keep pan alive in St Lucian culture.

  4. CIP
    2021 – 2022….CIP Applications 583
    CIP Approved 433
    CIP Refused 9
    So @ Troy I hope you like what you see. Long time to wait, now you have Chastanet’s UWP numbers and SLP.

    Pan all the way! Teach the youth some musical skills….any investors interested ? In helping the kids? Could do with a gift donation to aid a good cause. 9

  5. @patriot That too, is important, it’s all our history. Let’s not be selective. When we don’t share our history and values as one Caribbean nation we are holding ours back.
    It’s shared history, what does it matter if pan is not Lucian. We can’t think like that, let’s unite not cause exclusion. Banjo and taboo all are treasured history.
    British tourist love St Lucia carnival, it’s not their history. Yet, they enjoy it and spend holiday joy just being there just to enjoy carnival. Should we tell them to stay away from playing mas, because its not British?


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