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Dominica PM Underscores Need For Patience In Address To SLP Event

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Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit asserting that everyone wants their demands met in a hurry, highlighted the need for patience in an address to Sunday’s annual conference of delegates of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

But Skerrit, the special guest speaker at the event, observed that the strain of the current global economic circumstances is putting pressure on the Caribbean.

And he explained that this prevents governments from meeting their people’s demands at the pace they want.

“On behalf of the SLP, and I said to you that I am here as a family member speaking to us all, and so on behalf of the SLP I am asking for the patience of party supporters,” Skerrit stated.

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In this regard, he observed that the country’s problems did not occur overnight.

As a result, the Dominica Prime Minister asserted that the solution to the problems could not come overnight.

Nevertheless, he declared that the SLP would put Saint Lucia first, as it always has.

“Everyone will be on the bus – some will get on first, others will get on later. But there is pace for everyone on the SLP bus in Saint Lucia,” Skerrit stated.

“You must trust your driver Philip J. Pierre to take you safely to your destination,” he noted.

In addition, the Dominica PM told SLP supporters that they are responsible for supporting Prime Minister Pierre and his team.

And he assured that people are more likely to be patient when asked to wait if they feel that MPs have a relationship with them and the individuals think the MPs care.

Headline photo: Section of the audience at SLP annual conference at the Micoud Secondary School

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  1. Patience! Lol!
    Skerrit is ignorant about the history of the SLP.
    The history of the SLP is replete with mismanagement, misdirection and misplaved clowns acting as managers.
    In this history Pierre has been a beacon of hopelessness from the time he entered politics.
    Even now we see his ability express3d in the Characters he has in his Cabinet and unfortunately highlighted by the horrible President of the Senate debacle.
    The SLP have always had one goal – to get into power to milk the cow. Once they have the reins of power they are clueless.
    Inflation, poverty,, unemployment aare just the clues that Skerrit is lost in St Lucia.
    The distance from St Lucia to Dominica is not that far but Skerrit is far fron understanding St Lucia politics.

  2. Birds of a feather flock together. Skerrit your day shall soon come. Your opressive careless governnance similar to the SLP wont last forever.

  3. Skerrtt go and take care of your dam country that is why you not giving the opposition work in Dominica..Don’t worry god is watching you too that is why I always say I don’t have no political party if the thing is not good I will speak out I’m an independent voter pjp if you think you will come and do the nonsense that deablo is doing in Dominica think twice .. what patience pjp said he can do better than Chas these politicians think they can fool people

  4. …….well said Honorable Speaker…. .but that’s how we are we want it , and we want it now ; it takes time to heal after A RAPE. Some are so in love with their RAPIST they don’t mind been rape all the time.

  5. Yeah right lol, Just like you to SLP! You don’t mind selling yourself to them for all the RAPES they commiting.

  6. St Lucia Times really bad. That’s the best picture you could find lmao. The lady hairline run away from her face and she wearing an emoji on her head

  7. At whose expense is the PM of DA campaigning here in St. Lucia? I hope the incumbent are not saving up our tax payers monies to campaign, meanwhile so many of our citizens are suffering? I hope that they are not more concerned about securing their victory than putting the people first? Mwen meme!
    LUCIA PLZ WATCH YOUR BREAD! Didnt vote last year but come next elections, my entire household voting.

  8. I wonder why PJP saw the need to invite Skerrit here, just over a year after he won elections? Well whatever strategy he tries now will not work . THE MOST HIGH GOD does not sleep and what goes around surely comes around. The tables are rapidly turning and you are running scared. Tantoe tantoe!

  9. I often read the article and come to the comments to get a sense of my people”s temperature on certain issues. I am disgusted that the argument of race keeps popping up from a particular individual regardless of his name change.

    As a Saint lucian I want progress and accountability among other things and we cannot give a man hell because of his race while giving another one a free pass becuae of his.
    Kudos should be given based on the person’s ability to lead a country along with the vision and necessary guile to navigate the choppy waters.
    Their color/race or religion should have no bearing in their ability to execute.


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