Man Shot Dead In Vieux Fort

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Saint Lucia recorded another homicide around midnight Thursday when a man in Vieux Fort, identified as ‘Sou-wi’ succumbed after being shot, police say.

Law enforcement officials who confirmed the death said the fatal shooting occurred at Shanty Town.

But the details surrounding the incident were not immediately available.

The latest Vieux Fort homicide occurred as police continued investigations into the fatal shooting of a man in Soufriere on Thursday at about noon at Fond St Jacques.

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Saint Lucia has so far recorded 31 homicides for the year.

There are no further details at this time.


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  1. We’re too soft in St. Lucia. In America the CIA taking out these fellas by any means necessary once they identify them. Everyone can cry human rights abuse all they want, there is no one to penalise the America when they do it. Certain people in St. Lucia had to open their big mouth to promote themselves and now the cops are in the boxing ring with one hand tied behind their back. Will Uncle Sam come down to take care of the criminals for us? Nope they only care if Lucians kill one of their white citizens. If you engage in illegal activities I don’t see why the cops should have to deal with you legally.

    • That was a lawless comment, you supporting street justice by saying police can kill when they want if somebody doing sum illegal, and you say the US can do extra judicial killings without any country bothering them when the US is founded on human rights thats why they sanctioned the SLU cops for ORC. You just sound lazy and incoherant.

  2. PM Pierre, you got a huge mandate from the electors to do much better than your predecessor especially to reduce the murders and turn around the economy. Your efforts so far are abysmal.

    There needs to be a recall clause in the constitution. Pierre should be recalled. The country put in the hands of some selected and experienced NGOs for the next two or three years until new elections.

    St. Lucia needs a new and serious crop of shrewd, honest and dedicated politicians. These present ones are after only money and power.


  4. Sorry folks. If not guns they use cutlasses. If not cutlasses they use knives. if not knives they use stones. The people are the problem. Won’t change.

  5. It is time that we hear from the National security minister about his plans to curb the blood letting in this country – Short, medium and long term. There has been a deafening silence on his part. All he does is to pass the buck to his incompetent police hierarchy, and we all know the results. Someone has to say and do something Sir and that someone is you.

    One may say I am political, but tell me what isn’t. I hold SLP partly responsible for what is happening in Vieux Fort. Many years ago, when the UWP tried to stop the illegal settlements in Bruceville, who encouraged the squatters to stay? Who encouraged them to block the roads and protest? Who!! Who is still encouraging illegal settlements in Vieux Fort, near the docks and other places? I wonder how the Samuels feel about those settlements, looking down from their vantage point? I wonder. All these unplanned settlements do, is encourage criminals and crime. History has proven that. And Kenny, one of the most educated politicians in this country should know that, or so one would think. Now all he can do in response to his graveyard stench, is meet with the police hierarchy for discussions. This is truly what a failed politician looks like.

    Right under his watchful eye, Vieux Fort became a big ghetto, where all businesses had to flee from downtown. Where the value of property plummeted overnight because of crime and the fact that it is a dead end. Notwithstanding our pleas, he failed to build an exit road through the town connecting to the Vieux Fort Labour highway – that simple gesture would have made a difference in keeping downtown active. Instead, the criminals have taken over and we the citizens are forced to flee that area after 4:30 p.m. Not even the police feel safe in patrolling there after 4:30 p. Shame on you Kenny!! Shame on you. But you know what? – we are the ones to be blamed since we re-elected you over and over again. Now we all reap the results – of a destroyed police force, a destroyed town and soon to be a destroyed country. LORD LORD LORD, please put a hand. I guess this is what one says when one has no where else to turn.

    • ……ahhhh love it, here we go I collect on your head again $$$$$ these killings must political, Shanty Town generation are the same since the 90’s. You are a babbling Fool…. “all he can do in response to his graveyard stench” “Shame on you”, shame on your mother. The likes of you always seems to have the answers to St Lucia’s ills , which is the perfect Segway has to why The Most Honorable KDA kicked you in your ass and his only regret was he did not leave a shoe up there due to your expressive of exuberance and boisterous ways. You acting like you want him to bulldoze the place and put the people to live in the sea. There are more poor people than working/middle class in St Lucia, and some of you Stiff Upper Lip Donkey think because you are poor you must be involved in crime. Before the weekend is out and the next shooting occur what will you say ?? It’s political AGAIN ! The influx of weapons into St Lucia increased DRAMATICALLY under The United Worthless Party Reign Of Terror, and they did nothing to curtailed the influx so here is the end result today.

  6. Government has to take some responsibility for crime at some point and that point is now. PM you are failing as national security minister and you need to address this asap. Police’s responsibility is to stop crime before it happens, government’s responsibility is to address the crime surge and what is causing it. We need a NATIONAL SECURITY task force, of past top cops under whose watch we saw criminals cower and respect law enforcement. Today’s cops are in with the gangbangers and have no loyalty except to the $$$…. pm get your task force in place .

    • It is not the responsibility of police to prevent crime of any sort. They could play a role in deterring crime. This has and always be a societal issue, therefore we cannot continue to just point fingers and blame someone else.

  7. We have to come to VF to put an end to these killings. We warned all you that any more killing will have us to come to VF to deal with Banan, Larry and France. Be on your guard.


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