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King Tells SLP Event: “It is Important That We Protect The Victory!”

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A little over a year since the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) swept to power in general elections, Castries North MP and former Prime Minister, Stephenson King, has stressed the importance of protecting the victory.

King, the incumbent Castries North MP, ran as an Independent after quitting the then-ruling United Workers Party (UWP) shortly before the elections.

And after the SLP won, and King retained his seat, Prime Minister Pierre appointed him to the labour Cabinet.

“We all stand for the people and the country,” King told the 34th annual general meeting of Pierre’s Castries East Constituency Group on Saturday, prompting applause from the gathering.

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“And it is for this reason I am very comfortable and very confident in a government that is prepared and committed and has demonstrated that the people come first and our country must follow,” he asserted.

“And so, as you observe this 34th conference of the constituency branch, I want to state that is it important that we protect the victory. But it is equally important to preserve the victory,” the Castries North MP explained.

In this regard, he observed that preserving the victory must start with preserving the “soldiers” and the members who brought “this great party to victory.”

“The protection of the party must come by preserving the philosophy of the party. But the protection of the victory must come by preserving the ideals of a great organisation, which has demonstrated through decades, its commitment to the cause of the people,” King stated.

He acknowledged that he was not a member of the SLP and joined in the laughter that followed when some in the audience responded: “not yet”.

And King disclosed that despite not being labour member, over the years that he served in the UWP where he was a “foundation member” of its youth organisation, he maintained an excellent relationship with many who were at the Castries East Constituency Group annual general meeting, including the SLP political leader and current Prime Minister.

King explained that the reason for that is his commitment to the people and this country, to serve and protect and ensure the people benefit from the country’s wealth.

He also commended Prime Minister Pierre on his “astuteness” and ability to galvanize the SLP’s base and bring the party together.

The theme of the SLP event that King addressed was: Protecting the Victory.

Headline photo: Stephenson King as he addressed the Castries East Constituency Group meeting

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  1. By all means for him “It is important to protect the victory” because without that LAST victory for him, he is toast. Better enjoy these last days in the House and as Cabinet Minister, a promise made to you for jumping ship, in your own words ” you accepted the higher bidder” so no bidding for you again, you have been bought for a price to fulfill the wishes of ‘House Captain’ congratulations, no going back to the other boys, stay Bro and enjoy it, St. Lucia has been sold out before, that’s politics 101 – street walkers know it. As a SDA keep praying.

  2. SLP is tiring with their protect the victory rhetoric. You know why they are desperately trying to drive home this rhetoric? Because they know they deceived and used their base to gain power and have now forgotten all about them. It is about their FFF Friends Family and Financiers filling their pockets whilst those they consider to be nobody collect the few crumbs that fall from their posh tables. NEVER ME AGAIN!

  3. We not protecting and putting people first anymore? Victory first? Give con-men and women enough time and they will reveal themselves. I’m talking about the yellow, green and blue ones too.

  4. If they do not enact a minimum wage they will be a one term government as with the high cost of living no one should work for less then 7 dollars an hour

  5. Kee margie sa both pm and king goes to the same church protect the victory say sa..King fly high you all think you all will fool Lucian’s all the time tan tor tan tor

  6. Protect the victory. Like Castries North didn’t know you were SLP all along. You posed as a Blue Wave but today protect victory.

  7. Minimum wage? PJP said he’s implementing a livable wage…But my honest opinion is that he will have time retire before that’s put into place,you might hear some reporter interviewing him asking him why he never put it & his response will be the usual nonsense typical politicians make up.

    Look @ those guys good on either platform,you think they care about the average hardworking St Lucian? If you do then I have a Bolom for sale.

    2023 SLP: Please give us a chance we are now starting to clear the damage caused by THE UWP.
    2024 SLP: We are still trying to clear it give us a chance.
    2025 SLP: We are about to see some light behind the dark clouds THE UWP CAUSED.
    2026 SLP: We saw the light but we couldn’t maintain it long enough to bring it forward but please re-elect us cause THE UWP IS CORRUPT even if We never brought forward any evidence by way of THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR we know they are guilty and with the help of YA’LL THE PEOPLE WE’LL KEEP THEM OUT OF OFFICE AND MAYBE THIS TIME THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR WILL FIND EVIDENCE TO USE AGAINST THEM.


  9. Should be ashamed of your self traitor send chast under the bus but u were there had to be blame as well traitor u think Phillip would cover u every man for him self SMH these were your words never have de SLP confronted me I don’t have no intention of joining de SLP u should be jailed shame shame shame traitor a disgrace to the Lucia race

  10. After all this u were still saying that u should be opposition leader of the uwp party like seriously SMFH it’s a big joke

  11. After all this u were still saying that u should be opposition leader of the UWP like seriously SMH

  12. The same people Bay Bay just say will be the downfall of the party is who you asking to peotect the victory? How much more is this party going to use us? Go ask your FFF and those who benefitting to protect the victory not us who you have kicked aside. We deserve better and we will show you that we deserve better. Same way we put you in we will remove you

  13. Only in St. Lucia could we reelect someone who LED a party as Prime Minister, was honoured to be reelected over and over again by UWP supporters – then turned completely against these very supporters. We reelected him even though he supported , join and now praises the very other party that is the exact opposite of the ethos of John Compton.
    Snake, Judas, disloyal, disrespectful are all words that come to mind.
    Worst still is that he has proven to be such a failure. A unimaginable mockery as a Prime Minister, complete joke as an Infrastructure minister for 6 years (just look at the potholed roads the equivalent of his loyalty) while also playing both sides against the middle. His girth is the exact opposite of his competence.
    Yet so many see nothing wrong with dat!

  14. Twice you’ll have said that the prices of gas has been reduced and the 20 pound cylinder has never been reduced who’s purchasing these tanks poor people small man every thing has gone up prices of every thing has gone up, u PJP are comparing big county’s with our island when you should be looking how u could better the livelihood of our people at the ending of the day its for the people in the interest of the people shame shame shame

  15. Voters are now complaining about the very same things they lamented about when the UWP were in power.
    The stories I am now hearing about the amazing assistance given to some constitutients by the UWP DURING Covid and how these people turned against the very hand that fed them. The truth is coming out slowly and is very sad.
    The regret is now setting in. The recognition that as historically proven that the SLP can make noise, work people up in opposition but cannot manage in Government.
    There is no money people! Pierre, Hillaire, king, fredericks are scrambling and taking from peter to pay for paul. Cabinet is a constant fight amongst themselves to extract money from the treasury to cover their irresponsible promises and extravagant lies.
    The roads hypocricy is biting them with maybe a few million dollars available to cover hundreds of millions in road maintainance and building requirements. Every month salary payments are a dicey affair.
    The hope is that the winter tourism can bail them out but the fact is that the major economies are all in trouble so whereas winter will bring some relief it will not get back to 2019 pre Covid and “guava season” really starts come April 2023. 2023 will be torrid times for Lucians.
    Minister A is fighting against Minister B. They all looking at “Pip pip hurray!” as the myopic, insular, parochial mini me that he is and wondering how they going to last 5 years.
    There are 3 groups in Cabinet all looking to their own agendas and the unity is just a facade.

    Why oh why could we the people be so deluded!

  16. all you who is against king for moving away from the uwp clearly are not for the country but just for party and self. if a man wants to serve his country and is unable to do it among vipers ,among corruption then he has done well in moving away to the other side where he can serve with dignity

  17. Oh Realist you are so unrealistic. King served there for 5 years delaying progress just to hit back at Chas for taking the leadership of the party from him. He is there now and his lazy ass is doing absolutely nothing. All the current projects of the Ministry of Infrastructure that is being completely started under the last administration.
    I’m an SLP supporter in Castries North and I didn’t vote King cause I don’t trust him. He would stab Pierre in the back just as he did to his colleagues on the other side.

  18. How is SLP preserving its soldiers when all and sundry who switch over r never showed face in anything are given better treatment than die hards? That’s the problem with SLP….all new people can come and be given preference over long standing financial party supporters. I guess the yearly membership that we pay is a pittance and not worthwhile compared to the one off financial contribution by turncoats who come to grab and grab. Just remember you can’t put a price in loyalty…it carries more value than any huge campaign contribution #thatisall

  19. Where should I start ok PM pjp he has not transform into PM mood he is still in opposition mood he can’t even address the nation and say how it is, seems when have u seen a PM addressing the nation through a group of sorppot’s in the town hall in Castries it shows u that the man can only oppose and he’s not a leader no vision, this tells u that there is division amongst the party they are not together where has corruption gone not a word about corruption people open your eyes nothing for the people surffration surffration

  20. W.T.F. protecting your victory while the people who gave you that victory are suffering…more looks like you are trying to protect ya’ll lies.

  21. …read the article again as it pertains your begging/ cronyism/nepotism ways, it will not be permitted EVEN AMONGST LOYALIST. There is a new Sheriff in town and The Pojah Letter Lifestyle you are accustomed to will not be a part of this administration please make note of this or wait until they get back in power one day in the distant future.

  22. He said he is not part of the other side so clearly he is a liar is he or is he not don’t you know that independent candidates should not be part of any side he is just a traitor

  23. Who should the victory be preserved for, Mr.King? When party supporters do not taste the victory cake? When they are left ” bordage chimey” doing STEP and the Yellow Crows continue to inhabit the comfort cool air conditioned offices, doing nothing to allow the SLP to move forward; patiently awaiting the return of their party.. WHO SHOULD THE VICTORY BE PRESERVED FOR???!!

  24. All what he does is read people’s contributions and then comment don’t have a mindset of his own I guess he is the defender of de politician’s if u want to chart look for a friend on wats app and talk to them SMFH it shows me your level of thinking is so bright crab in a barrel choke on that

  25. Some of you all Lucian’s don’t know what the hell you all want. You all voted out UWP. Because they were not working in your best interest.

    Now SLP in, a little over a year, you all ready to kick them out. SMFH… I don’t know why any one wants to be a politician in St.Lucia.

    First off, the SLP have 5 years. !!!News flash!!!

    So what you about to do, vote UWP back in just cause everything not going your way? What do you expect to get from them?

    Voting is about the lesser of two evils. The question you need to ask is which party is capable and more likely to make life better for me. You will never get everything you want as a voter …. SO STOP IT !!

  26. Pay chou la!! SLP lied their way into government. and we lucians know one thing, SLP cammot govern. you bet I kicking them out!! I never voted them in the first place.

  27. TI femme, ou say un COUYON !! Politicians say things to make people vote for them all the time you dumb ass. SLP do it, UWP do it, foreign politicians do it. It’s part of the job you illitrate soul !!

    It’s the lesser of two evils “YOU NOT GOING TO GET EVERY THING YOU WANT”… COUYON !!

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