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Pierre Warns Against Using Barrel Concessions For Illegality

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On Tuesday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre warned against using concessions on importing barrels to promote illegal activities.

” his is because of selfishness, Mr. Speaker, and if that continues, we may affect the majority of people because of a few selfish people who want to get their pockets lined by not following the law and doing what is right,” Pierre asserted.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, was speaking on a motion exempting imports of personal items, food, clothing, toys, and other household consumables in barrels from Value Added Tax.

The Castries East MP recalled that on several occasions, barrels contained items that were not food, care packages, or toys.

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“This is spoiling the reputation of the country,” he told parliament.

He explained that the government is bringing further relief to people through barrel concessions.

The VAT exemption will run from November 1, 2022, to February 28, 2023.

In addition, the motion will exempt imports of toys, food supplies, and care packages by a member of the House of Assembly to benefit children, the vulnerable, and needy persons in their constituencies.

That provision will be in place from November 1, 2022, to January 31, 2023.

Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre (Stock image)

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  1. but mr piere thats not fair that Peter pay for paul thing not making sense this is one thing i hated with a passion in school let those that dont follow the law pay the price . aa

  2. Hon Prime Minister our Student Nurses are also important. Mental abuse can lead to depression, suicide and ineffective coping to name a few. Kindly deliver us from the unhealthy hands of the administration of the department of nursing at SALCC. Please, please thank you.

  3. What’s spoiling the reputation of the country?
    The guns? The poverty? The roads? The corruption? The murders? The inflation? The gas prices? The increase of everything?

    No none of that, as our wonderful pm said, it’s people collecting food,water, pampers and essentials illegally. OF ALL THINGS.. THAT!? and you say you for the people? Thats was destroying our country? Man can you make sense for once

  4. @student nurse why don’t you go and speak to the head of the Program Salcc? Come together with other nurses with a petition. Barrels is where STLU needs Extra Help and protective sevices, much more eyes outside of the “”customs officers and brokers hands,services”!. More jobs, more training like the city covid cops……

  5. Stop all the warnings because nobody listens. Be more assertive and extradite just ONE of those slime balls. After you set the example, see what happens.

    You need identification to ship goods through US ports and likely everywhere else. This stuff is not Chinese arithmetic. A shipper CAN be caught. Set an example.

  6. Please equip the border service officers. 1 barrel is a difficult package to examine. A 1000 makes it much more difficult. Yes! And bring back the dogs.

  7. I think you already have mental issues the way you continue to post here. It’s unhealthy and not the correct forum.

  8. @Nursing Student – I have seen your post on several different topics within this forum not pertaining to nursing. May I kindly offer these suggestions:
    1. I am employed in healthcare administration – Nursing is not an easy profession – the curriculum is not for the faint at heart (not saying that you are-because I don’t know you). However, there are several nurses in my family, as a result I have had first hand information and knowledge into this profession and what it entails.
    Pharmacology, chemistry, anatomy, biology, clinical rotations etc. etc. etc. just to name a few are very difficult subjects and are all a part of the nursing program. These courses are for several semesters during the entire length of the program and you must obtain a passing grade in every class before you can move on to the next semester. Thereafter, you are also required to pass the state boards in order to obtain licensure for nursing. I am not certain how the licensing criteria is met in St. Lucia….??????
    2. If you believe that there is abuse at your school; then you need to reach out to the agency which provided the accreditation. Check the bylaws and policies of your school and see how best to move forward.
    3. The St. Lucia Medical Schools Accreditation and Monitoring Committee provides oversight. Therefore, you should follow the appropriate protocol and state your case with the appropriate governing body of the institution.

  9. Most Honorable God bless you each time you talk about crime, because Lord knows the silence coming from the head yellow Clown is deafening
    . We know what’s been happening FOR YEARS with people sending down guns in barrels, the mare fact you address the issue speaks volume, much to the annoyance of the rabble rousers they would rather you keep quiet on this number two quality of life for St Lucians (Enemies of a progressive State). Now on to you Lucians in the diaspora, especially yu’ll in Texas, The Carolinas, and Florida and New York; I don’t care who don’t like it, but it’s a known fact that many of you are responsible for a lot of the gun activity here by sending guns in barrels instead of feeding your families. Many of you will sit right where you are and bitch all day about the crime situation and how the country mash up, when it’s some you same JACKASSES that’s contributing to it. Let the people who live here live their lives in peace, who migrated for so call greener pastures good for you, stop staying from your promise land and reeking havoc on the rest of us here.

  10. the tired of telling that makak that i dont know if is attention they looking for

  11. The speaking as though this is the first time we are having barrel concession. Just to let you know Mr Pierre, barrel concession started in 1998 under Kenny. Prior to him coming to office one could clear a barrel for the price we now clear them on concession, but he raised the duties and asked customs to make him a Mint and promised them $800. bonus for Christmas.

  12. @watching and MOST DISHONOURABLE…stop u all nonsense…….if the person had make raid at the salcc u all wud talk pappyshow let the people air their concerns…this forum is free for all

  13. Guns and drugs have been coming down in barrels all year round, not just during the concession period. Don’t try to use that as an excuse to stop the program, you think you too smart. You campaigned on putting people first, well just do it, and stop crying and trying to find different ways to suffocate the people. The same way you said that gas prices not going down until you meet your quota. It seems like you’re running the country like a business and you’re the greedy CEO

  14. Sounds like PJP is already looking for an excuse to take away our Christmas barrel concession in the future.

  15. You want results regarding the seizing of guns and ammunition? Kindly equipment customs with the scanners and tools they been begging for. Let’s not talk about drugs, they had the K-9 unit and guess what they did? . Just so unfortunate.

  16. Let’s face it, the program is being abused by criminals and non criminals as well. The custom officers are also part of the problem . Do some undercover investigating to reveal all the skeletons in all the closets. Ever dog knows what’s going on except those in authority .

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