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The President of Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, Catherine Sealys, asserting that Public Service Minister, Doctor Ubaldus Raymond owes everyone an apology over a nude photo scandal, has declared that women in the public service should not be reporting to him.

“Who was the naked person in the photos?” Sealys demanded to know in an interview aired by Hot FM.

Her comments follow this weeks announcement by Raymond that he had accepted apologies from two young ladies who were charged with blackmailing him, and was happy that the case was closed.

Curshaby Alexander and Kershel Louis, who were both 18 at the time, were arrested  last year after nude photos of Raymond were leaked online.

Raymond, who was Minister in the Ministry of Finance at the time, told reporters Monday that both accused have accepted their wrong.

“That man should be ashamed. He should have been ashamed to have embarrassed his wife and family, ashamed to have embarrassed his cabinet colleagues, ashamed to have embarrassed Saint Lucia,” the Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia President asserted.
She expressed the view that Raymond had insulted and disrespected every woman in Saint Lucia.
“I am disturbed by his behaviour. I am disturbed by his mindset, I am disturbed by the smug smile that he has on his face, thinking he is right – and he is not right,” Sealys remarked.
She said Raymond should resign.


  1. Shot your oglie face Catherine. Did the man go live he was black mailed whats your ******* point you have a beef with Allen and you taking everyone associated with him on.Get a life oglee

  2. What is so wrong about a man sending nude pictures to his friend she is 18 not 10 show us the law that he broke sets of hypocrites.

    • Him sending photos to “his friends” may not be an issue legally. The issue is that he bloody-well lied about it, additionally, it is a moral issue! Now, y’all can call morality what y’all want but it is what it is . . . an issue!

  3. Hiw can anyone in their right mind not condemn this reckless immoral individual who has the gall to still stay in public office.
    He should have been fired immediately.
    Says a lot about the mindset of Chastanet and the hypocricy of Flood who can sit in the same room with this lecherous man.

  4. Women should stand against you for that nonsense you are doing to them. The ladies apologise and the guy accepted it. You have a problem with that. Are you implying that he should have told them he is not accepting it and use the apology against them in court?

  5. You don’t know your way here. First, you judged him guilty before the case was even heard by a more ompetent process than you. Now, ater the court process freed him of culpability, you’re still finding him guilty. You seem to have something personal against him or you’re simply mental

    • Serious, are you serious? Which court freed him of culpability? The case did not go before a magistrate or a judge. The matter was settled out of court. The main reason is that Ubaldus did not want the unearthing of the scandalous information surrounding this incident to go viral. His soiled reputation will weigh him down, like an albatross around his neck, for the rest of his life.i

  6. Catherine you’re just jealous that u wernt the one staring in the show and it hurting your heart that it wasn’t your man’s tool if u have one that was being showed we females always feel men are always wrong and we’re right we are jazibels we are receivers not because I’m a woman that’s the truth so just drop it birch

  7. Welll….Ubaldo settles out of court.To whos convenience?the guy or the girls?Now we will never know the truth,but when you pull down your pants,its because you are showing intention,and fondling you pi,pi,in front of two girls.So if you settled,why talk ?
    Fish die by the mouth,you smell foul buddy

  8. What is wrong with you all saint Lucians just because the man is educated and has some power you all are defending the guys actions.I don’t believe these two young women lied on the man .he supposed to be the one apologising to those women.What irritates me once the people have power and education they are allowed to get away free out of every damn thing they do which is wrong. And oooh boy they like using psychology on the dummies.bunch of perverts and liars.I agree with Sealys and I am behind her 100%.

  9. Ubaldus Raymond is an unremorseful , filthy-minded sexual predator. He has lost the moral authority to be a member of Cabinet. Would any of you supporters of Ubaldus allow him to babysit your young daughters while you are at work? Be honest now. I will like to know which one of you will grant permission for your teenage daughter (14 or 15 years old) to work alone with him as an intern in his office? For Mr. Chastanet and all the other members of Cabinet to condone this behavior is unconscionable. This is polluted politics. This is indefensible. This is politics at its WORST. All the current Ministers should be booted from power next general elections. The government sets the tone for the country. If the government is corrupt, immoral and dishonest, the rest of the country, inevitably, falls in line.

  10. I think Catherine Sealys should make her plea to the justice system of st lucia. U mean to tell me after the court has ruled, u Catherine still feel d man guilty. Please tell st lucia what offense is he guilty of. I wish someone would post a nude of you and for the public to be asking u to stay away from the cameras.

    • You can vote at 18. You can be hanged at 18. You can drink and have sex legally at 16. You can pose for playboy at 18. You can get married at 18. You can get your drivers license at 17. Ubaldus was a silly, naughty boy but certainly not a criminal. Jadia had a baby very young and yet nobody was stupid enough to tell her she was an abused teenager.Blackmail however is criminal. Women deserve equal rights in everything and this self righteous and indignation nonsense is a lot of foolishness.

  11. It’s time everyone of you mind your business and forcus on your life and your future. They are all adults who put themselves in this situation. If you just ignore them i am sure by now they would all feel insignificant. The only people who committed a crime were these two women. Immorality is condemned my Christianity. It is not a crime. Please get a life.

  12. Ms. Sealy, be strong. When you talk truth to power expect a backlash but do not let it deter you from speaking out in the best interest of our young daughters and the country in general. One of the most important virtues is courage. Courage has brought about new inventions and positive transformation of society. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, Mahatma Gandhi all were subjected to vicious verbal abuse and serve time in prison for their courageous stands against the wrongdoings and injustices of the authorities. Ignore your detractors’ pathetic ignorance.

  13. Gimme d siren woo woo woo !… #justiceforshaby thanks for giving me the siren let’s all come together for kershel and curshaby!!!!

  14. I have always wodered, who appointed Sealys an advocate for women? Who recognises her as such.
    I don’t hear women talking about her.
    She is not the right fit for such an important role.
    She is not bright. Not impressive. Not a good thinker.

  15. If Catherine have no sin she should cast the first stone cause y’all ignorant people act like y’all were there y’all ready to b judge jury and executioners talk are the ones that crucified jesus

  16. The man has no shame and he won a long time ago when he was allowed to remain in office. If anything like that had happened to a member of Senate or any similar office of government in the US, that person would have been forced to resign. I don’t agree with much of what that lady said but she’s right that he’s an embarrassment to his family and this nation.

  17. Lucians please,read the lines.Ubaldus Raymond,never won any case in court,there was no case,the court called the parts to settle:so they settled,each lawyer knows what really happened here.We will never get to know.Nobody won nobody lost.Nobody is guilty,nobody is inocent Raymond comited the mistake,of talking,when he came out of court,that could cost him.Settlements are confidential,he broke the law.

    He should not be holding office,he is an embarrasment,to goverment

  18. I am amused by the majority of the statements which tend to side with Ubaldus Raymond. Why are we so politically minded in this 21st Century. The majority of you are missing the point here. Yes the ladies were both 18 at the time, but are young people who were entrusted in the care of someone who was supposed to be a role model and not a predator. Are you guys saying that you will entrust your young female adults to have job training in a ministry where Ubaldus works without being conscious of the possibility that they could be rubbed the wrong way? The bottom line is from the time this issue surfaced, Ubaldus should have been relieved from his public appointment. We cant have an individual who exposes his privates to our children be apart of our leadership and this clearly shows why our country in headed down this tretreous path. We have forgotten what we stand for. We have forgotten what morals and ethics mean. And to ice the cake Ubaldus is saying he won….really dude? There was not a court hearing, so what did you win? Did you appear before a judge and a jury? Ms Sealys continue on for your work is needed in St. Lucia. Do not let the people that are singing for their supper distract you.

  19. who is that ape ..shut your ugly face ..you eh see you eh have a man …no man eh want you …go get a life you baboon you will remain black and ugly till you die

    • Man you are so hateful and based on your comments you seem to be very ignorant. You lost all credibility with your personal attack on this person. For a Black person to call another a black ugly baboon shows how small your brain is.
      The more I read some of these comments the more I realize we are in a lot of trouble as a country…….

  20. It’s good that the case is dropped. I’m not saying that the girls were right for exposing him but it was very disturbing for him to say that people are only trying to taint his image and for him to put God in his nonsense when he was the one exposing himself to the girl ..It would have been more genuine for him to say
    “Yes I did this and it was morally wrong but he’s more than this and still willing to do what he can for his country”

  21. It is sad when we lose focus of the real issues and begin name calling and what have you. However much I disagree with seally’s reasoning and I am disappointed in Raymond, resorting to the kind of language I see here speaks more about the persons making the comments than about Seally or Raymond or the issue at hand. Here are some things Seally needs to answer. Does a person’s right to take nude pictures in privacy make this person Immoral? Does his right to share them with interested parties make him disrespectful of these individuals, and if the individuals are accepting of the behavior does it not make them disrespectful of themselves for either accepting these photos? If the photos were unsolicited or offensive to them was it not their right to go to the Police and file a complaint? Now the other question is if they choose instead to use it as a tool of intimidation or Blackmail were they not breaking the Law? Now are they not breaking the Law by Publishing Nude photos, which amounts to the sharing of pornographic material?

    Raymond as a husband, father and believer was certainly acting irresponsible, foolish and certainly improper towards these young women. But by the same token these young women were definitely wrong to publish what was a private exchange for the purpose of intimidation and or blackmail. The reality here is that Raymond was not the one who placed his private photos out in the public domain, so Seally’s argument that because he is the person in the photos makes him disrespectful of every woman speaks volumes on her narrowness of thinking. Do I believe that Raymond’s irresponsibility should have adverse consequences, yes I do. Not for taking nude picture in private, that’s a matter for him and his wife, but for sharing them with any other person other than his wife. In so doing he was stepping outside the bounds of marital faithfulness and was not demonstrating moral rectitude and therefore not being the kind of role model for our young people. For that alone there should have being a price to pay. We need leaders who will inspire our young people to greatness and as a minister of Government he in that instance failed miserably. But who are we, Seally, Myself or others, who only have some of the facts, to judge and determine what the consequences should be? My Grand mother used to say that those who self-righteously make much noise about other peoples sins are often times greater sinners who must hide their sin by pointing out the sins of others.

  22. I think Ubaldus Raymond is very lucky to still be a minister in the ministry of finance. When you are in a high-powered job in public office there is a code of conduct where employees must meet standards of professional behaviour as a condition of employment. If this is violated then the employee faces disciplinary action. This disclosure of his private parts will make people lose respect for him as he certainly does not have any respect for himself, his family or his job. Now what the girls did was wrong but Ubaldus put himself in a vulnerable position by sexting like that and really should have known better. He won’t be doing that again! (-; And the people commenting on Catherine’s looks are just pathetic and small-minded; you disgust me!

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