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Mother Of Missing Teenager Announces Plans For Massive Search

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Unica James, mother of missing teenager Simeon Benjamin James, has announced plans for a massive search for him in the Dennery valley area on Monday.

The mother has mobilised relatives, friends, and neighbours to join the police in the wide-ranging hunt for the missing 19-year-old.

But she has also invited any concerned citizen to participate as well.

“We want to search as early as 6:00 am,” she told St Lucia Times.

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“I will not lose hope because I do not believe my son is dead,” Unica declared.

Simeon, who was due to graduate from the Bocage Secondary School, left his Ti Rocher, Castries home one week ago to view a football match in the Dennery valley.

His mother said that after staying with a childhood friend, Simeon was due back home on Monday to prepare for his Bocage Secondary School graduation on Thursday.

But Unica said the friend did not see her son.

And despite enduring the pain of the death of Simeon’s father a few months ago due to illness, she declared that she is keeping the faith, and not allowing herself to drown in negativity because her son is still missing.

Headline photo: Simeon Benjamin James – Missing

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  1. what about the decompose body that was found in Dennery have the police identified it as yet.

  2. I feel someone knows something but is refusing to speak perhaps out of fear. Please ease her mind and release the truth. Her pain is unbearable. Let the truth set you free.

  3. That Missing boy’s Mother knows everything as to what happpen to her son .She’s using other Tartics to cover up

  4. so is d whole nation dat hav to tell da mother to check da body frm dennery her mind not telling her dat and da crops frm dennery is da boy

  5. Some people are so arrogant. If you know she knows that means you know something as well. Until you know what that pain feels like you will send blows. I miss you so much bro 😭

  6. You ppl always deh with some fkry, if you know something ,inform the police instead of assuming the mom knows,..maybe I should assume you kidnapped the boy?….since you’re saying his mom knows…TF!!!!!

  7. I do hope for a safe return of the young man. Persons need to be a little more empathetic and reserve all negative comments. Thanks.

  8. Only persons who are mentally challenged make negative commitments under such emotional circumstances. Kindly excuse those persons and ignore their comments please. Also, those persons can seek free psychiatric Healthcare at the Mental wellness center.

  9. “Trying out the gun” gasa what f***** I hearing deh. Y’all set up the boy and killed him and saying “accident” gasa you have the whole beach and is the man head y’all take, gasa them man must suffer for that, Rest in Peace to my bro, but them man must suffer 💯💯 I making sure of that.

  10. well people watch the friends you keep and roll deep with his so called own friends that did this to him

  11. at the moment there are some things u say and some u dont…there are words called EMPATHY AND CONSIDERATION….

  12. Dead body found washed up on shore in Dennery around September 29th. Timeline fits right along with the disappearance of the young man. It would take some time to identify the remains. Where is the evidence that it is a foreign national?

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