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‘I Should Not Be Burying My Son Who Was Working So Hard!’

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It was a late-night telephone call that no mother wants to receive.

But on Wednesday night after 11:00 pm, Dorine Gustave got one – a voice on the other end relaying the tragic news that her son Lindel Gustave had been shot.

Dorine recalled running out of her home screaming, and when she arrived at the scene, she found her 35-year-old son lying on the ground.

“I told him just to hold on for his three-year-old. I said, ‘My boy, just hold on. The ambulance is on its way’, but it took so long to get there,” the mother told St Lucia Times.

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She said her son was a hard worker who often left his workshop at about midnight.

“He was just finishing two caskets to deliver this morning, and when he was done, he went to get something to eat,” the mother recounted.

According to the police, at about 11:15 pm, they received a report regarding a shooting at Forestiere, Castries.

On arrival, investigators discovered that one of three unknown assailants had fatally wounded Lindel Gustave during a robbery at a nearby establishment in which they escaped with valuables they stole from the proprietor.

Lindel’s mother told St Lucia Times it was sad that young people are being killed by others who do not want to work but take what others have.

She told St Lucia Times that the bandits took her son’s bag containing documents.

” He was handling the sale of a vehicle. I don’t know if he had any money,” the tearful mother said.

“I should not be burying my son who was working so hard,” she declared.

The mother said her deceased son was one of the sweetest young men anyone could meet – the family’s comedian whom everyone loved.

She recalled that he had many acquaintances but not many friends.

Dorine was waiting for her son to come home when she received the news about the fatal shooting.

Headline photo: (L to R) Lindel Gustave (deceased) and his mother, Dorine Gustave

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  1. They refuse to go and work in the private sector for 3 dollars an hour working 12 to 16 hours a night. The slp government need to enact a minimum wage in the island to curb crime and poverty….


  2. @Malcolm X STOP with the BS excuse robbing and killing an innocent person has nothing to do with the minimum wage this is a way of life some thugs cold hearted individuals have diceded to choose as a way of life on this island however on the other hand I could agreee with you if you were to say the government is not doing enough to bring the crime rate under control

  3. And the government keep giving jobs to people that are already established when there are people out there searching high and low for a job. Some owned restaurant, bars, clothing stores and you see them given contracts worth over 50,000. The criminals are desperate and envious and will do anything even taking out innocent people.

  4. Trust me on this one. They refuse to work at even $10 an hour. Quite a few LAZY parasites who prefer to rob than sweat… killers among them too.
    My condolences to the family. Who speaks about the dead guy’s right to life?

  5. It’s getting scarier by the day. Everyone should be stared because it could be you next, except if you are a thug who has nothing to lose. What really scares me, is the fact that the situation will get worse as times get harder, which is a must.

  6. You are so correct. Was just thinking that I can be next. Not gang or any of the other common known reasons.

  7. even if d death penalty comes it will still happen rampantly cuz it was ritten the young generation come to mash up the nation it’s a must it was ritten by barbelon so they have to ensure those things take place why ul think theirs so many guns an plus as police hold you u out think bout it

  8. So tonight Oct. 13th if i were to write a commentary on the crime problem in St. Lucia, were would I begin – better still, how can I begin – it hurts so hard, a place of my birth, do I really want anyone to know that, beside Haiti it is one of the most dangerous Islands in the Caribbean. So what brought this about? we can think of many reasons, but would that solve the problem; one of the most effective solution is: YOU KILL – YOU HANG. That’s it, like it or not, its the one and only solution. Show me who has the guts to bring it back on the ‘Books’ not anyone in today’s Government. A GODLESS SOCIETY = LAWLESS SOCIETY.

  9. my lady to tell you the truth is not just the ambulance taking to long to come uh i have heard that when it relates to shooting incidents that unless the police them selves are not on the scene to give the paramedics an all clear to come they wont come. the say its to “protect their own life” Now as it relates to the ambulance taking to long to come this is more of a reason people want to help individuals and take them on private transport but the professionals say dont touch them just leave them till help arrives but in this instance help maybe took to long

  10. Well well. My lady as my PM said “The Sky isn’t falling”. According to the great Hilaire “St. Lucia is a better place” and remember the beautiful Ms Poyotte said about crime “Mechanisms are being put in place”.
    Oh and btw don’t expect any ambulance or fire engine to reach u in a hurry. We have Speed Bumps on our main roads. Ambulances and Fire Engines hv to basically Stop to go over dem tings. They lose valuable motoring time when they do that.

  11. wats so correct abt that???? wen the road barely have traffic where are they??? weh jus in the same castries the things happening where are they???

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