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Burglary Suspect Caught In Gros Islet

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Residents of Monchy, Gros Islet, said they caught a burglary suspect hiding in some bushes during the wee hours of Thursday morning.

A video recording of a man on the ground pleading with his captors appeared on social media.

“I doesn’t do dem kinda things my boss,” the man, a bruise on his right cheek, declares amid angry voices of individuals off-camera.

One of the captors had his foot on the suspect’s chest while the another slapped the captive on the belly.

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A voice urges a rope in the recording to be put around the suspect’s neck.

Someone pulls the noose tighter as the suspect continues to plead.

“Tie him. Tie dah man. A tief you is. Turn him on his stomach. A tief you is,” an irate man declares as the captors use their feet to roll him face-down.

“You all like to tief people ting,” one of the captors declared.

The video ends with the suspect lying face-down on the ground, while a photo showed him bound hand and foot.

Police have confirmed that the suspect is in custody.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy, but a Monchy resident told St Lucia Times that at least four men broke into a workshop in the community at about 12:45 am on Thursday and left with several items.

According to the resident, the men also attempted to break into another residence.

Reports indicate that eventually, community residents who went in search of the perpetrators found one man hiding in some bushes and apprehended him.

There are no further details at this time.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

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  1. The man who borrowed the 863 million dollars on our behalf and cannot say how he spend it should be tied so.

  2. It is the capitalist system that has made life hard for the people. It seem like people prefer to steal that to go and work 16 hours a day for 48 dollars

  3. This is so dead that it cannot be “deader” dan dat. UWP chorus and while y’all were in power, y’all did absolutely nothing about that? A A, UWP useless man.

  4. If this had happened in America it would be BLM. Clearly black lives don’t matter in St Lucia. Okay he is a thief. But who gives you the right to tie a noose around someone’s neck? You call the police and have him arrested.

  5. When he comes knocking on your door or rather sneaking into your home, don’t come running for help.

  6. Call the police? By then he would be gone and be free to initiate another violent act…..possibly rape…kill…etc…yol eh know what yol want!!!yol showing no remorse for victims but quick to drop the “human rights” card.

  7. St.Lucians like to Record Incidents and in two Seconds it’s on Facebook .These same Recordings can can be use against you at the Courts

  8. Lucians wake up is me i not recording i not calling police his friends will surely not see him again nor will his family because at that time of the night what u doing by the man home i want hear the mother and father say he was a good boy to me but i dont know what he doing with his friends. He last night he was lucky the guys were very nice to him. Had been some other people he not be so fortunate

  9. WOW – this behaviour is no different to the lynchings in the Southern US which you all condemn as racist. Seems it’s ok when it’s black on black. This man seems to be to be poor, uneducated and maybe a bit mentally deficient. Not condoning his behaviour, but for a group to behave like a bunch of thugs themselves is truly disgusting. Yes he needs to be taken into restrained and taken into custody, but to tie a noose?! You are no better. I am very sad for Sent Lisi with individuals who behave in such disgusting ways.

  10. I too am horrified by reading about this behaviour. Of course thieves need to be dealt with but by the authorities, especially since they only assumed he was a thief. PROOF?! St Lucia is a wild west town – no justice for anyone, anywhere, anytime…

  11. You have a problem with a noose? Were you there to witness the agression and resisting to be detained? Most saint lucians in rural communities do not know crap about racism in the south US. It’s like you expect them to have handcuffs? Yol are indeed disgusting for never trying to understand why people behave in such ways. The only problem I see is the use of cellphones….that was stupid!

  12. I eh even feel bad, I’ll never forget when someone tried to break and enter my house, I couldn’t believe they would do that when they are aware that my family, my kids are all sleep.

    The next day I heard him come again and left the door wide open, I knew for certain I was going to kill him, waiting in the corner for him but he never came inside.

    Y’all sympathize with them I don’t, if you break and enter a house when no one is there sure but to do it when a man has his kids asleep is a different thing. What business you have entering a house with a family inside of it? Talk to police and you’ll hear terrible stories of families being tied up and murdered.

    ZERO sympathy

  13. When I was about 6 or 7 years old, the neighbors caught a burglar in the act. It was approximately 5:00am and I was startled by the commotion. The scene was playing out in Castries poorest neighborhood. I climbed on the chair and began peeking through a hole in the window. The crook was held by four muscular men. Two other men began appeared from nowhere with belts. Someone went to get a policeman. The two muscular men initiated a beating ( why waste good time) while the crook screamed and groaned. I remember not feeling a sliver of sympathy for the crook.

    Fast forward, I had two good friends of mine murdered in their own homes by crooks. Right here in St. Lucia. My attitude hasn’t changed from childhood, in fact became hardened when it comes to burglars. They are not harmless people or nuisances. They can kill. This person who was caught took a risk and he experienced the penalty. I only have x amount of sympathy available. Can’t waste it.

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