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Rishi Sunak Chosen To Replace Liz Truss As British Prime Minister


Former Treasury Chief Rishi Sunak has won the race to be leader of the Conservative Party and will become Britain’s next prime minister.

Sunak, 42, thus becomes the third British Prime Minister to hold office this year and the first leader of colour.

He faces the daunting task of stabilising the Conservative Party at a time of economic and political challenges.

Sunak’s only rival, Penny Mordaunt, conceded and withdrew on Monday.

As leader of the governing party, he will take over as prime minister from Liz Truss.

Truss quit last week after 45  days in office.

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  1. question, why is he labeled as the first leader of colour? so when you are anything but white you are colored?

  2. I agree and when they born the pink, when the cry the purple, when they mad they turn blue or orange and when they are dead they are pale and becomes rain bows and they still have the nerves to call us colored

  3. ma malay and sadly people of his race do not see themselves as coloured either because they believe they are superior to black that’s no win for the lesser races anyways

  4. ….he is BLACK MAN FOOL…is there a special color for Indians?? Oh, he is a “White” Indian?? (Lol) No! Oh, he is a “Brown” Indian?? But what is the color make up of “Brown”?? White plus Black quals Brown. Bojay ! The Old Crow must be rolling in her grave. (Ha) She must be saying she just gave the Little White Woman her blessings the other day as I gone and Highgrade don’t even piss on my grave yet, they put a Indian to run England Oh Bloody hell Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha wooooie Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha lawd Guy must be so proud. Nothing but Dal and Biryani at 10 Downing Street now, you will be able to smell the curry a mile away.

  5. I was just waiting to see what you fools were going to say about this guy……who can forget how they treated Barrack. White people only like people who look like them running their country, they don’t care how much good he will do or has done. The Old Crow must be rolling in her grave, I wish him plenty of luck. You will hear about it, that’s if it doesn’t start already before sundown.

  6. There are white, black and brown Indians. Bruh ease down on that highgrade stuff, its making you slow and dumb af

  7. as of right now there is a solar eclipse over india i wonder if this is a sign for the people of india as one of their own is pm of the UK

  8. @TG Only in your dysfunctional mind there is no such thing as a White Indian or Black Indian….I will not even talk about Brown , because that derives from Black …..the whole world is afraid to say BLACK…all the news casters afraid to say it; instead these Jewish Jackasses just dance around with England NEW PM “The First Person of Color”, I just want to scream at the TV and ask those fools what is the color.

  9. ……India was the first colony to be enslaved by England, so everything came full circle, but soon, very soon, the honeymoon will be over, remember I told you that… should read some of the comments about him been at the helm I have already seen; in your eyes he is White/Brown, for some many White People in England he is a Negro, and they are already thumbing their nose of a Negro running their country for the first time……of course to be expected.

  10. India is rising. This is what it means. The American vice president is another indian. unlike black people who do many things to bring down others, it appears that the indians focus on elevating themselves. when one buy a house on the street. be prepared, another one move in, then buy the next house. soon before you know it, the whole street is indian. now unlike our black people with their loud music, gang activity, illegal trade ect… the street they own will still remain nice, calm and peaceful. the british have more regard for the indians than the the negre. thats a fact. quicker to employ them before giving us black people a chance. this is why you see the government have had many of them. the only england politician to give black people a chance was the Truss woman they just got rid of. and even then after a week, she fired one of them after her economic plans backfired. she made him preach nonsense and then fired him. its tough for black people to progress there. better america or even canada despite their outright racism problems.

  11. Perhaps you forget that Barrack’s mother was white, and he was raised by his white grandparents. His black father was never on the scene. Anyway the reality is Rishi Sunak aspired to wealth, and achieved it by his super wealthy wife (Indian from the USA). This is not about colour, it’s about Class and politics, and how they are achieved. Why must people keep going on about the colour of people’s skin, and enslavement. Africans enslaved Africans too. Indians had Africans slaves prior to British Colonisation, and have a caste system which still exists (informally) which is discriminatory and subjects millions of people to a life of poverty. Arabs had white slaves, and modern slavery is rife in South East Asia and even in the UK (women trafficked from Eastern Europe and Asia). Humans of all colours, and different cultures have flaws, that is the reality. Face it!


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