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King Links Protecting, Preserving SLP Victory To Economic Stability & Development

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Castries North MP and former Prime Minister Stephenson King has linked the protection and preservation of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) victory at the July 26, 2021, general elections to economic stability and development in Saint Lucia.

King spoke of preserving the victory during an address to the annual general meeting of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s Castries East constituency on Saturday.

And he responded to questions from reporters on the issue on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting on Monday.

“What I mean by protecting the victory and more so preserving the victory is that the labour party has to preserve that victory to bring a level of political stability and development to the country,” King explained.

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“What has happened in this country over the last three terms, is that every term a new government comes in,” he noted.

And according to the former Prime Minister, every new administration either stops or delays projects.

King told reporters that this does not benefit the country.

As a result, he observed that Saint Lucia needs a level of political stability.

King, who formerly led the United Workers Party (UWP) which is now in opposition, recalled that when that party won the elections in 2016, the labour party had already negotiated the reconstruction of the Castries-Gros Islet highway.

“A loan was approved together with a grant to do the reconstruction of the Castries-Gros Islet Highway from the Choc bridge to Gros Islet,” he told reporters.

But King said against his advice to proceed with the project to improve the traffic flow and congestion between Castries and Gros Islet, the project was stopped.

In addition, he mentioned St Jude Hospital in highlighting the consequence of a government change.

“Immediately upon the UWP entering office in 2016 a project which was started by the UWP continued by the labour party, it was stopped and now we have, not just cost overruns. In one instance we found out that a foundation which was estimated at three million dollars, escalated to nine million dollars,” King declared.

“Then abandoned the original project of redeveloping the existing hospital and went on to start another facility,” he noted, adding that it would take over 70 million dollars to finish it.

“Why are we wasting taxpayers’ money?” King declared.

Headline photo: Stephenson King (Stock image)


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  1. You have always been one of my good ones when you were a uwp. You, romanus Lansquiot to name a few though I supported slp then. Say is as it is Sir. Live for God with an honest conscience not for politics. I have always expressed yr sentiments. Why stop a project if it’s good regardless of which party is in power. It goes to prove that they are not in politics for the betterment of our country. Their reasons have always been for selfish reasons all of them but one day this too shall come to pass. Keep on the side of truth sir. Peace and love

  2. Mr. Stephenson King (normally I run joke and call you Fat Albert ) to I will not, you are a KING indeed to make such PROFOUND statements, and St Lucian’s of good faith will appreciate it . Well said Sir, Well stated. Now on to the Bad Minds hungry belly mongrels, yap, yap, yap, yap, King you sell out, enjoy your last days, NONE OF THEM will ever agree with you, because they love freeness and their Pojah Letter Lifestyle Bubbulistic Yellow Government. They are walking around like crack heads experiencing withdrawal (cold Turkey) they never had this from any other administration, so they don’t know what to do with themselves or act, so they go on the attack, because truth and rights don’t feel good or appeal to them; and this applies to LOYALIST of The Supreme Labor Party as well, not ashamed to call them out, the crap of stopping projects because this one had it and contracting it to that one now (nepotism/cronyism) because his/her party in power has to stop. No stopping of projects, who started it finish the contract, no corruption, no more handing out of contracts “just because” It’s becomes clearer everyday why the Most Honorable PJP is the people’s choice, and understandable why so many are against him. Hey I could get use to this. You dam right Protect The Victory.

  3. You can put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig- yesterday, today and tomorrow!
    You can paint the SLP in any type of rosy colour and beg for any amount of time they need to start making things happen but we Lucians will always have to bare the brunt of their greed and incompetence.

    While in the UWP and during a global deadly pandemic you were judas like aiding and abetting the opposition Slp as they undermined the country going through an existential crisis.
    Now with the pandemic all but over, with money beginnibg to flow and things getting back to normal you are busy BEGGING for citizens to overlook your incompetence and inability to run the country.
    After yeaes of pan beating you now want calm and conciliation even in the face of the increasing economic hardship facing our people.
    You all now have abandoned our Hewanorra Airport that was financed with amazing terms by the UWP and you give away to foreigners. Hundreds of Milluons will now go to FOREIGN pockets over the next 20 years. Imagine- the gateway to our country and tourism industry given away to foreigners. Whose local pockets have been filled by this despicable act ? And you want conciliation!
    As appropriately said – Get behind me Satan!

  4. This traitor should be ashamed to open his mouth and speak. Those whom the Gods detest first make mad. This subhuman being betrayed the trust of the people. Why didn’t he come out prior to the elections and inform the nation of the ills of the UWP, no, he stayed there with no complaint and then at the most critical time, like Brutus, he stabbed us in the back. Even Judas on recognizing his mistake hanged himself, but this sorry feeble-minded imbecile is there spewing rubbish to justify himself. But he should know that traitors are not trusted in no political camp.

  5. You went independent as ‘Blue Wave’ and won the independent victory. Now you are saying protect the SLP victory. Wow! So the ‘Blue Wave’ was a disguise just to full the people; you were red in silence the same way you played UWP in silence. Good luck SLP. Hope that snake don’t turn to bite you too in the end.

  6. …..Cry a River you Yellow Jackass…….”Oh like Brutus he stabbed us in the back”, “even Judas recognizing his mistake hanged himself ” , FOOL even Paul of The Apostle belonged to a Yellow Oppressive Regime and abandoned ship and stated “for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” KING IS A WISE MAN……The United Worthless Party had mate like a little Malmama without portfolio, when he became PM the same Wretches you hear barking here were the same ones who were fighting him down, because of their inferior complex they could not see St Lucia been run by a Black Man, it’s the same way these House Negro call our present PM “A little Black Boy” that’s because they can’t deal with their perceived inferior complex. The believe ‘s in Truth and Rights not Yellow and wrong.

  7. As u could see the way things have started it’s not looking good, so u have for seen it u have a long way to go, let’s just say four years and your mind set is to protect victory I would say good governance now they have sent the lamb to be slottered I always respected u but u disrespected your self I can’t trust you

  8. “Why are we wasting taxpayers’ money?” King declared. but you and your jackasses take us for a fool …. all of you take a flight with tax payers money for a simple flu and watch down at us

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