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Chastanet On Government Borrowing: “What Are They Doing With All This Money?”

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has expressed concern over government borrowing, asserting that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Government is about to borrow $350 Million at Tuesday’s Parliament.

In a Facebook post, Chastanet said the sum included $100 Million US or $271 Million EC from the Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China for Budgetary support and $30 Million US or $81 Million EC from the International Development Association to finance the COVID-19 Response.

“This new debt follows the Government’s last set of borrowing, which took place at the sitting of Parliament held on July 12th, 2022,” the former Prime Minister observed.

Chastanet said at that time, the SLP administration borrowed approximately $130 Million EC.

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“This means that between July and October of this year, the Government of Saint Lucia would have borrowed $480 Million EC or almost half a billion EC dollars,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader declared.

And he asserted that the borrowing was most disturbing because the people have received no form of financial support during the current inflation crisis.

According to Chastanet, the Government has failed to deliver on its promise of $1500 of income support to citizens.

In addition, he said the SLP allowed the price of bus fares and electricity to increase while keeping the price of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and cooking gas at “unacceptably high levels.

“What are they doing with all this money? Instead of protecting their victory, they should be protecting you. You surely deserve better!”” The Micoud South MP wrote.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that is so hilarious….Chastnet thank you for the laughter!!!!!!…….I almost pee in my pants.the nerve of some people eh

  2. AA mama chas what did you do with the 863 million you borrowed? Just name one project you start and finished.

  3. Did you know that in just over a year the slp government has borrowed more than the uwp borrowed in 5 years. Did you know that the uwp government invested a lot more for less money. Did you know that the uwp government reduce on the country debt that the dlp left.

  4. They said they were appalled by the excessive amount of borrowing that Chastanet was doing. Now it looks like they are borrowing much more. SLP claim our debt is so high and they are trying to fix the damage caused by the last administration yet they have not said where are they going to get the money to repay these loans. They claim St Lucia does not have money to continue on the new hospital but they are finding money to do other crap. When you keep borrowing millions this means putting St Lucia into further debt. So tell me the difference between SLP and UWP.

  5. This A,C is spending time on Facebook.,he should remember the RACE TRACK where he lost all his monies..He is full of Bovine excrement!

  6. They’re going to do the same thing your administration did,hire one of their friends (contractor),make them charge high (when they know it doesn’t cost that much for that project) & take their cut when it’s all done with…Oldest scam in the book,how do you expect politicians come in hungry & retire like kings? Plus all the other back room deals… The circus continues!

  7. We get exactly what we deserve. Soon if I have to close my business I will and move back to the first world civilized country where I’m still a residence of. We Lucian to stupid, uninformed and letting politician manipulate us… just sad and I can very much understand why our IQ is the one before the last. Wake up St Lucia.

  8. Chas, you better let these people to wallow in their missourie, you borrowed and gave them financial support, cooked food prepared by our best chefs that they can never afford, food basket purchased from our local farmers and fishermen, utilities support, loan moratorium so the banks won’t seize their assets yet still they talking foolishness as people with the lowest IQ.
    They’ve drank the red cool aid and rather a lying government who promised and never deliver $1500 ( remember we will triple it ) removal of $150 fuel fees for fisherman cause the sea doesn’t have roads ( how ignorant) bonus to the front line workers, tax break for those making 4K and below. Let Lucian stave to death under this rouge cabal with the highest fuel price while it’s the lowest on the world market, increase bus fares and can’t afford to buy food. We get exactly what we deserve.

  9. @John Small Dick……I have to give it to you Clowns you all know how to make people laugh. They had to borrow the coffers was empty when they came to power. People have amnesia that PJP inherit a down turn in the economy, a rise in COVID, and a war in Ukraine. What did Chastanet inherit (crickets) ?? The man went on a astronomical borrowing spree, every minute he flew off with his yellow tin cup. This Clown has become the prodigal son for the Caribbean Development Bank of which St Lucia is BIGGEST BORROWER. Who could forget not this generation the USD $100 million he borrowed from the Bank of Taiwan. Who introduced the IMF to our shores ?? Where is the USD$ seven million COVID Money he teeef. ? A Rapist will always RAPE AGAIN .

  10. Well under chast it was corruption but I still had a dollar in my pocket I could have paid my hospital bills when covid hit it was a disaster had die times still waiting for guy and chast to be jailed, what am seeing with all these borrowing while we are suffering and cost of everything is high is, they are going to wait for two years before elections to start projects to secure votes and try and see if the people will vote them in for an other term or an other five years am just tired of this seriously no progress everything just stick the people are not together but against each other

  11. Chastanet left the coffers empty so the government has to borrow to develop the country it is alleged that he gave family, friends and foreigners all our money

  12. One SLP operative is allowed on st lucia times to say what he want. Offcourse Chastanet is right. Both parties steal money to benefit themselves. No one is in jail. Hilaire need money just like he did when he did the bobol with juffalli. Guy joseph took as much as he can. You people in that island need to be jailed and the keys thrown away. Too much nastiness. Crime will never be solved when govt is so corrupt.

  13. lol lol lol chass you are so f……… funny. and you have uwpasss backing you with your foolishness

  14. @ Lucian758.
    Couldn’t have said it better. It is high time Lucians see what is before them and not want is being told to fool their ears. They complain Chasnet and Guy stole money but cannot produce proof of it. Richard their best borbol lawyer cannot find the proof saying it was a clean mission. If money was stolen one man I can vow who would get the proof is Richard Frederick ( a man who never lost a case in court). Chasnet is a millioner who doesn’t need St. Lucia peanuts as pocket change, Guy is his own financial supporter. PJP on the other hand is a hungry unsuccessful accountant from the ghetto. Do the math Lucians.

    With all the money claimed to be stolen by Chasnet and Guy, there were projects and improvements to show for them. Monies were in budget for the completion of the road projects, the hospital and the airport. What has PJP done with these monies? Pay consultants to uncover UWP dirty work they said (but nothing was derived– SMFH incompetency to the fullest).

    I am sadly ashamed of the governance of this party. Criminals and dirty minded in all ministries.

  15. Lucian 758 our IQ has moved up so please stop tearing us down. G check the new list where you will see us much much higher as of 2022.

  16. The ignorance of some lucians especially the old and grey ones who are financially stable they can’t have their way with chas so they go with the incompetent Slp where everything is under the table youths don’t be fooled again the power is in our hands I endorse you chas and I’m encouraging all my ghetto yuts to do the same

  17. It’s all to benefit their FFF. I did not vote SLP so the cabal, their entire family and money hungry friends can enjoy the glamorous lifestyle while the ordinary person like me, who beat my pans and walked the streets in protest have to watch these same empty pans sitting on my shelf with nothing to feed my children. I did not vote SLP so bray bray cousin could get big contracts. I did not vote SLP so that same bray bray can come tell me be patient when his woman collecting 2 pay cheques. I did not vote for SLP so that a woman who cuss people out and insult them on facebook can get a big job she have no experience in and government sponsored rehab for her drug addicted child. I did not vote SLP for jabals with no experience to get big post. I did not vote SLP to drive on unpaved road in Gros Islet or any where else. I did not vote SLP to be put last. I regret my vote

  18. @ both sides, it’s just sad what’s happening in our country and how we allow ourselves being bamboozled by inept politicians who claimed they had all the answers while in opposition, but now given the chance to govern and don’t seems to know what they’re doing. Way to many tainted and questionable characters in this government.

  19. @ MM they’ve borrowed in excess of half a billion dollars with nothing to show, no $1500 they promised, no removal on the $1.50 per gallon on fuel tax for the fishermen, no bonus for first line workers, no assistance for the malayway, all they do is travel the world with a big entourage with nothing to show. But remember, five years is not fifty years.

  20. No Coffers are empty .Both Parties talk that same Crap after a General Election .Deal with the Campaign Promises.Politricktians gain 100%weight and Talk crap for 5years of their Employment at the end of their Term in Office when the House is Dissolved and they cannot do nothing for their Constituancy thats when they know The Voters who Employed them for the 5years

  21. Oh thanks for admitting that SLP’s are thieves. For once you made sense. Thieves don’t like to see other thieves stealing, especially like them or worse.

  22. Send me that link with your new information cause that’s not what I’m seeing over the internet. We are still second from last.

  23. You should change your name to “after thought” cause you are defining the blueprint of the last admin…guy fff…fortuna and huzzy…..dutty kernisha and her insults….short man fayday and his women….etc etc..afterthought

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