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Armed Bandits Rob Micoud Establishment, Escape With Cash

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Four armed bandits robbed Life Saver Mart at Dugard, Micoud, on Monday night and escaped with cash.

The owner of the establishment, Luke Jn Pierre, recalled that at about 8:30 pm, four armed men, three wearing masks entered the mart and demanded all the money.

Jn Pierre said his wife, two employees, and a customer were in the business place at the time.

“The gunmen demanded that they lie on the floor and of course, one of them made his way behind the counter,” he recalled.

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According to the businessman, the bandits took all the cash and fled to a waiting car.

There were no reports of injuries.

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  1. Well according to the deputy PM “maybe if they had Netflix” they wouldn’t be out robbing ppl…But nowadays it’s okay if they’re caught because they’re presumed INNOCENT until found Guilty!!! These innocent young men were maybe hungry & didn’t have jobs with their expensive guns & car…The circus continues with no end in sight!!!

  2. Wow!!
    What are those people thinking? It is super scary living in this world; nowhere is safe.

  3. This level will reduce to motorbike system soon. Business people are stubborn they are systems which can be put in place to have a cashless operation but they are the reason digital platform cannot work here. They prefer to see the physical cash and suffer trauma like this. Does it worth it?

  4. The Business Establishments have to put Measures in Place that their Cashiers and Employees are Secured and Safe inside the Business in the Event of a Robbery .They also have to Set up Ambush for these Robbers and Blow them away .Two things about these Robberies they Carry out a Survey of the Establiahment first or inside job .Employees give them informatjon .

  5. Very sad. Nevertheless, we as student nurses at SALCC are continuously robbed of our sanity daily under the administration of the department of nursing.

  6. Are you daft? Your comment is so insensitive. ” Nevertheless” How about you go to the right platforms to make your complaint. Call radio 100 and let your voice be heard instead of commenting the same “shit” on every post where it has no relevance most times. In short, stop being an a$$!

  7. Skerrit came to Micoud to offer the SLP opinions, opinions that can only work in a place called Dominica. A place that only a ‘stale’ politician liked by a people who do not have the problems that St. Lucia has been experiencing in the last twenty years. Hardly any Eastern Caribbean Island have had as many jobs, Hotel Developments, and any other Construction jobs, and offers such as Golf Courses etc as St. Lucia. I fail to see the logic of inviting the P.M. after all of Dominic to come here to tell you how to run your business. I can tell him how much more aught to be done in Dominica, such as an airport for international flights, a deep water Harbour to start with. Let the P.M. enjoy it in one of our top class Hotels, on our Tax Dollars; come again, next time to engage with perhaps a different host; go with our Blessings, tell the people of Dominica St. Lucia loves them, the Lord loves them too.

  8. Robbery is rampant in st Lucia. Where is the 7.3 million dollars that was given for vaccine? Isn’t that Robbery?

  9. Business owners take the necessary steps to protect yourself, employees and your business.If you are in a position to mount an armed response do so responsibly. I can assure you that most criminals are nothing but cowards,they commit these criminal activities excepting zero push back from there victims. The tide need to be reversed on these thugs. Please put a security plan in place

  10. You know the kinda hoops police put law abiding citizens through to get a firearm. I lodged an application 10 years ago. Got a call only yesterday because I eventually spoke to someone who spoke to someone.

  11. At least you can get a modern piece now and not a musket from 10 years ago- its a who you know thing- crazy! Anyways, this is getting out of hand and worse everyday- can the state pass a law that subjects that next robber to be castrated, then stoned to death if found guilty? Hmmm…..I know Mary francis reading this already get vex!

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