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Body Identified As Simeon Benjamin James – Juvenile Charged With Murder

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On Saturday, police charged a juvenile male with murder as DNA tests identified the partially decomposed body found last month at Fond D’Or beach in Dennery as missing teenager Simeon Benjamin James.

Nineteen-year-old Simeon left his Ti Rocher, Castries home to view a football match in the Dennery valley and never returned.

After the discovery of the partially decomposed body in Dennery, reports surfaced that the teenager sustained a gunshot wound when a firearm was discharged while he was on the beach with some other youngsters.

The police have charged a sixteen-year-old in connection with Simeon’s death.

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Headline photo: Simeon Benjamin James



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  1. When will the Anse La Raye police arrest Bogar”s son for the killing of the Odsan man at Jacmel? Common Anse La Raye police do something or all of you resign.

  2. young people please keep in mind the friends you keep with this guy was murdered by his jealous friends.

  3. Condolences to the family. I am also concern about the potential outcome of the Student Nurses at SALCC. The administration in the department of nursing is certainly affecting our mental health.

  4. this is so sad to be a young child’s life was taken this way…dnt send ur kids out with friends, people will say u have a problem….send them out and is things like that that happening….well i rather go out with mine and ahve them come to my home……either way…sad state of affairs in this country…..sad sad

  5. check the age group according to the police report who carries a gun. So will parents be mad if the police lock down a whole school and search school kids for weapon. If that happen you’ll be surprised what the police will find. 90% of lucian parents hardly knows their child daily wears about.

  6. who is bogar? anyways how is anse la raye police u asking to do something??? why not the cid of the rslpf? are u an idiot? if u have evidence of the murder please take it to the central police station aka headquarters in castries

  7. The Homicides in St.Lucia that’s bot Being Solved all the Information is on the Ground .The police only Depends on eye witnesses to solve Cases and Refuse to Use other Tartics .The CID is not that Effective at all.St.Lucia have a High percentage of Bad Parents thats why So many Juveniles get involved in Crime and Selling Drugs at the Schools for their Parents.The School Children Roaming the Streets of Castries is a clear example that Parents Spoil their kids.All school Children Should be Search on Entering the School Premises by the Police

  8. I am positive that the Murder Weapon was not Recovered .Many more persons Should have been arrested and Chàrged in that Criminal Act .The Officer incharge of Crime Should Give the investigator Instructions to arrest and Charge everyone involved in this Brutal act.

  9. Lazy and incompetent drunks just get off your butts and do some investigations : You gave a damn clue !

  10. Sad, sad, sad. How terrible for Simeon’s mother and his family. Heartfelt sympathy. What is happening to this island and it’s youth? Incomprehensible… Almost at the point of no return; Politicians, Government Ministers, Police/CiD, Community leaders, educators and parents, please come together, formulate a comprehensive plan and do something for the sake of our future!

  11. PAY LAGET OU!!!!!!!! Ou tujour la ek a vieux bagay student nurses at SALCC. la Ni Bagay ki Pli Serieux if it affecting your mental health contact the damn suicide hot line uh Chewps!!!!!

  12. @backwardness lol i guess you still understood what he said though but just one question? isnt our creole broken in the sense that it is a mixture of French and some English words also when spoken?

  13. Correct Ma Malay, @backwardness likes to troll people here. Student Nurse will continue commenting their problems but will not contact the ministry or form a organised strike.

  14. Aren’t all parties present guilty of a crime ? All should be arrested .
    One pulled the trigger but all covered up a crime by keeping silent.

  15. I highly doubt you are in fact a police officer, but in the unfortunate event that you are, isn’t in incumbent on the police to detain and question suspects? It is all over that he was the one responsible for the shooting, how many times have the police detained persons of interest, this is more than just interest

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