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Hilary Herman’s Contract As Director Of Corrections Ends

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Hilary Herman’s three-year contract as Director of Corrections has ended.

Herman served as Saint Lucia’s first Director of Corrections in 2002 and was at the helm when the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) officially opened the following year.

He served several stints as Director, the most recent from October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2022.

In August this year, Public Service Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte promised major changes at the BCF amid a staff protest over issues at the institution, including work conditions.

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The Minister disclosed that there would be a BCF review, including an assessment of its management, infrastructure, and security measures.

In Hilary Herman’s absence, Leonard Terrance is currently the BCF Officer in Charge.

Headline photo: Hilary Herman

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  1. Great news, it was about time. The way he was criticizing the previous Director, I have yet to see or hear of what good he implemented.

    These government run institutions need innovative people, the hard backs just come in to collect money and do nothing.

  2. SLP has visited their recycling machine and it’s the Guarde to the rescue! But the question is will he and can he rescue BCF from the problems created by the very Guarde. One sure thing is that he left behind a clear path of destruction before he was last released from prison. I must agree that the recidivism rate at the BCF is much too high. Something must be done to prevent this, for it shouldn’t always be jobs for the boys. Rather, it should be jobs for the competent and respecter of females.

  3. I welcome the change but then again look at who is holding on and we all know that new director will be the cousin of shawn Edwards. Political favor again.

  4. You seem to be lost and confused, Try to get your facts right before you comment, this man is the best thing to happen to the Correctional Facility!!!

  5. These Guys just Sit and enjoy their Monies no worries to receive their pay at the Bank.on their Account

  6. There appear to be an end to everything. Nevertheless, our emotional and mental torment continues in the department of nursing at SALCC. We as students need a mental break from the administration of the department of nursing. Is the department of nursing training students to be nurses or patients? Many students believe it is the later. Please assist us as women. Thanks

  7. What needs to happen – the leadership (government) needs to provide Directors of all government agencies in St. Lucia with the following criteria:
    -Ensure that educational requirements and experience for the position are met
    -Provide clearly defined roles for the specific position
    -Provide the appropriate job description
    -Conduct extensive evaluation at the end of a probationary to determine ability to perform
    In addition, the leadership needs to be provided by the director with the appropriate deliverables and updates at specific time frames during the duration of the contract with full transparency even for an unannounced site visit to his or her agency.

  8. Put another Female in charge of director of Borderlaise like the new Commissioner of Police.
    @student nurse, have u ever seen the movie Misery, James Cann.Kathy Bates? …I think it’s time you find a new profession bc you are commenting on every article for weeks the same ting….smh

  9. Just like the lady commissioner is Jeremiah Norbert’s cousin? Oh well it’s a small world they say.


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