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Stanley Felix Taken Into Police Custody – Pierre Issues Statement

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On Thursday October 6, 2022, Prime Minister and Minister for National Security Hon. Philip J. Pierre learned that the President of the Senate Mr. Stanley Felix was taken into custody to assist with an ongoing police investigation.

The Hon. Prime Minister is awaiting further information on the issue and will make a
statement at the appropriate time.


SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister/SLT

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  1. But why what did he do isn’t he a lawyer , and lawyers make the most money in St Lucia

  2. St.Lucia is Top of the List in the World For Corrupt Persons involved in the Judiciary Shitstem .Just one Example a Father Lost His kids on a Sunday at the Entrance to Beausejour/Gros.Islet He was Represented by an Attorney after 2Years the Attorney Said to Him he can no longer Represent him .The Truck had No Licence and Insurance .The Driver Licence was Expired .up to this present day The poor Father have had No Justice .You think thats Justice

  3. Is he the one held in connection with the Bocage police murder? For his great party sake I hope not.

  4. Hope PJP attends his trial like that of Mr.Hilaire…So AA what type of ministers we have deh? One or more have trouble with Visas,some names always in some type of roro,those that disrupting church services & now this? And they’re “Honourable members”?Lmao the circus continues…

  5. Hahahaha! Toot UWP dorwor! Hahahaha! The difference between UWP and Labour is there to be seen. UWP member of Parliament was caught in a crime, resign and that’s it. No talks, no talks! while SLP, there it is.

  6. Hmmm there was a meeting behind closed doors which this man spearheaded in a bid to remove peep as leader in favor of another. He was among the first to be awarded a position after the elections. He was amongst the chosen few whilst loyalists, trustworthy persons, those of integrity were kicked aside. He was rewarded for failing to win a seat twice and for backing out of the race a third time. Basically he demanded a reward for backing down from running a seat he WOULD NOT win. Peep watch your circle…. you have persons who you know deep within would never let you down yet you are influenced by whatever powers that be to make these poor choices! Never treat good people badly, it comes back to bite you.

  7. At this point the only thing left for these ministers to do is to break & enter someone’s home to steal goods…And who’s to say that itself hasn’t been done lmao…The circus continues

  8. Pjp pm of ST lucia I would like to know if you will ask Stanley Felix to resign is the special poscutor is the already..I always tell Lucian’s stop asking bad for each other Pierre you and your cabals divide the country with hatred St. Lucia is crumbling under administration so many people with bad names in that cabinet awa st lesi has a blit under slp

  9. yall really know how to sugar coat stuff e. the guy was arrested and expected to be chareged because he was trying to pervert the course of justice

  10. Don’t you worry he can escape the justice of man but he will not escape that of the most High

  11. You can see is majee reporters St Lucia have by now all his dirty little secrets should have been made public

  12. HN, Karma is right. Kenny promised St Lucians that guy would be the first inmate at Bodelais after they won the 2011 elections. I’m still waiting.

  13. Where is my reply to HN. Nothing untrue or offensive about my comment. It was an election promise.

  14. How can a prime Minister stand before a nation and lie so blatantly, all the time like this?
    He should have said that he do not wish to make a statement at this time; instead of “he learned that Felix was in police custody”. Something that the PM knew was in the making and was notified the minute he was arrested. Bunch of pathological liars.

    It is time SLU wake up from that dream and face the reality about the incompetence of our chosen leaders. I am shamelessly watching this beautiful country move from progress to Ghetto Land…SMH

  15. So, I will say it again. While UWP was in power, a minister was caught in a criminal activity and what did they do? He resigned in secret and that was that. No talks, no talks! Unlike them, SLP is quite transparent and the evidence is right there to read.

  16. Not a whisper or whimper from Calixte Jr, Claudius, Shelton or Janeka. Their pretense at being journalists is abhorrent. No doubt they will find some surreptitious and underhand way to portray this as a harmless misunderstanding. Nepotism, corruption are alive and well. No doubt the denial of a referendum by the citizenry on the implementation of the CCJ is part and parcel of the political elites efforts in subverting access to justice and good governance

  17. You can try your best to distract by looking at the past and that will not work. WE ARE DEALING WITH NOW you Crowing Idiot.


  19. It’s not about distraction. I am just stating the facts. UWP glossing over the minister’s transgression (dealing in drugs) and not being held accountable vs a president of the senate, being caught, and held accountable. Who is for law-and-order vs who is for criminality. These are the facts. If Stanley is found guilty, then he should pay the price. And by the way, he was not my favourite any way. Deal with them apples pal!

  20. Honorable PM…we campaigned on the fact that we run a clean and honest party. We cannot become what we campaigned against. Stanley Felix must be disciplined and removed if only temporary till the matter is solved. If not we would be worse that the previous administration because apart from endorsing the behaviour we will be liars as well.

  21. How true it is that God does not accept or show favoritisme, but accepts man from every nation who fear him and do what is right.
    The secret things belongs to the LORD, since no man knows the heart of man, “Says the LORD, Judgement ⚖️ is mine.

    He who is faithful in very little is faithful in much ❗
    He who is dishonest in very little is dishonest in much ❗

    Prepare the way !!
    Lead by example to be a good model !
    Build up ! Build up !
    Restore your house in order !
    Remove the obstacles in your way !
    For effective work has began !
    Be of good courage !

    Things that are excellent and profitable, for everyone to have a good return for their work.
    Acheive : Love ⚖️ justice !
    Sincere : Be loyal !

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