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Chastanet Says Joachim Henry Taking Him To Court

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United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet has disclosed that Minister for Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment Joachim Henry is taking him to court.

“I was served with a notice by Joachim Henry to take me to court,” Chastanet disclosed Wednesday night during an appearance on the DBS Television programme Newsmaker Live

The former Prime Minister explained that the issue pertained to his statements regarding Henry’s participation in the “church affair’ with former Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph.

Henry entered the Seventh Day Adventist church in Forestiere, Castries, during a service in April last year and confronted Joseph.

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Joseph was the incumbent MP for Castries South East at the time, and Henry, who subsequently won the seat in the July 26, 2021 elections, was the challenger.

In addition to facing court action by Joachim Henry, Chastanet is due to appear before the Privileges Committee later this month.

He is to respond to two complaints arising from utterances in Parliament regarding Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire and Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.

Chastanet had asserted during a sitting of Parliament that Hilaire had a joint account with now-deceased Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali.

Hilaire has flatly denied the assertion.

On the other hand, Chastanet made claims in Parliament regarding a trip Richard Frederick made to the United States, over which Frederick took issue.

“I was in the United States for about a week, and notwithstanding, the leader of the opposition had the audacity to say that I was granted a three-day visa,” Frederick told reporters in July as he accused Chastanet of misleading the house.

And the Castries Central MP indicated at the time that he would have written House Speaker Claudius Francis to table a motion to have Chastanet answer to the Privileges Committee, Parliament’s disciplinary organ, for misleading the house.

Headline photo: (L to R) Allen Chastanet & Joachim Henry

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  1. St lesi finish all these ministers need to get fired including the speaker of the house thing I’m saying what pjp administration and supporters looking for they will surly get it to much hatred for one man


  3. Richard frederick has a heart!!! All that sh.. u said about the man? Now u crying for 4 days more? Well jump on AA and go to the US if u are boss? Barvar!!!!

  4. Enough with the bickering SLP
    Get on with the people business and work towards a great country and its people
    Leave the UWP alone and do you’ll work, stop using our money for Court foolishness
    We hire you and we can Fire you ,always remember that.
    So do you’ll jobs and Stop the nonsense.

  5. Privileges committee – Two matters, Civil Court one matter. All against Chastanet—- lol… labour party strings are getting pulled by the Independent Labour. Meanwhile de streets are run Red! And we still don’t have St Jude’s one year later. But carry on settling petty personal scores.

  6. Before taking chas to court you’ll have better things to do , Joachim is worst than guy he is a loudspeaker,he don’t have any respect for the church clean up to you’ll act you’ll labour Minister’s,everyweek two or three murderers in st Lucia ,every day is chastanet, chastanet give the man a break and go and take care of all the murder that’s happening in st Lucia and the people of st Lucia

  7. He is not the only Lawyer in the House; therefore those who oppose Chas because of his wealth and his complexion. So then, you can be rich but not white? the man looked around, found like minded companion with Axes to grind, to help do that evil which has long been cultivated in the mind, so now with his underlings, slapped, beaten to submission to do his willing, or die politically. His vindictiveness, racism and hatred against the social upper crust, with a politically divided St. Lucia, that spells trouble; one with social unrest, at a time with criminal upsurge on the Island. You can count on one thing, goodbye to your Tourist industry and Investment of any kind, mass unemployment, more crime, qualified professionals leaving for better pay, a safer environment, better future for the kids, safer and better medical and health care and housing too. Fred has assumed center stage for his showdown with ‘one man’ just to show the St. Lucia public who’s the Boss. If this thing gets out of hand look out, I visualize a Blood bath. He is an indisciplined, frustrated character and the police have their job cut out for them and not only for one day. He thinks he knows it all but, how can you run a Government in this manner? The future of St. Lucia, or what is left of it after then may be given to the inmates at BCF. May the Good Lord above be merciful.


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