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Organizers Say ‘Inappropriate Optics’ Were Quickly Addressed At Onyx Staging

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As the organizers of the just concluded Onyx concert, we wish to thank all stakeholders for their support following the successful staging of an incident-free event on Saturday evening.

We wish to thank fans and supporters who attended the concert, members of the RSLPF for providing security services, and the lineup of Saint Lucian performers who provided nothing less than stellar entertainment to the public.

We have, however, become aware of concerns raised about a potential safety risk to fans and patrons due to a decision by a member of our contracted security guards to have an open-carry weapon on stage.

We take all public concerns seriously and wish to highlight that all safety precautions to protect performers and patrons were in full effect.

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All our security personnel were members of the Royal St Lucia Police Force. Their officers are licensed and authorized to provide armed services.

While we made no demands for specialized security services, we trusted that our contractors would exercise the best judgment based on their assessment of the concert’s requirements and their professional experience.

It must however be noted that the armed officer’s appearance on stage was only for a brief moment and that he did not trail the artiste throughout his performance, as organizers and security officials quickly moved to rectify the situation.

Despite that, we do recognize that the on-stage optics may have given the wider public a false impression of the event and what we stand for. As such, we wish to apologize for causing any offence to the public. This was by no means intentional.

We also take the opportunity to assure our patrons and the wider society that moving forward; closer attention will be paid to this sensitive logistic element to avoid any discomfort.

Again we wish to express profound gratitude to all stakeholders for their contribution towards the successful staging of our event.


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  1. In was in very poor taste to have an artist of this genre at a time the country is grappling with gun violence which seems relentless. His music is very violent both lyrically and visually. Putting out a disclaimer after the fact does little to nothing to assuage the situation.

  2. Ok so what was that idiot officer going to do if someone tried to hurt skillibeng? Open fire in the crowd amongst innocent people? smdh

  3. well skili did say he full of gon like crocodile teeth maybe the officer was waiting to hear that song to buss his

  4. This comes only after the organizers were questioned about it on social media and their initial response was very rude and defensive… They didn’t see anything wrong with it then so now, MAJOR side eye to this release especially this part “It must however be noted that the armed officer’s appearance on stage was only for a brief moment and that he did not trail the artiste throughout his performance, as organizers and security officials quickly moved to rectify the situation.” Why y’all didn’t say that then instead of trying to justify it?

  5. this is the plan of the SLP for economic growth: bacchanal and more bachannal. give them chicken and rum so they forget their sorrows. there you have it folks; Pierre-economics and Hilarious policy.

  6. It’s a crying shame to say the least……anything goes in St. Lucia and that’s SERIOUSLY SAD AND DISHEARTENING AS WELL AS DANGEROUS….all for the LOVE OF MONEY. with no regard for anyone….the promoters skill sets??????????????

  7. not only that uh but the nasty songs he sings and all young women know the words but they complain about not getting a man which sensible man would want these low grades

  8. I didn’t expect Verve to be associated with such trash and sleaze…but then again there was trashy Xuvo and money makes the mare fly ..

  9. If the first part of your comment is true you must be living under a rock but then again I suspect you’re just being sarcastic. That is all verve as a brand and as a location is known for.

  10. If they cared about country as much as they do about money perhaps that thought would have occurred to them.

  11. No incident is not true! I was mugged and left for dead in the parking area. The police that arrived when I came to said I was the 2nd of the night. Maybe inside was well patroled but the parking areas were not.


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